Best VR Sex Games

VR Sex Game – Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D is an interactive multiplayer 3D sex game or online network. With VR glasses on your nose, preferably the Oculus Rift – although there are first rumours that the Oculus Rift should not be allowed for sex content – you dive into virtual erotic worlds.

Depending on your taste, you can choose between different rooms and possibilities, be it simple chat, group sex, voyeurism, SM parties, or or or… There are hardly any limits to your imagination and hardly any limits to the implementation of your imagination with the help of VR glasses. Here you are as if you were there live, you can view sceneries from all sides and from all angles and get actively involved yourself.

Description of Chathouse 3D

Thanks to VR you can experience here like in real, what makes your heart beat faster. It starts with yourself: You can stage yourself as any player, be it a rock star with the groupies at his feet, be it a fetish diva or a shy newcomer. In addition to various roles, you can also take on various body ornaments:

For example, if you like tattoos, you will decorate yourself (or your avatar) and your virtual partner with tattoos en masse.

The same goes for the clothes: whatever turns you on, here you get it like in real. But of course the whole thing does cost something. The 3D chathouse service is only free in the basic version; extensions such as certain fetish rooms will still be charged. And if you want to experience everything in best VR quality, of course you also need the corresponding VR equipment, VR glasses, and if you wish you can add various sex toys.

Chathouse 3D Conclusion

  • Having sex with other avatars as an avatar can be fun.
  • The roulette function also assigns you real partners, i.e. other players who are currently logged in, with whom you can retreat to a special virtual private room if you wish.
  • There are lots of ready-made scenarios and environments as well as sex simulation games.
  • Whether your life will be better if you can determine everything down to the smallest detail here, or whether this will spoil the transition back into the “real”, not so controllable world, you have to find out for yourself.

Vr Sex Game – Red Light Center

The number of users of the Red Light Center is in the millions. The online community has existed since 2006 – or rather: the online red-light district. Here you’ll find everything you’ve got on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, for example, just at home on your computer – and still in 3D.

Bars, nightclubs, table dancing, hotels and shops line up in the Red Light Center. You can visit them all, but you have to pay for them just as you would in the red light districts of the “real” world.


In addition to the Red Light district of the Red Light Center, there are also sex-free zones. You can rent a virtual apartment, meet friends, throw parties, organize events, and more.

Ultimately, however, it all comes down to sex. No wonder Red Light Center’s slogan is “Live your fantasy”.

That’s what you do with avatars. You choose the right one for yourself, then you search for the desired counterpart. In the Red Light Center you can chat, both privately and in larger chat rooms, optionally via voice chat. The basic functions and some rooms of the Red Light Center are free of charge, but additional services are subject to a fee. You pay with so-called rays, the currency of the Red Light Center, which you earn or pay for with certain activities.


  • To do much more than just walk the streets of the Red Light Center, you should become a VIP member.
  • Then you can retreat to private rooms with other players to have what the name of the community promises: sex.
  • Some players don’t make a bad living that way, even earn their living as avatars, whose earnings they then exchange back for real money.
  • The virtual environment leaves many possibilities open for them to use. That’s great.
  • If one day Red Light Center will also be optimized for VR glasses, this will promise an even higher gambling addiction potential than it already has.

Adult portal Nutaku now also offers VR porn games

VR porn has so far not been able to significantly accelerate the breakthrough of virtual reality. Can VR sex games do more here?

Many VR enthusiasts had secretly (or not so secretly) hoped that the growth of virtual reality would be driven by pornography similar to that of video cassettes. However, this hope has not been fulfilled to the extent that many would wish for. VR is still a niche, but one that is slowly but surely growing.

VR porn is on the rise

How you can watch porn with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR, we have prepared in our ultimate guide and the matching articles for you. Almost every owner of VR glasses will be able to confirm that VR porn can have a certain charm (as long as they are reasonably well done). But VR pornos are usually not very interactive. VR pornos have not yet left their niche existence behind. If we ignore the efforts of some webcam providers like CamSoda, who want to achieve “real” virtual sex with the help of sex dolls and partialildonics, the viewer usually always remains in his passive role. This “shortcoming” could be remedied by sex games. The adult portal Nutaku is known for pornographic manga and anime games, also known as Hentai. Among them are sounding as well as clear works like Kingdoms of Lust or Pussy Saga.

For a good cause: Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator

Now Nutaku for the first time also goes the way of Virtual Reality and offers two porn games for VR glasses. The name of the Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator is program: After a thermonuclear war, the earth was destroyed and fewer and fewer women were born due to the radioactive contamination.

Humanity is therefore threatened with extinction. A space ark was built to find a new home for mankind and at the same time the production of artificial women was started to ensure the survival of mankind. In this absolutely comprehensible initial situation, the player is needed as a quality assurance expert who must ensure the functioning of the artificial women. Probably you don’t need any further description to be able to imagine the rest of the content of this game.

Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator can be purchased on the official Nutaku website for 20 €. However, the developers do not specify which VR headsets the game supports.

Elven Love: Naughty Rituals

The second VR game of this kind is intended for elven lovers of the special kind. Of course it is about ancient magic and the complete immersion in mystical forest worlds and moon elves (!). Various rituals are supposed to make the elves docile.

Sometimes the interactions are kept very simple, but to undress the elves players are allowed to solve at least a few puzzles. Whether the challenge level here is higher than opening a real bra is not known to us at this time.

Elven Love: Naughty Rituals can be purchased on Nutaku for 15 € and should be compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Nutaku customers will also be able to pay with the Verge crypto currency.

Scope and quality questionable

We point out again that both games contain explicit sexual and in some ways interactive content. Buying a game on Nutaku is at your own risk, as we do not know the functionality or scope of the two games. How do you like VR sex games? Curious or stimulating? Have you ever tried one of the two games? Write it to us in the comments.

3DXChat Test & Review

I sit alone on the sofa, in front of me a half-empty bowl of chips and two already opened beer bottles. I look into the emptiness with a rigid expression, while the afternoon sun bathes my modern apartment in warm light. Hoping that someone might get lost here and penetrate the iron silence with a friendly greeting, I open the door. Wait. But nobody comes. Thirty minutes later I have sex on a beach in every imaginable position – forwards, backwards, sideways, high in the air and with my back in the sand. Sex chats bring with them the promise of enabling even shy people to make uncomplicated contacts, whether on a platonic or direct sexual basis.

“You just chat with other people’s avatars and get used to talking to them,” they say.

But it’s not that uncomplicated.

The First Few Hours

The first hours in SexGameDevils 3DXChat I spend aimlessly wandering around the dancefloors of the three available clubrooms and stumbling into a mass of people who seem like a sworn community. Some couples dance tightly wrapped, others jump wildly, three Frenchmen lean casually against the bar and watch the action from a safe distance. And in between I hang, confused by the available dance movements, which are provided with the unhelpful names “Dance 1-13” and thus do not exactly contribute to elegant movement sequences. After the unworthy fidgeting did not produce any romantic requests for contact, I finally give up and start the retreat. My avatar is an Emperor Furiosa double – at least the best I could get from the character editor. After choosing a male or female character, it comes up with some options and even allows modifications of details like eyebrows or essentials like body shape. But the complexity is only an apparent one, because the so numerous options are all located on the little extensive spectrum between super- and topmodel. Curiously I turn all body controls to the stop, widen hips, thighs, arms and buttocks, but the hoped for result fails.

Ethnic Diversity

While it is possible to choose from a variety of skin colors and facial forms to easily create Asian or Afro-American-looking avatars, ethnic diversity is matched by a clear focus on porn ideals, which also determine the wardrobe available. Apart from jeans and a T-shirt, female users will only find fetish clothing. This may not be out of place in a sex game, but it is primarily available to women, while male players stroll through the virtual world in shirts and trousers or noble suits, sometimes more casually, sometimes less so.

This gender segregation of clothing reaches so far that female avatars have to be equipped with hockhacked shoes – there is no alternative. Seriously disliked by the high heels, I resignedly and a little defiantly decide to let Furiosa dribble around with her porn-foot-cut, bare feet. And to christen her “Bumsi”. While Björk sings “All is Full of Love” in the background, frustration pervades me above all because it already becomes clear that the 3DXChat is definitely not designed to serve my personal preferences.

Interactive Component of the Game

It should appeal especially to those who are fond of classic porn and appreciate its expansion with an interactive component. Beyond the interaction with other people, the game with its VR and VStroker support offers additional immersion aids, which I couldn’t test even due to the lack of technical equipment and physical features. After much alone time, I lose my patience. As entertaining as it may be to stage “Bumsi” as a failed existence and prisoner of her own introversion, the goal of my stay is to gain a representative impression of this 3D chat – and sex is one of them. I spontaneously put my avatar on the beach, free him from all clothes and start the masturbation mode at the push of a button.

As soon as Bumsi begins to finger herself clumsily, D. joins her. He politely greets her and asks how I would feel, and then sends a partnership request, which enables us to initiate virtual sex. In the moonlight we then click on poses, which our avatars promptly take up, while they always automatically groan again and the respective actions are accompanied by munching and sucking noises. I click on the mouth symbol, with which more intensive moaning can be induced, move the speed control back and forth and try in the meantime also to operate halfway usable Dirty Talk in the private chat. We don’t really manage that very well. In general, much depends on the quality of the content on the textual level. Because the – albeit large – selection of possible positions brings with it certain restrictions, one inevitably has to resort to written additions. When I enter another chat room and join an already active couple, it works surprisingly well. While C. presents himself rather silently and only answers questions very briefly from time to time, S. and I decide to indulge in merciless exaggeration and throw around the most debauched ideas. This also includes the use of a peculiarity that seems almost out of place in the otherwise rather mass-capable game: female characters can either fall back on strap-ons or acquire a real-looking penis at the push of a button, for whose stimulation there are their own positions.

Active Trans Scene

It is thanks to this function that an active Trans scene has formed in the chat, which is gathered in its own, well-attended rooms. Many of the users who can be found there actually seem to be transsexual or at least enthusiastically think themselves into this role, as they decorate their profiles with explicit photos of people who display breasts and/or penises equally, and sometimes even describe their private careers. Outside the so-called “Futanari” spaces in the game, the optional penis tends to be unpopular, but S. is enthusiastic. Soon Bumsi and S. are engaged in an anal sex marathon that is so persistent that C. loses patience at some point and disappears without comment. As soon as the sex is finished, S. does the same to her and makes off with a short “ty”. Associations with e-athletes are awakened, who, after a good match with the letter constellation “gg”, are able to get a good impression of the “gg”. (“good game”). Compressed courtesy after a mechanical act.

The Next Day

The next day I can’t help but escape myself, and early on. As soon as I put Bumsi on an empty couch in a room used by active couples, A., a woman dressed in lace lingerie with glasses and long, dark hair, asks me abruptly: “German? When I answer the question in the affirmative, she and her “master” M. promptly invite me to a Ménage-à-trois, whose dominant tone does not appeal to me at all.

“Do you like the huge dick above you?”

M. follows directly, thereby laying the verbal foundation stone for a very short intermezzo that makes me think of bad private pornography from East German village communities. I apologize friendly, leave the interior of the yacht and see while walking through the door still with one eye, how master M. “rammels” or “pops” his slave undoubtedly powerfully. After sex with a role-player who calls himself “Beelzebub” and presents himself as a black-skinned demon with horns and studded collar, I increasingly lose the very limited interest in this part of the game. Watching avatars in the fluidly animated, but nevertheless strangely lifeless act and throwing all sorts of phrases into the chat in the meantime simply doesn’t appeal to me. And if you’re mainly concerned with the question of how best to capture certain sounds onomatopoetically, there’s little room for erotic tension anyway.

Sex Therapy

This is also the problem G. faces, who, like me, is curious to meet in a room called “Sex Therapy”. Since the avatar of the self-proclaimed therapist sits motionless and speechless in his chair, after a while his role falls to me. G. Is also German and speaks only rade-brechend English, why he feels inhibited to initiate contacts with the numerous French, Russian and American women. We talk for a while about language barriers, the qualities of the chat and first experiences on the spot. I advise him to simply ask his partners for a little support or to ask couples if he can watch them having virtual sex. Since in 3DXChat the same people are already falling on each other on dancefloors, on the beach or in well-attended bars, this possibility doesn’t seem absurd. And that’s exactly what U. says is one of the biggest problems with chatting. U. is a bisexual hermaphrodite with androgynous traits and offers in his/her profile to answer questions at any time. I take the chance and start a very pleasant and continuous conversation with him/her. “Some people want to have sex on the dance floors of clubs,” says U., “but if you’re dancing with your date and trying to have a romantic conversation, such a sight is not likely to cheer you up. In fact, a significant proportion of users seem less interested in fast sex than in intense, intimate situations or even relationships. Many of them list names of best friends, relationship partners or even spouses in their profiles and dedicate excessive declarations of love to them. As U. tells me, they include not only in-game married people who celebrate their virtual weddings excessively and with officially invited guests, but also actual married couples who roam the chat together.

Others, however, are less open about their preferences. T., presumably one of the few native speakers in the chat, introduces himself after a while as a 50-year-old married man who has virtual affairs without the knowledge of his wife. When I ask him if he had ever spoken openly to her about his fantasies, he denies it and says “she wouldn’t understand”.

Before creating my account, I talked intensively with my partner about whether and under what conditions he agrees with this experiment. Testing sex games has never been a problem, probably because of our shared liberal attitude to porn and the fact that most of these titles don’t go beyond strangely abstract ideas of sex. As crude as the events in 3D chat may be, the decisive difference lies in the interaction with other people. In consciously induced sex with other people. And this is also practiced in real time in the case of purely investigative intentions. Based on my previous experience with cybersex, I assumed from the outset that there was no particular attraction in these activities, but it seemed extremely important to me to remove any uncertainties. “Bumsi” was therefore not only a sign of my personal defiance, but also a concession to my partner. If he hadn’t signaled any understanding or decided otherwise in the meantime, this article wouldn’t have been written.

It seems all the more unfortunate to me that T. logs into the chat every day during his working hours so that his wife doesn’t hear about it. We talk for a while about alternative relationship concepts and the desire to experiment with our own sexuality in virtual space. Then I say goodbye. I don’t dare to argue that the sexual relationship with his wife is probably not so “healthy” when he has to keep his fantasies secret from her. And in general, a wide variety of problems in this respect manifest themselves in the supposedly cosmopolitan virtual space. Again and again one hears and reads unnerved statements that make it clear that one does not want a “drama”. As U. explains to me, the online relationships break apart regularly, and that in all chat public. Again and again, people find out that their “partners” have sex outside the relationship, and then they question the strangers in the bar or while dancing, of all places – “screaming”, with never-ending caps-lock salvos. But the perception of the game’s internal relationships naturally diverges widely. While some refer unnervedly to dramas and the apparently numerous young men who pretend to be women, others praise the cohesion and friendliness within the community.

Overall a Positive Experience

  • I myself have had predominantly positive experiences, for all the more intensive conversations have been characterized by courtesy and apparently sincere interest.
  • U., T. and an exiled Cuban living in Serbia named E. finally sent me requests for friendship and emphasized how happy they would be to meet again.
  • I openly declare that I am only present as a journalist and will not return after the second day.
  • I don’t want to wipe Bumsi out of this strange world afterwards in order not to offend any of my new friends.
  • She will continue to exist forever in her private retreat and possibly sit on the sofa with chips and beer.