Autoblow 2 Review

Until the arrival of the specimen I used the time and informed myself about the device on and was already full of anticipation! The Autoblow 2 is being promoted as an innovation that allows you to pamper yourself fully automatically. The very next day the parcel arrived, respect to the shipping department, despite the postal strike such a fast delivery!

The parcel itself is completely free of any advertising, the shipping address does not allow any conclusions about the content. Additionally in the package were 2 samples of the “Come in” from Inverma, a really very good lubricant, only to be recommended! The Autoblow 2 comes in a printed cardboard box without any unnecessary frills, no annoying or difficult to open plastic packaging or so. Inside is the Autoblow 2 with sleeve, the matching power supply (also stowed in a small carton), the positioning aid for the sleeve and a short instruction manual in 6 languages with a few pictures.

Everything neat and tidy

Also unpacked everything looks quite high quality. Although produced there, nothing looks like cheap China scrap, which is unfortunately often enough presented for exorbitant prices. The materials touch and feel very good, everything is well processed, nothing disturbing, no sharp edges or the like. Unpleasant or extremely obtrusive smells could not be noticed either.

The Autoblow 2 a giant apparatus, measured I have 25 centimeters length and 11 centimeters diameter, already impressive dimensions. I weighed almost 900 grams, engine and mechanics take their toll. Because in contrast to Tenga, FleshLight and Co. the Autoblow takes over the active part and the user can be spoiled.

This is done by the rings inside, which move up and down, are provided with beads and exert by spring force proper pressure. The speed of the “up and down” can be varied steplessly via a small wheel on the underside and thus easily adapted to the preference or situation.

The rings simulate a blow-job over the inserted sleeve, in which your best piece is, and also quite well! Of course it doesn’t reach the quality of a real blow job, but it is a very intense experience! However, I have to say that the Autoblow 2 is, at least for me, not suitable for the fast pleasure, so the first time I was quite disappointed. But if you allow yourself more time, saddle up the Autoblow 2 and let it be made easy, it will give you a really good and very satisfying (blow) job.

Since the developers decided to use a power supply, you won’t lose any speed or intensity even after a long time, unlike some battery-powered models. I can’t really talk about the hand free effect, because of the above mentioned dimensions and the weight I recommend the lying position with one hand on the speed control. The sleeve is also strongly convex to the front. This way the inner rings don’t reach the best part far down, but everything is half as bad.

But what really disturbs is the volume

If you let the rings work faster inside, the device gets really loud! Definitely not suitable for flatmates.

Once the Autoblow 2 and the user have reached their goal, everything is extremely simple again: simply remove the sleeve, wash it out and let it dry. In order to bring it back to the right place, the positioning aid mentioned at the beginning is included, which is also totally easy.

All in all I liked the Autoblow2 very much

  • It is 1A processed, extremely easy to use and clean, which is very important!
  • The only real point of criticism from my point of view is the noise development, otherwise I cannot say anything negative about it!
  • The solution with the power supply unit convinced me completely, its cable is almost 3 meters long and is so thin that it never disturbed me!
  • And let’s be honest: Batteries usually fail at the decisive moment!
  • I also love the use of replaceable sleeves!
  • The included had size “B”, according to the manufacturer suitable for circumferences of 10-14cm.

I will order another one in size “A”, for circumferences of 7,5-10cm, I like it rather narrower, but I would like to have a structure inside the sleeve, currently they are completely smooth! If one of the sleeves really blesses the time, not everything is lost, but you can bring the Autoblow2 back to life for a small amount of money! For me, the Autoblow2 is a real alternative to the usual passive solutions, which even without a motor drive can be quite a big investment!