Google Cardboard VR Porn

About Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

Google Cardboard is one of the futuristic technologies being offered by Google. With the help of this amazing technology you can turn your Android or iOS smart phone into virtual reality smart phone.

The virtual reality glasses can help you to enjoy the virtual world from anywhere.

All you need to do is to wear the pair of lenses that are embedded in a cardboard box offered by Google and connect it with your compatible smart phone. As soon as you wear the glasses, you are connected to the virtual world. At one point of time you see meteorites flying into the space and after few moments you see yourself surrounded by T-Rex.

If you are planning to buy the Google Cardboard device then make sure to download a Google Cardboard compatible app. The best thing about using compatible app is that it helps you to enjoy the virtual reality experience in a better manner.

Apart from general videos, you can also watch virtual reality porn with the help of Google Cardboard. There are several online firms which offer porn movies. All of them charge some money for downloading or watching their movies.

Which phones can be used with Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard works perfectly well with smart phones running on Android 4.1 or above and the smart phone should also support NFC. Recently, Google announced the availability of its SDK for the iOS developers.

Though right now there are not too many amazing VR apps available for iOS users but with the availability of SDK for iOS developers may lead to the availability of excellent VR apps in the future. Currently, some of the VR apps for iOS smart phone users are available such as The Height, Tunnel Effect and Dive City Coaster.

Virtual reality is one of the most contentious pieces of technology primarily because it has so many different avenues that users can approach it from. But when it comes to porn and porn studios, there is one element of the industry that comes alive, and that’s the availability and accessibility to it – for many people, the idea of VR connotes a very expensive investment (such as the headsets offered by Oculus Rift and other top-tier companies).

But more and more, companies and studios are also realizing that VR doesn’t have be something for only the rich. More and more, Smartphones have also found their way into the VR revolution.

Google Cardboard as the Cheap VR Alternative

Admittedly, we’d all like to see a day when we can all have VR experiences of the same quality as the highest headsets, but in another way it’s the use of Google Cardboard that has actually managed to pioneer this progress by offering affordable VR experiences on pre-existing devices – and though they sometimes get a bum rap for having lower quality settings than self-contained headsets, more and more porn studios seem to recognize the popularity of Google Cardboard as an easy alternative (and still, with graphics and resolution in the 1920 x 960 range, you’re still getting higher rendering than some PC monitors).

  1. The use of virtual reality is in full swing these days, and with the innovation of technology always trying to keep one step ahead, Google has done its part to stay mainstream. There are a number of high-spec virtual reality devices and systems out there, but for many of us that represents an expenditure that might go beyond what we’re willing to pay for a VR experience.
  2. On the other hand, almost all of us without exception own a smartphone or Android compatible device. The Google Cardboard headset is the cheapest on the market because, like its name suggests, it’s made of a totally collapsible cardboard frame which also makes it the most portable, and it requires no other components or plug-ins – essentially, it is simply a ‘holder’ for your phone.

Additionally, there are a number of different apps that are available and can all be accessed at the App store – these include everything from games and cameras to full-dive simulations that you can take advantage of, and there is a growing number of new apps that are always making themselves available. The best part is that many of these are free; simply log into Google Play and you’ll be able to filter through a whole range of different apps, and if you have something specific in mind simply enter the search parameters. Your account can also be upgraded with a credit card to pay for some of the more premium apps.

The beauty of Google Cardboard is definitely its appeal as being cheap (as low as $10, and with some VR porn sites a free headset is provide), but the mobility factor is often understated. No matter where you go, you’ll have access to multiple sites and hundreds of videos. Most phones also try to mimic the binaural sound systems that come with state of the art VR headset, allowing a more immersive experience.

Probably everyone will have seen at least one photo of those hipsters running around with one of these cyberspace-like data glasses on their noses. They are equipped with small screens that not only show the wearer a “virtual reality” (VR), but also make it possible to turn and turn in these counter-worlds, to explore them in all dimensions. As chic as these VR glasses are, they are also expensive: developers such as Google, Zeiss or the Fraunhofer Comedd Dresden charge four-digit prices for them. But why throw the beautiful Euros out of the window when there are cheap alternatives like the “Google Card Boxes” that only cost a few Euros? In principle, these are just cardboard craft kits that you put together to form a spectacle box and then have to plug in your iPhone or Android smartphone as a mobile screen to then use an app (mini program) to explore the virtual worlds at a low price? Our guest author Sven Germeroth has tried it out – here his experiences:

How long have I longed to explore three-dimensional, virtual worlds? And there it is at last! My first VR glasses in the form of a Google Cardboard make this journey possible in an outrageously inexpensive way.

Enormous interest at electronics fair CES

Since the great advances that the Oculus Rift has demonstrated in virtual reality over the past two and a half years, the term has been on everyone’s lips again. But even after this long development period, this year’s CES was no more than a prototype to marvel at. Nevertheless, visitor interest spoke for itself. The first demos were breathtaking.

The idea was born during the walk to the garbage can

The idea for the cheap VR glasses was born a few months ago in everyday life: When David Coz once again brought superfluous cardboard boxes to the garbage container in the backyard, it was perhaps the hour of birth of the cardboards. Originally intended only as a hobby project and feasibility study, the presentation at the 2014 “Google I/O Developer Conference” was so successful that the great demand for the kit, which cost only a few dollars, led to an unmanageable number of imitators. In the meantime, there are not only the simple cardboard box but also more valuable variants made of plastic, some of which are even backed by big brand names. However, apart from design and wearing comfort, these are unlikely to offer any further advantages. The underlying technology remains the same. But the chic variants are at least expensive.

Magnet serves as control unit

The present copy of “Andoer” is currently available for 2,99 Euro at Amazon. Like all cardboards, this one reminds you of packaging leftovers when you unpack it. The building instruction is printed on and with each offerer somewhat changed. Thus it remains again and again a small adventure to assemble the board. In addition two plastic lenses, a magnet, an NFC chip in the form of a sticker, a rubber and two Velcro fastener pieces are contained in the transmission. The NFC chip (“Near Field Communication”) should (theoretically) start the app automatically as soon as the smartphone is connected. The magnet is attached to the side of the glasses and serves as a control unit while the device is worn.

Glue helps

After a few minutes the lenses, NFC chip and magnet are in the right place and the cardboard is assembled. Normally you don’t need any tools. Should something go wrong, a little glue and a few “cardboard patches” are enough for the second attempt.

First try a bit tough

Now quickly install the cardboard app from the Playstore and off you go into cyberspace! This is a bit tough at the first try. Of course, the app does not start automatically, which doesn’t bother, because it only serves as an overview list of supported, installed VR apps anyway. After I put my smartphone into the cardboard slider, I can no longer use the program. So the smartphone is unpacked again quickly. The first thing I decide on is the pre-installed “Cardboard Demos” app. This has some virtual scenarios ready. Among others an art exhibition, Google Earth 3D and a Youtube dome.

Second attempt intoxicating

The first impression is intoxicating. How long have I waited for it? I am excited and feel like a little boy at a slot machine again. It’s all a bit coarse pixelated, but that could also be due to my display protection film. The feeling of movement in the virtual space exceeds my expectations. There are even rudimentary possibilities for interaction:

  • Pulling the magnet down: mostly Enter/Select
  • Turn cardboard 90°: Exit/Escape

Meanwhile one gets a whole row of usable Cardboardapps. My favorites:

  • Lanterns for Google Cardboard: first steps in the virtual world
  • Lamper for Google Cardboard: in this game you have to fly a beetle through a tunnel

Many cardboard apps are marked with a clearly recognizable cardboard eyeglass symbol in the program logo. There is also a special category for Cardboard Apps. Unfortunately not all compatible apps are included.

Glasses emboss adept marking on the forehead

After the first trial wearing, a characteristic stain remains on the inside of the glasses where my forehead rests. This one proves that I am now one of them! To the heroes of my youth, to the conquerors of cyberspace – The Lawnmower Man, Tron and Brainscan – greet. The holodeck is mine!

Beware stagger!

The first tests caused partly strong feelings of nausea, which lasted for a long time. These were probably caused mainly by too hectic movements and too fast changes between virtual and real world. But with time you get a feeling for it and the trips become more pleasant. Nevertheless one should not exaggerate the wearing time.

Watch out for spectacle wearers

The cardboard and next to it the not yet inserted smartphone on which a VR app is already running. The cardboards are available in different sizes. From “Andoer” there are versions in 4.5 in five and in 5.5 inches. My Samsung S5 smartphone has a 5.1-inch screen and the 5″ version just fits. Glass wearers should definitely make sure that their vision aids find a place in the cardboard.

The current cardboard was the third in the test and by chance big enough for my glasses. The excursion into the third dimension is much more relaxed right away. Without glasses I felt strongly reminded of the Magic Eye 3D pictures from the 90s (you always had to put your eyes out to see something). But for reassurance: So far, my eyes have always approached the starting position afterwards.

Strong loss of orientation

Very interesting is also the complete loss of orientation. My first trip in “Lanterns”  reminded me of a stay in a hover bath. Already after a few minutes I got angry at various points in the room, although I didn’t have the feeling to have moved.

Conclusion: Cool Gimmick

Of course, you can’t expect miracles from cardboard boxes that cost just a few euros. It is and remains a gimmick. Nevertheless and especially because of the low price, one can only advise anyone interested in technology to try it out. If the first wow effect is long gone, the cardboard box is still enough to amaze friends and family on their next visits. The most important thing, however, is that the cardboard finally brings virtual reality within reach again. The first affordable Oculus Rift models in the shops will certainly be a while yet to come, and until then my little cardboard companion will hold the position here.