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Sex With Robots: What is already possible today

Toys have been part of sex since the beginning of mankind. Presumably, in the beginning, people mainly used fruits or suitably shaped stones before people became creative themselves and produced sex toys according to their own ideas. The next decisive step on the way to robotic sex was a long one hundred years ago before the invention of the vibrator.

Now we are on the threshold of the next revolution. Robot sex will make our (love) life a mess.

But this is a future that has been announced for a long time. Because in principle one can also define robot sex as the satisfaction by a machine. And even the most technically sophisticated robot is not something else.

The vibrator: the first step towards machine satisfaction

One of the very first sex robots has existed for more than a hundred years. The vibrator was the first device ever to allow automatic stimulation. Once the vibrator is switched on, everything else works automatically. Of course everyone is free to push the vibrator back and forth and to get an additional stimulation with the resulting shock movement.

However, the automatic vibration of the device, which has long been available in almost every size, shape and condition, is decisive. Of course, vibrators are still far away from the sophisticated program of a robot, although modern devices have various vibration programs.

The fucking machine: a real advance

For many people, fucking machines are still the epitome of robot sex. The structure of these devices is comparatively simple. In a box there is a motor, which drives a front protruding axis. The original circular movement is turned back and forth by a quite simple gearbox. At the top of the axis a dildo (sometimes also a vibrator) is attached, which makes a penetration through the device possible.

Sex machines can be regulated mostly steplessly, besides, the Dildo put on in front can be exchanged normally. Sex machines are mostly used by women. Meanwhile, however, more and more men also come to taste. Here you have the choice between a dildo for anal penetration or a masturbator that was modeled after a female vagina. By the way, the fucking machine is also frequently used in the BDSM and fetish area. It can be easily integrated into or attached to special furniture.

The so-called Sybian plays a special role among sex machines. On this equipment the woman takes place like on a saddle, from which a vibrator protrudes. This vibrator vibrates, pulsates or rotates, but does not exercise any sauce movements. The secret are the many different attachments and the adjustable programs of this sex machine.

The sex doll: The first impression of robot sex

The cheapest sex dolls from the sex shop have about the charm of a simple air mattress – and they feel exactly the same. No wonder, because both are made of an almost identical material and are ready for use immediately after inflation. It remains to be seen whether sex with such a figure is really fulfilling.

It is a fact that sex dolls set the direction in which the journey goes. Anatomically they are already quite similar to their human counterparts, also their body size is quite realistic.

While female sex dolls can be penetrated orally as well as vaginally and anal, their male counterparts usually have a rather stately penis. This is usually a dildo, more rarely a vibrator. And this is the technique of a simple sex doll already described.

However, there are also higher quality sex dolls, whose material has an almost skin-like structure and which also optically at least reach the level of mannequins. In the even higher price segment sex dolls actually look human.
No wonder that there is already the first sex doll brothel in Barcelona. Mind you, these dolls are only dolls and not robots, but they are specially dressed and prepared according to the customer’s wishes.

Sex-Robot Roxxxy

Some years ago the press reported that “Roxxxy” was the first real sex robot on the market. It is based on a beautiful woman and behaves almost like his living role model during sex. Roxxxy should also have a certain basic intelligence and ability to learn.

All in all a more than astonishing achievement, therefore, that engineers want to have accomplished, for which a proud price of almost ten thousand dollars is due. However, the manufacturers never presented their product to a critical professional audience that could have put Roxxxy through its paces. A single demonstration of the robot turned into a disaster, as Roxxxy only rewound pre-programmed sentences.

Whether she shows a similar behavior in love matters, must remain open for the time being. There are no verified test reports. However, Roxxxy is still marketed by its manufacturer TrueCompanion as the “world’s first sex robot”.

Realistically speaking: How far has technology progressed to date?

In the children’s toy sector, there have long been various dolls and cuddly toys that have a largely lively effect. They can speak, can move around and are even capable of learning.

It seems only plausible that manufacturers of sex toys can also offer similar products. However, the degree of difficulty increases sharply with increasing size and weight.

So not only the question must be clarified, how intelligent sex robots can be sufficiently supplied with electricity (are integrated rechargeable batteries really sufficient or must the robot be connected by cable to an electrical outlet? Movement is also a big challenge. Surely a lying or kneeling robot can be programmed with a movement pattern that is very similar to that of a living woman.

However, to place a human figure on two feet and to walk on it without an accident is a completely different matter. Furthermore, it would be best in the minds of many customers, of course, that his robot-wife could move on beautiful high heels, at least inside the apartment.

But you have to consider how many muscles we humans need for an upright walk and how complicated it is to technically implement this model in a machine. In order for it to keep its balance, the robot would have to be equipped with innumerable motors to replace the human muscles. And they provide a corresponding background noise, which is definitely at the expense of eroticism. Robots will probably only have learned to walk upright on high heels in the very distant future.

Great experiences in cyberspace: the virtual robot makes it possible

So it will probably take quite some time before intelligent sex robots become an integral part of our everyday lives. But already today a virtual window is opening in which almost all wishes come true.

  1. Using special VR glasses, it is possible to dive into the world of virtual eroticism. It goes without saying that programmers can implement the entire spectrum of human sex fantasies here.
  2. So there are very realistic looking bedrooms, flower meadows or BDSM studios, but also completely crazy, futuristic environments. The protagonists can be attractive women or men, but also mangas, zombies or even aliens.
  3. Using special software and compatible sex toys, which are attached to the appropriate parts of the viewer’s body, the viewer becomes a player who can really feel the virtual scenery.

An extremely pleasurable experience, which will probably be the best alternative to robot sex in the future.

Because all technical questions such as motion sequences and power supply are elegantly bypassed: Virtual beings do not need batteries, cables or motors. And the virtual game is guaranteed to be free of noises from electric motors – unless they are deliberately part of the scenery.

But the two most important advantages of sex with virtual robots are:

  • Although cyberspace is huge, it remains transportable. Instead of having to carry a complete robot, VR glasses and the described stimulation accessories are sufficient. All this fits comfortably into a travel bag and can therefore easily be taken on holiday or business trip.
  • A programmed, i.e. not real existing world can also become inaccessible due to a technical defect, which then destroys any anticipation of erotic adventures. However, these errors can usually be corrected quite easily and quickly. A real robot, on the other hand, is much more susceptible to breakdowns and technical difficulties.

The ethical question: Is robot sex allowed?

Long before mankind even came close to technical feasibility, this question triggered controversy. In Greek mythology, Hephaistos, the god of fire and blacksmith, is already very active in the creation of art beings and all kinds of mysterious devices. For himself he creates two golden servants, for Epimetheus the legendary Pandra as wife. And she is known to cause a lot of misfortune.

This proves that humanity is torn between the fascination of artificial creatures and the fear of them. And when it comes to robotic sex, the subject becomes even more explosive.

At the beginning of 2017, a conference on sex robots was held in London, which was banned at the originally planned venue in Malaysia – for ethical reasons, of course. In the British capital, serious technicians discussed sex robots and their problems with philosophers and social scientists.

Must sex robots in the shape of children be banned? How is it to be evaluated if someone destroys his human-like sex robot in an almost bestial way? Are sex robots in brothels problematic competition or relief for sex workers? But also in a positive respect: Can sex robots help disabled or chronically lonely people? In any case, the range of topics is so extensive that further conferences will take place in the future. In any case, a general ban on sex robots is very unlikely – at least in Europe.

VR Sex Suits – Soon Reality?

Are horny experiences with a vr sex suit soon already reality? It’s the year 2025. On a Sunday in May, Silke and Jörn are standing at Düsseldorf Central Station in the evening. After a wonderful weekend, Jörn gets on his train to Munich.

Of course both never wanted to have a long-distance relationship, but their professional situation leaves them no other choice. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, they don’t have to do without erotic cuddling hours on weekdays either. In just a few hours, both will slip into a cybersex suit, put on VR glasses and dive into a paradise of lust together.

As romantic fans of the South Seas, they have chosen a lonely palm beach where they will lie next to each other and listen to the waves. And no one will be offended when they attack each other and have the wildest sex. Since Silke and Jörn get a special kick out of being watched, they can bring more people into their virtual world.

Maybe they will stay on a deck chair today. Maybe Silke wants to get fucked by Jörn and a crunchy islander at the same time. Silke and Jörn will be able to hear, feel and stroke each other, because the cybersex suit transmits even the smallest movements. Other players can either be real people who are invited into the erotic South Sea paradise, otherwise they are virtual, computer-generated figures.

If they actually participate actively in sex, they are of course also realistically perceptible. For a fixed fee it is even possible to have sex with known porn stars: Their voice and anatomy, but above all their movements, are then imitated realistically by an avatar.

And already for the next evening both have registered for a virtual S/M party, at which they will surely have a lot of fun again. However, the organizer has not yet announced in which scenario they will find themselves again. Maybe he is currently programming exciting details for the event? So far he has always been good for surprises. And since no participant has to leave his own four walls, many great people will certainly be there again.

Utopian scenarios that could soon become reality

A lot has already happened since the invention of the computer. For many decades it has been necessary for us humans to adapt to the computer. This has led to the development of completely new input methods that the computer can understand: It all began with punch cards, which today seem to us like a relic from the distant past. The keyboard, however, which was developed early on, is still the most frequently used accessory for a computer today. It will probably remain that way for quite some time, although researchers have long since turned their attention to human anatomy and the corresponding sensory organs.

The computer mouse is operated purely intuitively and a joystick also imitates the natural movements of the hand on the screen. Overall, it is the computer game industry that develops numerous innovations.

  • From the steering wheel for the race simulator to the racket for the almost realistic tennis match on the game console, it was only a short walk.
  • You can even feel the virtual tennis ball bounce off – and that’s how we arrived at the feel, which also opens up completely new possibilities for cybersex.
  • Because if you can sense a virtual ball game, similar sensations are also possible during sex. For video games you can already get gloves that can reproduce pressure and movements very well. In cybersex, of course, the necessary technology is used on other parts of the body.

Sex is a matter of the mind – isn’t it?

There are people who can reach orgasm through pure thought power. Whether they reach a maximum of satisfaction, however, can be doubted. Especially since this mental peak performance is not necessary at all. After all, the basic equipment you have is not just a brain, but a broad anatomy with sexual and sensory organs. The brain is responsible for generating feelings and is therefore also your actual centre of pleasure. The biological miracle of sexual excitement, however, happens above all through the transmission of the stimuli that you perceive with your sensory organs.

Sometimes a particularly erotic voice is enough, sometimes it is the pictures from pornography, but also a smell or a special taste can be enough to get you going. Sex is a feast for the senses, where partners can see, feel, smell, hear and taste each other. And you probably also know masturbation as a sensual experience (in the literal sense of the word): an exciting picture in front of your eyes and the hand between your legs provide an erotic kick.

Modern technology makes it possible to stimulate your senses and stimulate you in a new way, even in the erotic field. Are horny experiences with the Cybersex suit soon already reality?

Cybersex Toys: Welcome to the Future

An ordinary dildo only follows the movements of your hand or body. The first further development was the vibrator, whose integrated motor makes the sextoy vibrate additionally. During sex, however, the surprise effect is especially horny feelings. So the movements of your partner, which you can not calculate in advance. The manufacturers of sex toys make use of modern means of communication. These allow you to control and operate a distant partner, the vibrator or masturbator of the other.

VR glasses, another invention from the computer game industry, are also playing an increasingly important role in cybersex. As a carrier you enter a virtual world, where you don’t go on a demon hunt, but experience erotic adventures. In connection with other sextoys of the newest generation this means incredibly horny feelings. Feelings like you probably never had alone before. The absolute ultimate for these experiences is the cybersex suit, which will probably soon become your favourite toy.

A VR Sex Suit makes completely new experiences possible

Are you comfortable in your skin? I’m sure you’ve heard this question many times before. But in the future it could refer to your second skin, the cybersex suit. This is actually skin tight and reminds you of a neoprene suit as you know it from diving or windsurfing. However, the cybersex suit should not protect you from wetness and cold, but provide erotic stimulation.

This is made possible by numerous integrated sensors and vibrators. The movements of one sex partner are registered and transferred to the suit of the other. The vibrations triggered in the process make the sensation almost comparable to real skin contact. In combination with the corresponding VR glasses you could almost forget that this is cybersex and not a real experience. Of course, the development will not stop with the cybersex suit and the sexual interaction from a distance will become more and more sensual.

This technology makes the cybersex suit so revolutionary: Sensors Vibrators VR glasses Headset Online connection via smartphone or computer

At the moment you will search in vain for the suit in German sex shops. Probably it will soon be a new product that will make the leap from Japan to us. So it is nothing less than a revolution with announcement.

Isn’t a cybersex suit uncomfortable and visually twisting?

Clearly, nudist fans who always want to be naked during sex won’t enjoy the cybersex suit very much. And even people who have an aversion to tight clothing should keep their hands off it. Probably a minority, however. Because in principle a tight outfit is perceived as quite sexy, whether while wearing or observing.

The latest everyday fashion with its skinny jeans is the best example of this. But also in eroticism skintight clothing made of materials like nylon or latex plays a not insignificant role. In this respect, a cybersex suit can provide an exciting wearing experience. This is even true when its technique is not active. There are certainly already numerous designers at work to turn the cybersex suit into a real highlight not only technically but also visually.

Who is a cybersex suit for?

Actually, the question should be rather: For whom is a cybersex suit not suitable? Purists who completely dislike any technical gadgets during sex don’t need to look any closer at the suit. Otherwise, however, there is a multitude of possible target groups, which is why the triumphal march of the cybersex suit is probably already pre-programmed.

Examples are

  • Technology freaks who want to combine two favourite pastimes.
  • Couples who have a long-distance relationship or are very often separated from each other.
  • Singles for whom sex is nevertheless a frequent need.
  • Very shy people who are alone due to a fear of attachment.
  • People with a disability that can be compensated by the cybersex suit.
  • Prostitutes who want to offer more security for themselves and their clients, especially in terms of health.

VR Porn: Present and Future

It is often claimed that the porn industry helps Virtual Reality to succeed. In fact, Virtual Reality could lead the porn industry to new shores. Today, few people are willing to spend money on porn content. High-quality VR videos, however, are so large that streaming is often not a sensible option and therefore only the download from the portals of the providers remains. So is VR porn a worthwhile business?

Virtual Reality Porn in the Present

The “Eurowebtainment” conference brought together various companies more or less related to the porn industry. Not only direct content providers were represented here, but also companies that deal with e-mail addresses, process payments or act as collection service providers.

Virtual reality porn is on everyone’s lips, but the event was less noticeable than we would have expected. Although there was a small round of lectures on the topic and a subsequent discussion, there was no real hype yet. Rather, the impression was given that Virtual Reality was only an intermediate stage to the perfect porn experience. Similar to the gaming industry, the porn industry dreams of bringing the depicted scenes directly into your living room.

But perhaps this is already possible to a certain extent with current VR glasses? We met Stefan Geisler, who produces 180-degree videos for RealityLovers. According to Geisler, 3D 180-degree videos are currently the best way to display porn in VR. Currently, there is no 360-degree camera that meets the demands of producers. The 180-degree videos are also based on available equipment, which, however, has been heavily modified. According to Geisler, such a system is also the current standard in the scene, because one would rather create a beautiful picture in front of the user than a mediocre picture that completely surrounds the user.

Stefan GeisslerIn order to achieve a higher level of intimacy, the company is currently experimenting with 180-degree shots recorded in front of a green screen. The user can then select the desired background himself and also use his own 360-degree photos. The user can thus bring the actor directly into his or her desired environment, creating the illusion of being in a complete 360-degree scene. A similar principle is also known to us from NOYS VR. A musician is filmed in a green screen and then placed on a virtual stage. A real person is placed in an environment in which the VR user can move freely. Live sex shows in VR? Thinkable.

  • RealityLovers also wants to offer added value and provides current VR recordings in two different versions.
  • There is a POV version and an observer version.
  • This has the advantage that the viewer does not have to identify with the actors, but can also simply observe the action.
  • Many people probably experience a worse immersion if the actor of the POV version does not fit their own appearance.

A very big problem of the porn industry seems to be that no corresponding players with pornographic content for iOS or Android may be provided in the corresponding stores. This means that many users are denied access to high-quality VR content on their smartphones.

Virtual Reality Porn in the Future

What became clear during the lecture and the conversation with Geisler is the fact that the technology is not yet ready to offer a completely immersive experience today. That’s why people are also very interested in volumetric videos that allow the user to move something in the scene shown.

Nevertheless, the direction seems clear: Augmented Reality Porn or Mixed Reality Porn could change the industry more than the current Virtual Reality technology. The holograms in your own living room make a much more intimate situation possible, and with the right accessories the right feedback could be provided.

But if we use live holograms and accessories that allow feedback to be synchronized, are we still talking about porn or are we in some kind of gap between porn and sex for sale? Whether feedback systems for sex in VR or MR will prevail, however, is questionable. After all, such an accessory is only a niche in another niche and therefore there are currently no big profits to be made here.

VR Porn: How it affects the human brain!

One of the largest VR porn production companies wants to find out how VR porn affects consumers – and what appeals to them most. These are the results. Five men aged between 18 and 45 watched an eight-minute erotic film on a monitor for an attempt by the VR porn company “BadoinkVR“.

The Danish research company “Neurons” measured the brain activity of the test persons simultaneously with an EEG device. The emotional reaction and the degree of excitement were tested.

After the brain activity returned to normal after the TV porn, the test subjects were asked to watch the same film again – this time with VR glasses. The subjects were encouraged not to masturbate in between. Otherwise the research results would be falsified.

Realistic perspective increases excitement

The VR porno is said to have activated the brain more than the flat version on the monitor – no wonder, thanks to the panoramic view with head movement, the test persons have to process considerably more visual information. The EEG recorded an increase in excitement, particularly in the scene, in which the woman sits down on the male performer.

  • The decisive factor for this is the realistic perspective, so the assumption. However, this seems to have a general effect: if the test person in the film simply looked around in the surroundings, his excitement also increased.
  • However, if you look at the entire trial period, the excitement of the participants in front of the monitor and with the VR glasses was almost identical.

“In interviews, the participants reported that they felt more involved in VR. They liked the effect,” Alexander Silva Lopera, neuroanalyst at Neurons, told The Daily Dot.

At the beginning of the VR video, the cognitive load of the test persons was above the threshold perceived as pleasant and relaxed. This was sometimes due to the fact that several subjects were VR newcomers. After some familiarization, the cognitive load decreased.

VR porn still has room for improvement

According to Lopera, there’s a lot more to find out about VR pornography:

“The way I see it, it’s one thing to say you like VR porn and another thing to change your behavior, pay for it and really use that experience. We have to figure out how to make the experience simple and appealing for people.”

With five participants, the study was, according to Lopera, “a kind of pilot study” that does not reflect a cross-section of the population. Nevertheless, the BadoinkVR test could provide some insight into the effect of the films on the company’s own clientele.

VR Porn Self-Experiment

Do you get “inspired” by porn from time to time? Then maybe you should try VR porn. Because you’re not just a spectator – you’re right in the middle of the action!

Sure, porn is not for everyone. No wonder – because most movies are made for men and treat their fantasies accordingly. It’s a good thing that a lot has changed on the porn market in recent years. Productions such as those by director Erika Lust, for example, concentrate on the realistic portrayal of the female protagonist – a blessing for the erotic world!

But the porn industry has not only evolved in terms of feminism: Technology is also becoming increasingly sophisticated. In the meantime, there are not only erotic 3D films, but also virtual reality porn – “VR Porn” for short.

What is VR porn anyway?

You’ve probably heard of virtual reality glasses before. You put them on and dive into another world. You see things around you that aren’t actually there. Dinosaurs are walking around, you’re standing on a road or in a beautiful landscape. And that’s exactly what porn can do. You feel as if you are in the middle of the action. For example, your gaze wanders with your own head turning. For example, if you want to look at the woman’s or man’s ass in the virtual world, the image adapts with the movement of the head.

Through the glasses, the viewer also sees his “own body”, i.e. a part of it, often the legs. Then, for example, it looks as if the protagonist is sitting on a chair, a lightly dressed woman approaches him and has sex with him. Of course, there is no haptic experience – everything only happens through the sensory perception of the eyes.

  • Does that turn you on? Everyone has to find that out for himself. Our editor once dared the self-experiment:
    The test: “Bake cookies first, then bearskin eroticism”.
  • VR porn, that all sounds very interesting in theory – but does it really work? An editor did the test and watched the film “Christmas for her” by VR porn provider Reality Lovers through VR glasses.

Glasses on and go!

First to the technical: To fully immerse myself in the VR world, I had to download a VR app on my mobile phone and the porn movie (as a paying customer you can watch movies directly via the website). After a few technical problems (which could also have been due to my mobile phone), it finally started: Put your mobile phone in your glasses, put it on and go!

  • The special thing: The film was made especially for the female target group – so I looked at everything from the perspective of a woman.
  • What exactly happened? There was this guy, unfortunately not my personal taste, but maybe attractive for other women, who baked cookies with me. So far so harmless. When he had turned off his cookies, he dedicated himself to my VR-Ich. First the belly, then the intimate zone …
  • After baking the biscuits, we got down to business: This is what the protagonist of VR porn looked like!

I am honest: In the beginning I looked around his apartment rather than looking at him in action. I couldn’t imagine that the picture would really follow the movement of my head. But it worked – I was really right in the middle of his apartment and in the film! By the way, I had two glasses to try out: cardboard glasses and plastic glasses. Interestingly, even the cardboard version worked better.

But back to the story: At some point Mr. Plätzchenbacken carried “me” from the kitchen into the living room – onto the bearskin in front of the fireplace, where else?

Yoo-hoo – normal sex!

There it went to the point: First he masturbated in front of me and then had sex with my avatar. In between I got compliments for my figure again and again. Merci! Even if the man, as I said, was not my personal taste and I could not really identify with my VR body, I found the VR porn experience basically very exciting.

I especially liked the fact that the film differed from the classic “dirty porn” for men. No too close shots of genitals, no wild jakulation, no body orifices you don’t want to see. And: no unrealistic or degrading representations of the woman. That was simply sex, as you would have it at home with your partner.

In the end, the cookie man even held my hand and looked at me in love – so I asked myself briefly: “Is this still porn or already porn?

Virtual Reality Sex Experience & Test

We have put our hands on it. Many people are not aware of the appeal of virtual reality headsets. Can you convince them with porn movies? How the sex industry tries to turn the new technology into a business – the insight.

If someone in a family is surprised when watching porn, this is usually unpleasant for everyone involved. No matter whether parents meet their child or vice versa. In a few years, the situation could become even more strange.

Until then, it could be a serious option to watch sex videos not only with headphones, but also with bulky glasses in front of your face. Thanks to the new virtual reality glasses such as Samsung’s Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, mankind is just getting a lot closer to sci-fi sex visions.

The porn industry has always welcomed every technical innovation with great enthusiasm. And now they are raving about the new possibilities offered by virtual reality (VR). The fact that 3D porn for 3D televisions never really made it into the mainstream doesn’t seem to deter anyone.

Breasts versus power outlets

In fact, VR videos convey a surprisingly intense feeling of being in the middle of something. This is partly due to the 3D effect and partly to the fact that the glasses transfer the viewer’s head movements into the film. For example, if you are particularly interested in breasts, you can concentrate your attention on them.

You can just as well look to the side during the sex scenes and check whether the plug of the lamp is still correctly plugged into the socket. That’s not real interactivity, but an unusual freedom.

Naughty America, the operator of dozens of porn portals, was one of the first major companies to announce in July that it now also has VR films on offer. “Our customers want to get as close to reality as possible – without reality getting in their way,” the company boss was quoted at the time.

We started with a camera wobble

You can also get an idea of what current productions offer without your own VR glasses – for example with the “Vice” documentary “The Digital Love Industry”, which is dedicated to sex games alongside VR films.

Pioneers in the film segment have so far been specialist companies such as VirtualRealPorn and BaDoink VR, which operate their own download platforms. VirtualRealPorn has been active in the market since January 2014. The company started with voyeur clips, including a wobbly camera and a narrow 120-degree field of view that pretty much destroyed the illusion of freedom of vision.

In the meantime, for example, there is an offshoot for gay men, the newer clips offer a 180-degree field of view. This means that you only rarely look at the black wall where the picture ends on the left and right.

This is how you can imagine VR pornos

  • Many VR pornos are filmed from the first-person perspective, in other words in such a way that you usually think you are a man who has sex with one or two actresses – whereby the women take on the active part.
  • In some clips the supposedly own body seems so passive that you think it’s a doll or a corpse for a short time. In other videos the strange, “own” hands move so much that the viewer is irritated.
  • Some – youth-free – impressions of VR porn are provided by our photo gallery.

A bet on the future

VR productions are still above all a bet on the future. For the download of a few dozen VR videos, the companies currently charge between ten and 30 euros a month: These prices do not yet make the big money, but there are too few VR glasses in circulation. The clips, several gigabytes in size, can also be viewed on Google’s Cardboard, a pair of cardboard VR glasses for smartphones, but this experience is less convincing, especially because the motion detection works less well here.

It will be some time before the more elaborate VR glasses reach the mass market. Market researchers at Gartner, for example, predict that it will be another five to ten years before virtual reality reaches its hype maximum.

Todd Glider, Managing Director of BaDoink, says in an interview with a porn industry service that he does not believe technology will completely change the industry: “Not today or tomorrow. He sees young people who already grew up in the age of Internet porn as the target group for VR porn. The older generations are already satisfied – for them the Internet has already been “the biggest porn gift imaginable”.

But even approaching young people becomes a challenge: For example, because you usually don’t understand the appeal of virtual reality until you’ve had such glasses on your head. Many people are also sceptical when it comes to gadgets that take up both the eyes and ears.

Impressive and a little scary

Currently, it is mainly enthusiasts who spend money online on VR porn. When asked about VirtualRealPorn, they say that most customers are people with technical competence and a passion for VR, such as gamers and programmers.

The broad masses have probably encountered the idea of porn in the middle of it rather indirectly – for example in YouTube videos such as the clip “VR Porn Reactions on Oculus From First-Time Virtual Reality Viewers”, which has already collected 13 million clicks.

If you put an Oculus Rift on your own friends and show them VR pornos, you hear many similar sentences: yes, somehow it’s impressive, and something different than YouPorn and Co. But the looking is also a little scary, for example when the actress comes closer to whisper something or when she is constantly looking for eye contact. Or when you start sweating because of the tightness of the glasses.

Who answers honestly?

Would you watch such films privately? “No, yes, at some point perhaps, but probably not,” is a typical answer. Or: “The roller coaster ride with the glasses felt more real.” It remains open how honest such small talk answers are – keyword social desirability.

It is also difficult to predict how much demand for VR porn will increase once the displays become sharper, the actors more familiar, the content more intelligent and diverse, and the glasses cheaper and perhaps even lighter. Will almost everyone still agree with the “Vice” author who came to the conclusion after a self-experiment that “real sex will never replace VR glasses”? “As if you were there”.

According to VirtualRealPorn founder Mike Kovalsky, the experiences so far are only the beginning. He reports that his company is working on its own video players that can be synchronized with so-called teledildonics so that these electronic sex toys work at the right pace.

In concrete terms, this could mean: If oral sex is seen in the film, for example, a connected vibrator or masturbator could try to simulate this in the appropriate beat. “The idea is to bring experiences together and create the perfect immersion – as if you were there,” says Kovalsky. Such sex gadgets can also be seen in the “Vice” documentary.

Maybe in the future it won’t just be clumsy glasses that raise questions when parents and children meet spontaneously.

In a nutshell: Porn films are already on the market for VR glasses like the Oculus Rift and the Gear VR: The videos are mostly shot from the first-person perspective, which in combination with the transmitted head movements and the spatial effect creates a feeling of being in the middle of something. Because VR porn is a new genre, mainstream films for men have been the most popular so far. Our youth-free photo series provides optical impressions.

Virtual Reality Sex

Yes, you’ve read correctly. An entire industry is looking forward to the future of virtual reality. The adult entertainment industry. Even though you may have to call up other media on this topic in the future, I will try to explain the appeal of Virtual Reality Sex to you.

When a new technology sees the light of day, be it something small like a computer chip or something big like the Internet, its spread almost always follows in the same way. First, since a new technology brings a strategic advantage (and is often very expensive), the military tries to do it. Later on, the so-called early adopters and enthusiasts will get to the newborn technology and hypen it as the next big thing. Next, mostly at the same time, there are two other areas that regularly appreciate these new technologies before the average consumer even has a clue what it’s all about: games and, well, sex.

  • We’ve been able to experience this sequence over and over again over the past 100 years. The Internet was created by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a US military agency), but it was the hackers, gamers and porn seekers who first discovered it for themselves long before Mom and Dad started emailing each other and checking their account balances online.
  • Likewise, the first computer (Minuteman ICBM guidance computer), which was smaller than a room, was designed and built for the military.

This trend can still be seen today when new “computing power”, whether through faster chips, larger memories or faster network connections, can be realized by the military adopting these technologies first. This is followed by hackers, copyright pirates (just think of the masses of pirated DVD porn) and gamers. Only years later does the masses begin to get used to the unusual technology.

Now, after this introduction, let’s turn our attention to the next exciting technology: Virtual Reality. You surely know that Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for quite some time. What some may not know, however, is that VR has already been used extensively and successfully in military flight and combat simulations. And that for at least two decades. With decreasing costs for the individual components and thanks to the appearance of high-end devices like the Oculus Rift Headset, the imagination of technology enthusiasts all over the world was awakened. We are now in that window of time where VR is making the leap from military use to gaming and sex.

Virtual Reality Sex

On the internet, especially on Twitter (we love every new follower) I’ve been following the unstoppable increase of sex simulator reports for quite some time now. Not because I am sex-obsessed, but because I am interested in the newest VR technology. Frankly, I’m a little shocked to see how advanced some of these virtual reality sex setups are, especially in conjunction with “sexy” robot peripherals. Let’s start with something harmless, which actually only has a lot of fantasy to do with virtual reality sex and dedicate ourselves later to the future of sex.

  • This is Hashilus horse riding simulator on which the inventor of the Oculus Rift VR glasses Palmer Luckey has his fun.
  • Right, this is a completely harmless horse riding simulator, but I think everyone can see the parallels between riding a horse and, well, riding something else. But further in the text.

Teledildonics. Yes, this is a real term that was coined in the 70s. I do not know its German translation (Teledildos?), but I am sure that everyone can understand what is meant. In short, teledildonics are remote-controlled electronic sex toys that are controlled by a computer or a human being to give the human user an orgasm. So let’s come to the wonderful device from the Japanese company Tenga (known for sex toys like the Tenga Flip Hole), which combines an erotic computer game with a Fleshlight-like device and the Oculus Rift glasses to – well, I’m not trying to describe it at all – see the Virtual Reality Sex Demo for yourself.

Since I am apparently not able to put “slippery” videos into words, I simply describe the philosophy of the company Frixion, which also seems to have shifted the Teledildonics. Frixion is a startup that has made it its business to create a kind of social network in which users can get physically closer to each other. For example, it should be possible to have virtual sex with one’s partner in a long-distance relationship. “Touch and be touched” is one of the slogans of the company and here is another video I am not able to describe.

Besides these two advanced application examples of the Oculus Rift Headset, there are a lot of other sex games that work with the Rift, but I don’t want to link them. They are all too easy to find with a quick search on the internet. I just want to point out that there are a lot of software and hardware developers who are very excited about the sexy applications for the Oculus Rift HMD and are already working on the apps for Virtual Reality Sex.

The future of sex

So the big question is, where does it all go? Are these Oculus Rift “driven” sex simulators just fun, or are we looking into the true future of sex? You can be divided about realistic robot prostitutes and sexbots. Diseases, abuse, forced prostitution, human trafficking are issues that could fill pages in this context. With Virtual Reality Sex this is similar, as the basis of this technology evolves and is supplemented with the help of various robot mounts, one will be able to live out any kind of fantasy. Whether you want to have fun with a blue-skinned creature from Avatar or another person (maybe a celebrity), Virtual Reality will make it possible sooner or later.

Which doesn’t mean people will. For every person who likes the idea of putting on a VR headset and diving into erotic worlds with such a device, there will be a lot of others who prefer real sex.

Generally speaking, sex does a good job of counteracting new trends and technologies that push us away from “classic” human-to-human interaction. Apart from the many technical advances over the last millennia, sex hasn’t changed much. Virtual reality sex will probably become more important as we mature than, say, have the Fleshlight, but I don’t think we have to fear a dystopian future in which humanity spends its entire existence connected to a device that is connected to the Internet, while this very apartment makes all physical enjoyment possible through various instruments. At least not yet.

Only when we understand how to interact directly with the brain – when we understand how to address the exact neural synapses in order to pretend to someone he or she feels real human touches and emotions – then this dystopian future could very well become reality.

Virtual Reality Porn Guide

Revolution ahead. Virtual reality is the next big technical thing. Everybody says so. And not all of them want to make money out of it. So what is it? What do you need for VR Porn? What are the best VR porn providers and VR glasses? Where else is VR used? Here it is.

What does it take to watch VR Porn?

The simple answer is: glasses and a reasonable computer. Or alternatively a smartphone and a VR application. Finally, a VR porn provider and a lockable door. When it comes to door and computer capacity, the best thing to do is to follow common sense and the system requirements. We have prepared a brief overview of VR glasses and VR porn providers.

You want to know what VR porn feels like, whether it is practicable to masturbate with VR glasses and why men look so crazy during sex? Read our VR porn self-experiment.

VR glasses – she’s coming at me!

There are different types of glasses. On the one hand applications that make your smartphone usable as VR glasses, on the other hand real VR glasses that need a connection to a PC. The third variant, namely VR glasses, which already have a computer integrated, should not play a role here, since they do not yet do so on the market.

Variant one, including for example the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear, offers a good to excellent introduction to the virtual porn cosmos. Here you put your smartphone into an application with two lenses through which you watch the selected movie.

  • Advantage: The installation is comparatively easy and for a first experience this cheaper option is ideal to test the VR waters for yourself.
  • Disadvantage: The quality depends on the resolution of the phone. On which, in turn, the immersion effect – the illusion of being part of the world that opens up in front of you – depends. If you don’t want to be distracted by pixel counting when masturbating, you can either use a better phone or genuine VR glasses like the HTC Vive or the Oculus Gear.

Cardboards are an ideal way to see if you like VR (Porn). All you need is an Android smartphone and free VR porn.

With these large-caliber technical gamers, it should again be said that the feeling of space, resolution and sound recording are excellent, but spending 500 to 900 euros on a masturbation tool throws an irritating light on the social life of the buyer.

Buying a HTC Vive for the mere consumption of porn is like greasing a butter sandwich with a samurai sword from the early Edo dynasty. It looks crazy good, but a simple knife would have done. And the sandwich would have tasted almost as good. In addition: high-end products like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive need a good graphics card and a decent processor. Those who don’t have the necessary system requirements invest twice.

BaDoink VR CEO and VR expert Todd Glider says: “From a technical point of view, the HTC Vive is of course the best choice, and the Oculus is also very good. But for easier handling, the Samsung Gear VR is more than enough, and it delivers a reliable experience.” Reliable? Glider’s choice of words may not sound very enthusiastic at first, but anyone who had to restart the computer three times shortly before playing their selected VR porn knows how much “reliability” can be worth.
An overview of the most common VR glasses

Fisheyes staring at me – How are VR pornos shot?

In 180-degree rotations, two fisheye lenses film the scenario at eye distance. The individual shots of the lenses – it can be up to ten for 360-degree films – are mapped into a “dome”, a three-dimensional dome room. A software calculates the perspectives, which allows the viewer a virtual panoramic view.

The technology is more expensive, the production cheaper. VR porn is often shot in real time, there are no or hardly any cuts and only one perspective. The approximately 30-minute films usually consist of a continuous scene in which the camera harness is mounted at head height to the passive part. Accordingly, its mobility has clear limits, which is also reflected in the scenarios.

VR porn portals – All so naked here

There is meanwhile a multiplicity of offerers, who produce own content. If you want to access it, you have to pay. For one month about 20 Euro, the price goes down to five Euro per month, if you directly take out an annual subscription. If you want to look around first, you can book a day access. Depending on the portal, one to three new films are added each week. These are usually between ten and 30 minutes long.

As far as the content is concerned, the providers don’t take much. A large part of the content – what a miracle – photographs common male fantasies. This also means that in most films the body into which the viewer slips is that of a man. Sites like Virtual Real Porn and WankzVR offer videos from a female perspective. There too, of course, they are outnumbered. By far. A category index – the target audience knows it from youporn or xnxx – sorted from anal to milf to voyeur. Sex scenarios off the porn mainstream find fetish friends for example on KinkVR.

  • VR Porn doesn’t take on any flights of fancy when it comes to scenarios compared to conventional porn.
  • VR Porn does not measure itself against conventional porn in terms of scenarios.

The standard panorama is 180 degrees. If you turn your head too far to the left or right, you will see black. There are also videos with 220 and 360 degrees, albeit a few. The most important thing, whether from the perspective of a man or a woman, takes place in front of you anyway. At least I haven’t yet come across the VR porn scenario in which I was taken from behind in a woman’s body and had to look at a barren wall. 180 degrees is enough.

Of course, the providers differ in points such as operability, functionality or filter options. Can I choose between a first-person and voyeur perspective, can I stream and download, are all common glasses supported, do I get a free cardboard when I sign a contract, do I need a special player or player app to play the films, or is a generic VR player sufficient? You can find all this information on the respective VR portals.

VR without porn: Where is virtual reality used?

VR technology is already used today in various areas of work and life, even outside of gaming. Apartment visits in other cities can be done via virtual tours, architectural offices can be designed using walk-in virtual models and programs to support training and education in high-performance sports, surgery or parachuting.

The catch in most cases: VR is only used where money is available. The hardware costs large bills. It doesn’t only need proper glasses. A reasonably powerful computer with a showy graphics card is a basic requirement. Not to mention the software to be programmed.

Due to the possibility of putting oneself in other people’s shoes, VR is also regarded as an “empathy machine”, a motor of compassion, an amplifier of empathy. This goes far beyond my enlightening experience as a man to “experience” sex from a woman’s perspective.

Facebook focuses – not surprisingly – on social interaction. Since the company bought Oculus VR, more than 250 million US dollars have been invested in technology. In virtual meeting rooms, people from different corners of the world meet and communicate with each other. One example of this is the Facebook Spaces app.

Outlook – Where is VR Porn heading?

In the porn sector, the VR market has grown rapidly over the past three years. The wish of the entire VR industry for pornography to promote the establishment of the new technology – as was the case with the VHS almost 40 years ago – has not (yet) been fulfilled. The breakthrough is yet to come. The technology is far from exhausted on the producer side and not yet low enough on the consumer side to find broad sales. However, it is unlikely that VR’s ultimate triumph will fail given its abundant potential.

The VR technology still has plenty of air to the top. This is not only true for the porn market. Michael Abrash, VR guru from the Facebook team, names the following to-do’s among others: Increasing the pixel density (a resolution of sometime 4K x 4K, i.e. Ultra High Definition), expanding the field of view and natural focusing. All visual components that I can understand. My eyes hurt after 25 minutes of looking – I always need a little longer.

In addition, the VR porn industry is aiming for two decisive developments:

1. (Inter-)activity. It should be possible to design the experience. The films marked as “interactive” on Virtual Real Porn show disturbers who open up two options, for example: Should we continue with bubbles or doggy style?

The goal of interactivity goes hand in hand with releasing the viewer’s perspective from its rigid passivity. Unfortunately, this is just as much a dream of the future as the mixture of virtual and augmented reality, where you can virtually bring the porn actor of your choice into your bedroom thanks to green screens for a selected scene.

Real interactivity, in which the viewer communicates with the virtual sexual partner and can influence the event at any time, is not foreseeable, at least for the next few years.

2. more and more senses should be played on. In addition to the binaural sound and the visual scenario, smells are also conceivable. A low-threshold implementation rather not.

Teledildonics are a possibility to serve another sensory perception. These sex toys, for example the Kiiroo Onyx (for men) and the Kiiroo Pearl (for women), can be synchronized with the actors’ movements via Bluetooth. Virtual Real Porn provides this synchronisation to its films. Everything seems to result in the VR experience imitating real sex more and more authentically.

But does that work?

Is this the future of masturbation? Or even sex? Will we increasingly satisfy our lust in virtual space? We tested VR Porn on unsuspecting passers-by and asked ourselves: How does it work? Is that practicable? And how does sex feel in the body of the opposite sex? Glasses on, pants off. A VR porn self-experiment.

VR Porn – What is he doing on me?

A man penetrates me. Again and again he puts a lot of centimeters in me. He looks tense with a pinch of rage, and I don’t know why. Occasionally he mixes a somewhat too attentive smile. What have I done wrong – except that I am in a woman’s body?

While the lavishly tattooed ex-Knasti is ploughing and sweating on me, calling me “baby” with a softness that is inappropriate for his appearance and constantly maintaining eye contact, suddenly an insight comes to me: He does it for himself. I don’t play a role here at all. He is working on something. That his mother always rationed praise and love quite narrowly. Or that the younger brother was getting more and more of the cake of parental favor. Sex as comfort and therapy. What poor creatures, I think, men are.

When this fatal spiral of knowledge threatens to encircle me, when I imagine unpleasantly touched what a sight women are exposed to during sex with me, I take off my VR headset and headphones. This becomes too personal for me, dear virtual reality!

What makes VR Porn special?

Observing sex from the perspective of the opposite sex – VR porn makes it possible. They let you slip into the body of a porn actor and see everything out of his or her eyes.

Through the glasses you look at a 180- to 360-degree scenario and can decide what to focus your attention on within this panorama. Wherever one turns the head with the glasses, there, also the view turns within the scenario under the glasses. The immersion effect – the feeling of immersing yourself in the world that opens in front of you – is intended to make the experience feel more real and intense than conventional pornography.

But does it really? How far is the technology? What are the possibilities? How does VR Porn compare to popular porn? Is it more immediate? Do you feel like you’re right in the middle of it? And why do men look so crazy during sex?

The uncensored version of the video is only visible for JOYclub members after FSK-18 activation.

The VR porn self-experiment

Masturbation is for the most part an intimate and unadorned process with an ideal relationship between benefit and effort. That’s probably why it’s so popular with men. My suspicion after the first researches: VR Porn shifts this relationship to the unkind. A forest full of question marks opens in front of me as an unfamiliar one: VR porn provider? Streaming or Download? Graphics card? Configuration? VR glasses? VR-App? VR-Player? My God, I just want to masturbate!

You want to know which are the best VR glasses and VR porn platforms? You can find out in our VR-Porn-Guide.

My first steps into the virtual future

I subscribe for one month to the Spanish portal Virtual Real Porn. Cost: 20 Euro. Large selection, good production quality, clear page. So the VR-Porn-Flurfunk. Let’s have a look.

A pair of glasses is also needed. An impartial company offers me the VR glasses flagship, the HTC Vive, on loan for test purposes. The gaming glasses. Only bad people reject immoral offers. I bridge the time until Vive arrives with its opposite: a Google Cardboard, a box of lenses that upgrades my smartphone to VR glasses.

On the computer I roam through my new homepage Virtual Real Porn, familiarize myself with navigation and filters, let me sort the movies by rating and play some in 2D. Then I switch to my Android smartphone, download the three previously chosen ones as well as the necessary VirtualRePlayer and dive into the VR porn world for the first time – player opened, cardboard put on, movie virtually selected.

I haven’t even orientated myself in the room yet – a small room with a bed in which my body lies, a window on the right, a wardrobe room on the left – there are already three ladies sitting on my bed. And they discuss what they should do with me. “You don’t have to say anything. We’re here to please,” says the beguiling gang leader as she puts my penis in the air. It’s a good start into my new virtual life.

More about the VR-Porn “Plots” later. What strikes me at this point: As a VR newcomer, the cardboard in combination with a good VR porn already provides me with sufficient viewing and discovery value. The quality may be low, it pixelates me, but as a first experience I find it great.

VR Porn – It starts! No, but not

Then there it is, my gateway to the future of pleasurable handiwork. The HTC Vive, a black Klopper. I put it on and carry 564 grams more weight on my head. Now the device wants to be installed in a unique first equipment. And here begins the annoyance.

In a nutshell: With a lot of virtual spit and real patience I get the glasses ready to go. Among other things, I measured the ground zero point and my radius of action with the Vive controllers and think again: I just want to masturbate!

On Virtual Real Porn I browse through the keywords of the content, euphemistically called “genres”. The Onanie luck doesn’t pass niche inhabitants like pissing lovers (genre: Pissing), patchwork pupils (genre: Stepmother) and witch believers (genre: Ginger) by.

I make what I think is a stylistically confident selection. And download 20 gigabytes of visual material in order to avoid the films faltering in streaming. During the day. At work. When I finally want to dedicate myself to my evening research with anticipation in my pants, I have to realize that the technology does not allow me the experience. It doesn’t play the movies! I slacken – internally as well as externally.

It turns out: I lost the configuration files. Without them it doesn’t read the movies. I straighten my mishap and unbutton my trousers again. Did I already say that I only want to masturbate?

VR Porn – I lock the door

Ideally, VR porn weave the viewer into a cocoon of visual and acoustic impressions that eradicates most of the external stimuli. This also means: VR masturbators at work are a picture for the gods. Simply delicious. This knowledge contains a vague instruction for action; for my part, I have barricaded my room door. And I live alone.

Virtual Blow Job Can Already Be Very Real

Nowadays oral sex is no longer an unusual way of playing. Almost everyone dreams of oral adventures with their partner. Be it to pamper yourself or to catapult you into a paradise of lust. The power generated by body weight, as felt during vaginal or anal sex? This is balanced by the flexibility of the tongue and lips.

In addition, oral sex is of course always a matter of the head. This is where the kick comes from. The same applies to virtual blowing. Also here it concerns a play kind, which means a special Kick for nearly each man. But if you can’t get anything out of normal oral sex, you shouldn’t expect too much from it.

Virtual Blow Job: What is this actually?

Some people think of virtual blowing as purely virtual figures (avatars) who enjoy each other’s oral intercourse. He is not completely wrong. However, you don’t necessarily have to transfer this game completely into the virtual world.
It can be quite appealing to watch virtual figures during oral sex and to play by yourself. But virtual blowing usually means to remove the border between virtual reality and reality.

In fact, this game should be as realistic as possible. Therefore, virtual blowing is also comparable to fellatio. Here the woman (or also a man) may satisfy another man orally. Therefore, blowing clearly distinguishes itself from cunnilingus, in which someone satisfies a woman in the described way. However, virtual licking is no longer a fiction, but is realized by appropriate software and hardware.

In most cases, virtual blisters occur between two people and can be integrated into other forms of cyber- or telephone sex, for example. However, the partner is not really necessary. A man can also experience virtual blisters with a purely virtual counterpart. A special Toy provides thereby for completely special sensations. A special highlight: The figures, with which one (n) can have sex, can be constructed freely and work as from damp man dreams. Whether Aliens, Fairies or Mangas, completely after individual taste.

A look into history

In principle, there have been virtual bubbles since the invention of the telephone. However, in earlier times there were other words for it. Then, as now, masturbators were used, which were modeled on a mouth with lips and tongue. Although a lot has changed in the meantime in terms of design and workmanship, masturbators were already quite realistic in earlier times.

Use them with a lot of lubricant and you could get a very realistic feeling.

  • Of course, in earlier times there was no way to think of a remote control of such sex toys. So you were forced to take the control of the masturbator literally into your own hands.
  • However, virtual blowing is not so far away from this kind of masturbation. After all, as already mentioned, this game could be included in telephone sex. A partner could not see for himself what effect his or her words had.
  • Nevertheless, it was possible to give the partner instructions on how to use the masturbator. Actual control of this game was not possible. With a little skill, however, you could tell if someone was serious and honest.
  • Of course it was important for the controlling part to know the man’s toy exactly. Otherwise, numerous instructions would have been lost.

Internet technology that inspires

With the later emergence of the Internet, virtual blowing was also revolutionized.

It was to take a few more years before a remote control could actually be implemented. However, virtual blowing now found its way into cybersex. In the beginning the pure text chat was an alternative to the telephone and made it possible to experience erotic adventures with very different people.

With the advent of webcams, virtual blowing actually became an experience for both sides. Only one man was able to indulge in this pleasurable adventure. But the other player could at least enjoy a live recording of the event. And also check whether the instructions given are actually implemented. A virtual blow job is not necessarily associated with a difference in power. However, the distant part uses the man’s hand and toy instead of his own limb. Therefore a certain control of the action is essential if you want to be in the active role of this game.

What was already technically realized?

Today virtual blowing has different faces. In general, you have to distinguish between two different types of this game.
Virtual dream meets reality On the one hand, there is the game, which is completely transferred to virtual reality. The adventures in a virtual reality already mentioned at the beginning have now reached a quality that comes very close to the actual reality. Here you slip into the role of a virtual character to experience tingling adventures. The other players can be controlled either by real existing persons or by a calculation unit. Theoretically also women can experience virtual bubbles, because they can slip here quite simply into the role of a man.

However, only men can bridge the gap to reality. Because the sensations of the virtual avatar can be transferred to the real world by means of a special masturbator. Maybe this obstacle will be hacked one day and the scenery will be transferred to a remote controlled vibrator as good as possible. An American company is currently pursuing an exciting approach by collecting money via crowdfunding for a recently developed “blowjob kit”.

Around 29,000 dollars are to be collected at in order to realise the idea. This is a kind of oversized condom with a special blowjob device. If you wear this together with VR glasses and start the right software, the user merges with his avatar. Virtual blowing feels like having sex with a real porn star. Although of course you would never encounter it in the real world.

The second form in which virtual bubbles can be experienced concerns the game between two people. Many sex toys can be remote controlled by the partner via app or computer. It goes without saying that the inventors and designers are not limited to toys that only involve classic vaginal or anal sex. Virtual blowing works in the same way.

The man therefore uses a masturbator whose construction and design are based on the mouth of a human being. In contrast to earlier models, the masturbator can be controlled from the outside, which is already a fascinating idea for many people. Both actively and passively. Of course, the virtual blowjob can also be combined well with other sex positions.

What will the future bring?

The trend can be clearly seen. Also in the future, real sex will remain the absolute ultimate for most people. That’s why the inventors of sex toys have to orientate themselves precisely on this. It can therefore be assumed that virtual blowing will become more and more realistic. This will probably be realized by more and more and finer vibrators like sensors.

In general, most buyers of sex toys will hardly want to commit themselves to a single type of game, but prefer to purchase the complete package. Therefore the cybersex-suits, which are already realized today in basic features, will probably prevail, which make far more than only virtual blowing possible. Instead, innumerable vibrators and sensors sit on the entire body and transmit the sensations of both game partners as realistically as possible. In addition, voice transmission can be transmitted to an integrated headset and both partners can see each other via VR glasses. So the experience will hardly be distinguishable from real eroticism.

Why is it actually a future market?

For years now, not only the number of singles has been increasing, but also the number of long-distance relationships. So it’s not at all unusual for couples to have a classic weekend relationship or even not be able to see each other for weeks.

New forms of eroticism, such as virtual blisters, will also prevail for such reasons. Because also in the future hardly a humans will want to do without erotism and Sex for vocational reasons. And of course there will certainly be nerds in love with technology in the future, who will be able to really get their act together with the achievements of the sextoy industry alone. These are also an interesting target group for virtual blowjobs.

Production of VR Porn

Texas Patti dances naked to her observer. She winds herself seductively and finally sits down on the customer’s lap. Texas Patti doesn’t care what she does with whom. It’s not really her who does it, but the avatar – the computer-animated fake character – the porn actress. Real sex is only in the head of the visitor of this virtual world. The Berlin startup Memento 3D has created this vision of the (porn) future.

The stripping Texas Patti is the first version of it. Someday every person could have a realistic avatar created by himself, which is supposed to experience sexual adventures on the Internet. “The product has the potential to become a revolution,” says Memento boss Tobias Platte. The product is called vrXcity, an online world in which people can interact with the avatars of real people. They can touch them, spread their legs, grab their hips, move and more. The technology to immerse yourself in these worlds already exists and could possibly become more widespread soon. The currently still quite expensive VR glasses – VR stands for virtual reality – enable the wearer to move through lifelike 360-degree worlds.

  • The user has the feeling of actually being in these rooms – dizziness included.
  • Using remote controls that appear as hands in front of the user’s eyes, he can move himself just like objects or avatars – in the case of vrXcity, these are sex partners.
  • 700 porn actresses have already been scanned, including the Texas Patti and Micaela Schäfer as well as the US starlet Jessica Drake.
  • “The erotic industry is a driver for new technologies,” says Platte.

A lot of development work

Pornography had already helped the VHS video cassettes to break through. Now VR is to follow. The company of the trained banker invested a lot of development work to scan the “girls”, as Platte says, down to the smallest detail and animate them in a lifelike way. In the future, the program will interact with sex toys in order to translate the visuals into physical experiences. Among other things, Platte speaks of “stick-on attachments” for men. For the start in autumn, 200,000 new users are to find their way into vrXcity every month. Platte does not see any ethical problems with his “entertainment product”.

He says: “It won’t be able to replace real sex.” Sociologist Sven Lewandowski, who specializes in sexual issues, sees this new technology more as a new form of pornography. “Two sexual worlds now seem to exist: that of pornography and that of everyday sexuality, which is not meant to be derogatory. There is no evidence that pornography suppresses couple sexuality or shapes how people have sex. The scientist at the University of Würzburg is skeptical as to whether VR glasses and accessories will turn sexuality into a mass phenomenon.

Internet currency called Redbux

Memento finances the further development of its vrXcity by selling its own Internet currency called Redbux. The limited tokens could increase in value if they were to establish themselves – as planned by Platte – as a means of payment for erotic products on the Internet. Dozens of partner companies want to accept this new currency in the future. In addition, vrXcity customers should be able to pay the actresses behind the avatars directly.

In the pre-sales phase, which ended on Sunday, investors drew 3.1 billion Redbux according to company information. There will be no more than 20 billion Redbux. Memento would thus already have more than 20 million euros available for the further development of its virtual sex world.

Platte says he is “very satisfied”. He is not the only one who believes in his vision of the future of pornography.

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