BKK Cybersex Cup Review

Virtual Reality is currently on everyone’s lips. Whether Oculus Rift for die-hard gamblers with thick purses or the much cheaper Gear VR from Samsung, for Galaxy smartphone owners: it’s THE trend for 2016 and 2017. Even this year’s GamesCon in Cologne was full of it.

This trend can also be found in the erotic industry. But not only Virtual Reality Sex & Virtual Reality Porn is a topic, but also Virtual Reality Mastubators. Which brings us to today’s topic…

Let’s be serious: Who hasn’t been bored by monotonous masturbation with the right hand; on a porn you’ve seen 100 times before? Wouldn’t it be much nicer to actively intervene in the action and determine for yourself what happens on the screen in front of you? Exactly THIS will be the future. And a future within reach.

The well-known online shop kindly provided me with the BKK Cybersex Cup for a masturbator test. At this point many thanks for that. The BKK Cybersex Cup is an Indiegogo project. There the product is financed by fans and potential buyers by money donation; this is called “crowdfunding”. The goal of the manufacturer ‘BKK’ is to donate $50,000, half of which has already been achieved by September 2016. Under the link above you can find all information.

The masturbator presented here also starts in the niche “Virtual Reality”: The sextoy for men produced in China contains a classic masturbator (similar to a fleshlight) that communicates with the corresponding VR glasses and a specially programmed, free game app for your smartphone. To use it, you must have a smartphone with Android (> 4.3) or iOS (> 8.0).

The toy comes in a white, very simple packaging. On the back is well described what exactly you can do with it. You will also find detailed information about the system requirements of the app.

The masturbator itself is about 20 cm long and therefore suitable for the Western European average penis. In contrast to the Cobra Libre 2, a pure acorn vibrator, this masturbator “eats” the limb completely. However, it does not have a motor; the stimulation takes place exclusively manually. The whole package at Eis.de is currently reduced from 150 € to 133 €, but unfortunately sold out at the moment. But it is available at Amazon.

In addition to the masturbator and the VR goggles, the set also includes a USB charging cable (without mains plug), 2 cleaning cloths (moist & dry) and an English-language, but plausible operating manual. A small sample of lubricant would have been nice, but good… anyway.

The cloths are used to clean the masturbator and of course the VR glasses. But also for cleaning the lenses, which could be stained with fingerprints. A Sextoy Cleaner is not absolutely necessary, but can certainly not harm.

Virtual Reality Porno: BKK Cybersex Cup – The user manual

  • A clear and simple operating manual.
  • Also included are three small black fabric stickers, whose function is not yet clear to me.

The masturbator cover is made of black ABS plastic, as is often the case with Fleshlights. The inner sleeve is made of the soft TPE known from masturbators. This material nestles up well and absorbs your body heat; however, contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, it smells somewhat artificial. According to BKK it does not contain any harmful plasticizers.

The opening is based on a vagina and the tunnel is ribbed and structured on the inside for more stimulation. Many other mastubators, e.g. Fleshlight’s, are available with anus or mouth inlet. Unfortunately not this one.

BKK Cybersex Cup – the vaginal entrance

The entrance of the mastubator is modelled after a vagina. The insertion mechanism of the VR glasses is adjustable in size so that the most common smartphones, such as iPhone 5, iPhone 6Plus, Galaxy Note or Nexus 4 fit. But the absolute maximum is 6 inches, i.e. about 15 cm wide. The headband of the glasses is also easy to adjust. The workmanship of the glasses leaves something to be desired in comparison to the Samsung Gear VR.

The Inserting Mechanism

The insertion mechanism is easily adjustable in size. The whole principle works something like this: You insert your limb into the pussy and move back and forth. Your movements are transferred to the game app in your smartphone (if possible synchronously). Additionally you can operate the app with the buttons on the masturbator.

The principle is similar to the Couple Toys from KIIROO that we already introduced, which still have some weaknesses and are too expensive. The Cybersex Cup and your smartphone communicate with each other via Bluetooth.

BKK Cybersex Cup top packaging

There is order in the opened packaging. It’s best to have a look at the manufacturer’s video with the wicked intro. Here the principle of this sextoy is explained very vividly.

So if you always had the wish to exercise your (sex) fantasies as realistic as possible, without being looked at crooked or even convicted, you should definitely read on. Maybe this sex toy can fulfill exactly this wish for you.

If you are just curious what Virtual Reality can do today and if you could like it, you should also read on. We have a lot of important information and insights about the new technology ready for you.


  • Complete package incl. masturbator, VR glasses, games app.
  • Internal battery; can be charged via USB.
  • VR-Glasses size adjustable.
  • The mobile phone insert also; therefore suitable for common mobile phones.
  • Synchronous communication of the masturbator with the app.
  • Lenses adjustable in all directions.
  • Actress configurable according to your ideas.
  • Own videos in VR playable (controllable by masturbator).
  • Easy & fast cleaning.
  • Masturbator can also be used alone.


  • App not available in Playstore or Applestore. Slow download.
  • App not available in German.
  • Only 6 positions selectable for one scene.
  • On/off button of the Samsung smartphone often pressed in the inserted state.
  • Game app unfortunately in manga style, which is not very appealing.
  • Sometimes not completely comprehensible graphic representation.

The BKK Cybersex Cup is a nice gimmick, which unfortunately can’t stand up to my high demands. VR glasses that synchronize with a smartphone app and a masturbator are definitely a good idea, but the implementation is still in its infancy. In addition, I have absolutely nothing to do with mangas and find them anything but sexy and antörnend. For the Asian market, on the other hand, this combination may be very exciting. Nothing destotrotz the product was worthwhile, because I like to watch little movies from my mobile phone with the enclosed VR glasses. The masturbator has potential. If it is further developed as the manufacturer promises, it could actually become a bestseller in a few years. Virtual reality is also becoming more and more popular. You turn on the masturbator by pressing the on/off button for about 3 seconds. The Bluetooth connection to the app will then be established automatically.

But first you need to use your smartphone to go to BKK, the Hong Kong-based company’s website. Then select the operating system you have and download the app.

Unfortunately, the app is not available from the Playstore or Apple Retail Store, but only from the manufacturer’s website. The download is also possible via a QR code, which is printed in the user manual. But I didn’t try it. The download itself takes a relatively long time; for me it takes about 10 minutes. Maybe it’s a bit faster with you.

To perform the installation, you have to allow “unknown sources” in your smartphone.

Activate Bluetooth

Bluetooth must be activated to use the app. You’ll also need to give the app permission to enable Bluetooth on your phone at startup if you haven’t done so before. When you start the app for the first time, you’ll also need to confirm that you’re over 18.

By the way: Apps that you have not downloaded from the Playstore do not automatically create an icon on the smartphone desktop. At least that’s how it is with me under Android. You can do this manually.

After you have started the app, you have to insert your smartphone with the display facing forward (towards you) into the VR glasses (while pressing the adjustment mechanism strongly upwards): Then you check whether your smartphone is correctly positioned and whether it is centered. If not, you have to move it a bit until it fits.

The size-adjustable mobile phone insert must be pulled out of the VR glasses. Then please check if the lenses are adjusted correctly so that the image is centered. If not, you can correct this using the plastic sliders on the top of the glasses. You can move the lenses forwards and backwards (for sharpness) and to the left and right (for viewing angle). But no matter how much I adjusted: Through the lenses I could always see a small piece of the edge of the phone on the left and right side. But it didn’t bother me.

Adjustable Lenses

Now to the actual masturbator test. Before you start, you should remove the foils from the lenses, adjust the headband of the glasses to fit you and of course insert your smartphone. All this worked smoothly for me. When using, please make sure that your smartphone is centered in the slot and firmly seated. Remove the transparencies from the lenses before use.

Unfortunately, THIS is not the best solution, because (at least for me) the smartphone – whether with or without case protection – can slip back and forth, so that the picture might be a little distorted or you could see the edges of your phone in the app.

In addition, the size adjustment mechanism of my Samsung S6 sits quite exactly on the on/off button of my Samsung S6, which is of course also unfavorable. With the Gear VR from Samsung, for example, this is much better solved, which is simply because only the Galaxy fits into the device of the VR glasses. The smartphone sits there bombproof.

Size adjustability

The strap of the VR glasses is adjustable in size. Although I already have a quite large head, I had to adjust the headgear even tighter so that the glasses fit well. I have to admit, however, that the comfort and support is not quite as satisfactory as I had imagined. The Gear VR from Samsung fits much better.

Before we can start, switch on the toy by pressing the on or off button at the top for about 3 seconds. The big ‘G’ glows red, so that you know that it is now ready for use. A Bluetooth connection is automatically established.

Generally speaking, the image of the game app is not very sharp and a little distorted. Here you simply have to play around with the lens setting and the mobile phone lock to get an ideal result for you. But that’s not much better with the Gear VR either; especially at the edges the picture is quite blurred.

As you can easily see, these are not “real” protagonists, but comic or manga characters. That’s exactly what I feared. Fears, because I think it’s anything but sexy.

Six positions possible

The main characters in the game app are manga-style. Toy communicates with the app via Bluetooth. Movements are transmitted synchronously. Stimulation through the tunnel intensive, because very narrow.

But now the real highlight: The app reacts to your movements. Means: As soon as you for example insert a finger or other body parts into the masturbator and (rhythmically) move in and out, this is transferred (almost synchronously) to the game. The protagonist comes in almost exactly to the rhythm and the young lady moans in the voice you set beforehand.

For a first impression it is also enough to shake the mastubator vigorously. Has the same result. This process is not 100% accurate and a bit asynchronous (as you already know from the KIIROO Coupletoys). But on the whole it works quite well; for about 133 € not much more is to be expected. The masturbator as such goes into a kind of sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity, but is immediately ‘woken up’ again by simply pressing a button.

The sleeve, i.e. the inner channel, is very narrow for my taste; Fleshlights usually differ a lot there. I suppose that’s simply because the average penis of the Far Eastern man is a few centimeters smaller than that of the Western European. Of course, it has the advantage that the stimulation is all the more intense, which is further intensified by the structuring of the channel. But there is also the disadvantage – if you like to see it that way – that you reach orgasm very quickly.

Vaginal entrance

The entrance of the masturbator is modelled after a vagina. Now I hang the BKK Cybersex Cup on my laptop to recharge for a few hours via the USB port and tonight there will be the first real practice session. I’m curious to see what I can expect.

USB Port

The device has a USB port. During the charging process the large ‘G’ of the mastubator flashes red. When the mastubator is fully charged, the key lights up continuously. Cleaning process very easy and fast. Toy is not waterproof.

Before I forget… The cleaning is easy: Simply wipe the cover of the masturbator with a cloth. Remove the sleeve from the device, rinse it intensively and then turn it over completely and let it dry before using it again. This is very important to avoid bacteria formation.

Masturbator Test – easy cleaning process

  • Cleaning is very easy.
  • Caution: The masturbator is NOT waterproof.

First use in the evening. Doggystyle, rider position and blowjob to orgasm: The Manga figures give everything. It’s evening: After I have “warmed up” a little, I lubricate a good portion of glide on my stiff member and a blob around the “vaginal entrance”.

  • The BKK Cybersex Cup is prepared accordingly. The mobile phone is in the glasses and the app has already started. My manga lady is dressed sexy and our first scene will take place in the subway.
  • I put the VR glasses on my head and blindly press my hard cock into the ultra-tight, slippery masturbator. The seat of the glasses is very comfortable because of its low weight. I slowly get used to it.
  • Immediately my 2 Manga figures in the Doggy position really get going…
  • Conclusion ‘BKK Cybersex Cup’ – More gimmickry than serious VR technology.

Masturbator test: BKK Cybersex Cup – article pictureThe result is sobering: Although the whole thing is fun, the technology is still in its infancy. You can guess where the journey is going, but that’s it. For me, the BKK Cybersex Cup wasn’t worth it.

Let’s not forget that the portrayal of the “sex scenes” is simply very unrealistic. Thanks to Mangas. But what I like to use: The “3D video function” of the app. I then watch my favorite movies as “artificial” virtual reality porn. The nice thing about it: The video can be controlled with the keys G, L and R of the masturbator; i.e. pause, start, fast forward, etc.. DAMIT I get in combination with the masturbator also in record time to orgasm (partly in less than one minute)

Of course, it is ideal if you already have “real” Virtual Reality porn on your smartphone, because the effect is then much more real or better. So you can feel Virtual Reality up close. You are then in the POV-perspective, i.e. the same one you take with an ego-shooter and not just a “simple spectator”.

Virtual Reality Sex

You can also use the mastubator as such on your own, WITHOUT the glasses and the app. It does its job quite neatly.

The very tidy packaging of the Toys. That’s how I proceeded with the Autoblow 2, whose mechanical stimulation didn’t convince me either. So hold on tight: It’s nice to try out, but I probably wouldn’t buy this set for 130 € or 150 € myself. The same is true for all other VR glasses currently available.

BKK would like to release many more updates for the app (new positions, new scenes/locations, new outfits, other sexual orientations like homosexual) and improve the graphics. So it remains to be hoped that something really good will come of it. The basis has already been created.

Nevertheless, the BKK Cybersex Cup is only for confirmed VR fans or technical nerds (not meant negatively) or people who find mangas sexy and attractive. The Chinese market is therefore probably more the target group for BKK than, for example, the European or American market.

VR Glasses

If the app is more mature and offers the possibility to interact interactively with a human counterpart (like KIIROO already partly does), I am the first buyer. Promised! If you are still convinced of the technology, of course I don’t want to keep you from buying. Currently you can buy the Sextoy e.g. at Amazon. One more thing about the quality and workmanship of the product: Both the glasses and the masturbator survived a fall from a height of 1 meter. I didn’t expect that. I am positively surprised.