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VR Live Webcams are getting better

Digital will not only be our everyday life, but also our sex life. Sex with robots is at the forefront – and we are just at the beginning.

Technologies are designed to make life easier for us humans. This already applies to all areas, because technology does not stop at our sex life. Digitalization is already playing a major role in our sexuality. “Many people see Internet pornography, for example, and a considerable number also find sexual partners online and interact sexually via webcams,”. The lecturer at the law faculty of the National University of Ireland in Galway is the author of the book “Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications”.

And sex with machines is still on the rise. Sex robots are animated sex dolls that look deceptively similar to humans. Perhaps at some point these high-tech robots will even outdo people in bed. Already now there are some signs that sex robots will rise further.

Every fifth German would sleep with sex robots

According to the future study by BR, Arte, ORF and the Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO) “Homo Digitalis” about one in five Germans would sleep with a sex robot once. In addition, more than half of Germans would not or only perhaps mind if their own partner decided to have sex with a robot. For the very big feelings, however, it is not enough. Only for about six percent it would be conceivable to fall in love with a robot. “This suggests that sex robots are primarily perceived as toys and not as human substitutes,” says Kathrin of the IAO. In Europe, between ten and 40 percent of men can imagine having sex with a robot, as Thomas, professor of ethics at the University of St. Gallen, told SRF. In his opinion, sex with robots is more than just a fetish.

Digisexual People and Virtual Reality Live Cams are the Future

Meanwhile, some people describe themselves as digisexual. This means that they are more interested in technological forms of sexuality than in other people. This includes sex with robots, but also other digital forms of sex. Experts predict that there will be more and more people with this preference and that in a few years they will make up the majority of the population. According to some research, most people will have virtual reality sex by 2030. This does not mean that there will no longer be normal sex, but it will be an additional factor, such as pornography on the Internet currently.

Even today, some people are no longer able to distinguish between fiction and reality through pornography, as sexual psychologist Christoph explains in an interview. As a result, people are impaired in their dealings with people and pornography is preferred to real sex. This effect could also result in the further spread of digital sexuality.

“The reality is that the vast majority of people in the future will at least occasionally use digital technologies to enforce their sexuality”. However, he warns against calling this a new kind of sexual identity as it would stigmatize people unnecessarily as different.

More money, more robot sex via VR Live Cams

Currently, sex robots would not play a significant role within human sexuality. “The technology is still relatively primitive and not advanced compared to a sex doll”. However, sex with robots must first be affordable. This is the reason why researchers assume that sex robots will already move into households with higher incomes from 2025. This is the assumption of a British futurologist. In a report, he also assumes that normal households will own a sex robot by 2050. From that time on, robot sex could become more popular than human sex.

A view in the year 2030

In the year 2030, the futurologist is certain, most people will have virtual sex in some form that would be as normal as pornography today. By 2035, the majority of people will have sex toys that interact in virtual reality. But will we ever have sex with robots rather than with humans? “It’s possible, but I think it’s highly unlikely. There are deep biological and evolutionary drives that make many people prefer human partners,” says John.

Advantages of VR Live Sex

Sex robots have some advantages. “They could promote sexual diversity in relationships and help complement the sexual abilities of human partners. They could also provide a sexual society for people who are otherwise excluded from sexual experience,” says John, describing the benefits of sex robots.

  • Prostitution could also be combated with sex robots.
  • However, the development of sex robots also receives a headwind.
  • These sex robots are a kind of wish fulfilment objects.
  • They carry out what they are commanded.
  • The sex robot is always a kind of slave.

John also sees the possibility that sex robots can also have negative effects. They could increase the distance to the partner or lead to more anonymity. There could also be new forms of virtual sexual assault. Sex robots are somewhat more complex. The obvious negative effects could include greater isolation and withdrawal from human contact. He also notes that sex robots can lead to stereotyping of certain groups of people, especially in the representation of women.

Can we love VR sex robots?

That’s also supposed to already exist: People fall in love with robots. At a conference in 2016 dealing with love and sexuality with robots, some experts thought that the marriage between humans and robots could be legalized from 2050. “If a robot looks like it loves you and you feel that it loves you, then you’ll basically feel like it’s almost human love,” said Adrian, professor of computer science at City University London and director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, among others. A marriage between robot and human could become possible: “This may seem outrageous because it’s only 35 years away. But 35 years ago, people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous,” Cheok said. The professor further explained: “In the 1970s, some states did not allow white and black people to marry each other. Society is developing very fast and changing very fast.

The Japanese Akihiko has already taken this step. His love alone for a kind of hologram woman was not enough for him, he also wanted to officially confirm it. Therefore he married his great love. Nobody from his family was present at this marriage with 40 guests, which was certified with a certificate by the manufacturer of the hologram woman, Gatebox.

VR technology brings new possibilities

Anyone who has ever dreamed of having sex with the most exotic partners in space under low gravity or of taking the porn industry by storm as an up-and-coming director will soon be able to fulfill his desires. What turns out to be difficult in reality will be possible for everyone in the near future with VR glasses.

The company “me.mento 3D” presents at the Erotikmesse Berlin until Sunday its quite revealing interpretation of a video game. The project is called “vrXcity” – and trade fair visitors can already catch a first glimpse of the project, which is in its early development phase, but should be marketable by the beginning of 2021. The user can create his own erotic adventure in the so-called virtual reality (VR), live out all his sexual fantasies and experience the events either as a passive or active participant.

Based on real scene stars of the current pornography world, which have been implemented into the game by extensive body scans, the user can create his dream lover himself with just a few clicks through various customization options. Starting with the most different hair styles, over the design of the basket size up to the selection of the preferred backside – in “vrXcity” a lot becomes possible, which should inspire fans of pornographic contents.

The chief developer sees a large market for the product and wants to address the “porn enthusiasts of the VR scene”. The target group already exists, but has not yet had the opportunity to actually intervene in what is happening. With the corresponding controllers, the user can exert influence on the game, which sets the project apart from the competition. Until now, it had only been possible to be a passive observer.

  • Now the gamer can decide: about the positions, about the location of the act, about the speed and how he wants to interact with the partner. It seems as if there are no limits.
  • By the way, the game is not a purely male affair, women should also be entertained, as should homosexual users. In addition to the standard sexual act, you can direct your own movie and give the actors instructions on how to behave. Further characters, modes and locations are to be added and the content palette of the game expanded.
  • There is no reason for jealousy in real relationships for the chief developer – at least for those couples who are open to pornographic content. After all, “vrXcity” can also be enjoyed together.

It is not surprising that virtual reality is changing the porn industry in the wake of media change. Tobias, with his start-up “me.mento 3D” and the sex game “vrXcity”, ultimately only serves a market that profits from the technical achievements of our time. Modern users are looking for experiences that they can control interactively and thus design individually. And who knows, perhaps the virtual experience in its simple accessibility will at some point be a serious alternative to real life. At least erotic seekers would not have to maintain difficult social contacts, they would only have to press a button and be transferred to another world.