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Vstroker Review

With the Vstroker you can advance into the newest dimensions of interactive cybersex! If you connect the Vstroker to a Fleshlight, you can use it to fuck rat-sharp cyberluddies in hyper-realistic 3D sex games or in interactive sex movies shot especially for the Vstroker live and in real time. The Vstroker transmits every penetration of your Fleshlight wirelessly to your computer, so that you can control horny action immediately.

The best Fleshlight ever

Thanks to the Vstroker device, interactive cybersex becomes more realistic than ever before – let your wildest fantasies become reality and drift it with virtual versions of rat-sharp porn stars like the horny Julia heart! Our tip: Just visit the website Julia Herz – there you can download the free version of the legendary 3D Sexvilla 2 erotic simulation. But only if you download the game from the mentioned site you can also enjoy fucking Julia Herz as a virtual 3D slut.

And if you’re looking for some variety, you can also make many other 3D sluts happy. 3D Sexvilla 2 is a sex simulation of the absolute top class, probably even the best interactive erotic game ever. The lifelike animations and the numerous features will inspire you! You can also control the game with mouse and keyboard, but only in combination with Fleshlight and Vstroker you can take full advantage of this sex simulation. Every time you fuck your Fleshlight, the Vstroker device transmits your shocks directly to your computer, so that you can bring the 3D Luder live to climax.

  • More detailed information about how the Fleshlight works can be found on the Vstroker website.
  • There you can also order the Vstroker directly – either individually or in combination with a Fleshlight (a Fleshlight is nothing more than a virtual pussy, by the way the best selling sex toy for men worldwide).

Important: Vstroker only works with original Fleshlights

By the way, it is very easy to connect the Vstroker to your Fleshlight: All you have to do is unscrew the end cap of the Fleshlight and unscrew the Vstroker cap. The Vstroker USB stick serves as the receiver for the signals emitted by the Vstroker, which you have to plug into the USB port of your computer.

Tip: On the website you will find numerous fleshlight models, which are based on the pussies of famous porn stars. On Vstroker you’ll find a large selection of interactive porn movies made especially for Vstroker. Download the videos with your favorite porn stars and fuck horny slut like Lisa Ann or Ash Hollywood really horny through.

Do it in different positions and in practically every way you can imagine. Thanks to Vstroker your most secret fantasies become reality – the hottest slut of the erotic industry will be available to you anytime willingly. With the Vstroker you can fuck the hottest erotic stars whenever you want – never before has cybersex been more realistic and horny!

This is much better than just watching a regular porn movie, because thanks to the Vstroker device you have full control and can control the horny action directly and in real time – order now your Fleshlight and let all your erotic fantasies become reality!

Lovense Nora Review

Teledildonics are the new generation of dildos and sextoys. They are controlled by computers, or more precisely by programs that make it possible for your dildo or artificial vagina to move in a certain rhythm.

If you also wear VR glasses – usually the Oculus Rift is recommended – you can start watching TV. Your partner controls the movements of your sextoy, as well as the movements of your partner’s toy. If you can also see each other in 3D, it’s almost like real – at least that’s what the manufacturers of Teledildonics promise.

Description of Teledildonics

You can see your partner via chat or telephone connection. Motion signals can also be transmitted over any distance. Your partner sends the haptic signals e.g. by rubbing the counterpart of your own sextoy. Accordingly, Teledildonics are mainly intended as a means to enable spatially separated partners to have sex together by means of this remote transmission of touch impulses. Bluedildonics” is now also available: Dildos that are controlled via a Bluetooth connection.

Some manufacturers have adopted the technique of Teledildonics and market the interactive sex toys on a grand scale as the sex toys of the future. It also has a certain fascination to physically connect with someone who is not even in the same room. No wonder that the first Internet communities are already developing around these remote-controlled toys. On the online community platforms you can have virtual sex, let your own toy be controlled by any actor. So the One Night Stand or “cheating” gets a whole new meaning.

Nora Lovense

What does the Nora vibrator from Lovense offer? The Lovense Rabbit Bluetooth vibrator is visually simple and made from high quality materials that are guaranteed to be free of toxins.

This is a good basis. It is also waterproof and therefore easy and quick to clean. That’s another plus. That no batteries are used, but the vibrator is simply rechargeable, should be standard nowadays, but unfortunately it still deserves a special mention, because it is still too often different. According to the manufacturer, one battery charge is enough for 30 hours of “standby”. How long one can use the vibrator Nora with it is however unclear.

The basic characteristics of the vibrator Nora

Now to the basic vibrator features of the Lovense Rabbit. It has a rotating head to stimulate the G-spot. The head can be rotated at three speeds. The shaft itself has different thicknesses to increase the stimulation when pushing and last but not least the Rabbit arm not only has three vibration levels but can also be bent to be where it is needed.

It all seems very well thought out to me. Lovense has limited himself here with the vibration / rotation programs to the necessary, because nobody uses the innumerable other programs, even if they are technically possible. Therefore they have introduced a functionality with the flexible vibration arm, which we really waited for.

The features that make the Lovense Rabbit Bluetooth vibrator fall into the Teledildonics category.

  • Local Control: The vibrator can be controlled over short distances via Bluetooth. Suitable for solo play or when the partner is on site.
  • Long Distance Control: With the app, control is possible from anywhere.
  • In App Messaging & Video Chat: This allows direct feedback on what you do with the vibrator from a distance.
  • Sync to Music: I can’t imagine that this feature is good for more than one laugh, because when the vibrator vibrates to the rhythm of MC Hammer I can hardly imagine that it is good for more than one laugh, on the other hand laughter is healthy and relaxed.
  • Long Distance Sex Interaction: If you invest in the Masturbator Max now, you can plug yourself together as a hetereo couple in a long-distance relationship. This may be worth a try, especially if both are stimulated to the beat of “You can’t touch this”. If it turns out, however, that this is not the bringer, you still have a solid vibrator.

Lovense Max Review

With the Lovense Masturbator Max the manufacturer tries to appeal to couples who do not want to make any compromises in spite of being far away when playing love games together. The masturbator can be connected via the Internet and the common sex can be simulated via app control.

The masturbator works with an innovative “air pump technology“. Small air bubbles are distributed over the entire masturbator tunnel and enable an exciting massage on three different pressure levels. In addition to the air pump, the penis can also be pampered at three different vibration levels, depending on personal preference. The soft pleasure channel of the masturbator supports Solosex by contracting rhythmically and promises optimal adaptation to the man’s best piece. The integrated rechargeable battery in the skin-like masturbation cuff ensures a long and joyful play.

Lovense Max Is Pretty Awesome

With the multitude of sextoys on the market, it is difficult to keep track. The Lovense Masturbator Max stands out from the mass of masturbators by being a high-tech toy at the same time. The companion for Solosex is a remote-controlled masturbator and can be controlled in combination with an app. The matching app is available for free download in the App Store as well as in the Google Play Store. As a stimulating gimmick, you can then let the remote-controlled masturbator vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite music or choose the right air pump intensity for your solo enjoyment.

  • The smartphone can also be used as a remote control.
  • The partner’s sex adventure can be controlled from the opposite side of the bed via a wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • The tingling pleasure experience is then in the truest sense of the word in strange hands.
  • With the option of remote control and Bluetooth connection, the Lovense Masturbator Max stands out from the Flashlight Masturbator, which is used purely as a solo toy.
  • However, if you still prefer classic handling or the mobile phone is out of reach, the Lovense Masturbator also has two integrated control buttons that let the joyful game start with a short push of a button.

Long distances make pair sex more difficult

In this case, the manufacturer Lovense provides an option that helps. Via the Internet you can synchronize the Max Masturbator with the Nora vibrator and activate it remotely. The remote-controlled masturbator then also moves in the rhythm of the vibrator. The reciprocal transmission of sex leads to maximum pleasure despite great distance. The connection to the Internet also enables you to control your own pleasure sensation from any location via smartphones.

If you want to make the sex experience especially real, you can switch on the video chat with your sex partner on the smartphone. The classic text messenger can also be activated and made experienceable in a completely new way in the overall cybersex package.

Lovense Lush Review

Finally it’s time. We have our first app-controlled vibrator under test. In my latest test report you will learn everything you need to know about the Lush vibrator from Lovense and how it performs in practice. Lately we’ve written a lot about the sex of the future and how our sex life is getting more and more mechanized.

We’ve also tested virtual reality porn and thanks to the SenseTube I now know what it’s like to control your own virtual reality porn with a masturbator. We have also seen how creepy dystopian it can be in a sex doll workshop.

And now, finally, I can add another section of high-tech sex toys to our collection: The app-controlled vibrators. It’s about time. The Lush of Lovense is our test object today. In the test you’ll learn how this works with app control, what he does with your G-spot and if you can really use him unnoticed in public

Lovense as Teledildonic pioneer

According to Lovense, the first Internet controlled vibrator was launched in 2010 and was the first supplier of Teledildonic toys. Until today, Lovense has continuously developed its equipment and so the Teledildonic pioneer now offers the Rabbit vibrator Nora, the Masturbator Max and the Teledildonic Buttplug Hush in addition to the Lush, which I present to you today.

Admittedly, I have paid little attention to Lovense products so far. I found the competition Kiiro or OhMiBod more interesting. The reason is the website. The English version isn’t that full, the German version even has the Google Translator as a greeting. And as it is, if the website doesn’t shine with quality, you don’t expect too much from the product.

But hey, if you get the vibrator for free, then of course I won’t say no. The sponsor is by the way a pretty chic online erotic shop with a nice, imaginative design, an assortment with top brands and a shop in Zurich.

So one fine day I got mail from Switzerland. The Lush comes home properly packed. In a simple white box, which makes clear what is hidden in it and what you can do with it, especially with pictograms. Otherwise the packaging is written in English – but the pictures are enough to understand how the vibrator works.

Lovense Lush Packaging

If you open the box, you’ll immediately be lit in bright pink. The vibrator is embedded in a soft foam padding, which looks really nice and valuable and makes a good first impression. It might have made sense to add a few recesses to make it easier to remove the vibrator.

Lovense Lush inside

Once I get it out, the first test follows, which I do with every new sex toy, in order to decide in advance whether I will try it out or rather send it back: the smell test.

So, hold the vibrator to your nose, take a deep breath – and – it doesn’t smell like anything. Perfect. Smell test passed.

Thus, the cheapest silicone was not used as the material. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the product. From the outside it looks really good from the processing point of view. If you take a closer look, you will see a light seam all around, which surely comes from the production, but otherwise it is not noticeable. The silicone feels wonderfully smooth – similar to the silicone on the iWand.

The shape of the Lush is reminiscent of an oversized sperm with a hump. An oval shaped vibrating body with a small shape on one side and a thin tail, in which the antenna might hide. The shape of the vibrating body aims to stimulate the G or A point as precisely as possible.

The first haptic test has therefore been passed – no defects can be detected from the outside. Rather, the Lush seems to be of good quality and also has a chic design.

This offers the app control of the Lovense Lush

  • There is exactly one button on the vibrator itself that is used to activate the device.
  • The smartphone is used for everything else.
  • If this is not available at the moment, you can switch between different pre-programmed vibration programs by repeatedly pressing the button.
  • The app, which is available in the Appstore or Google Playstore, discreetly bears the name Wearables.
    The app is very solid, intuitive and easy to use. Once the Lovense app has connected to the Lush G-spot vibrator, the fun can begin.

There are three ways to control it

1. control with your own smartphone via Bluetooth

To do this, your own smartphone connects to the vibrator via Bluetooth. By typing, the vibrator can be brought to life and the longer you hold your finger on it, the more it vibrates. You can create your own vibration patterns, save them and have them repeated. Or you can use another function to “hold” a vibration intensity so that the finger can be removed from the display.

2. control by means of a second smartphone

Here, too, a smartphone must be connected to the Lush via Bluetooth. However, the app can be used to make friends with other users and connect. The control over the vibrations of the Teledildonic device can then be passed on to such a friend. In this way the vibrator can be controlled from anywhere in the world as long as only a smartphone near the vibrator is connected to it.

3. control by sound activation or music

Particularly interesting is also the control via noise activation or music. With noise activation, the vibrator reacts to the volume of the environment that the mobile phone is picking up. The louder and higher the tones, the stronger the vibration. This promises to be especially fun at parties.

During music activation, a song can simply be selected and played in the app on your mobile phone and the vibrator then synchronizes itself with the beats. The Heavymetal fraction has here clearly decisive advantages

It is also possible to connect to several devices in parallel or to connect each other to the partner’s device – for example, he operates the lush and she the counterpart, the hush. Since we can only call the Lush our own, we could not try the function.

Lovense Lush App Control

Connecting the Lovense Wearable to your smartphone works fine, as I said. Both Android and Apple smartphones can connect to the device. Even the iWatch is compatible with the Lush. The remote control works via Bluetooth, but can also be extended to an unlimited distance via the Internet and a second smartphone. Only from time to time there are short connection interruptions.

We also learned to appreciate the remote control function immediately. As young parents, the fulfilled sex life is such a thing. Because small children have an unerring feeling for it, if the parents want to have sex. And how could it be any different – of course our youngest child had to make a ruckus on the test evening. But hey, no problem. With remote control, holding hands on the crib and simultaneously satisfying the woman with a vibrator becomes child’s play.

Vibration test – so strongly vibrates the Lush

Both the feel and the app technology are convincing all along the line. But what about the vibrations? The small video here from Lovense gives you a good impression about the Wums of the small device.

Practical test – The Lush as a vibrator for G-spot lovers

Let us now move on to the practical part. A vibrator can be of even the best quality and have as much technical bells and whistles as it wants – in the end, it all depends on whether it also does its core business satisfactorily. And that is the orgasm. If you follow the reactions of all the camgirls to the vibrator, the Lush is probably the purest orgasm machine. (Read more about Lovense) But of course it’s not quite clear how much is on the Camgirls show to make the audience happy, and what can be traced back to the vibrations of the Lush alone.

Full of anticipation we therefore took an evening to put the Lush through its paces. Well, and unfortunately, we had to find out that it does not correspond to the personal preference of my wife Valentina. The vibrations are really strong and good, but not enough to bring them into orgiastic heights. At least not just by introducing it and then vibrating it.

However, I do not want to immediately accuse the Lush of dysfunction, since Valentina is quite insensitive to vibrating stimulation at the G-spot. Fingers or a tail work much better.

But, you don’t have to throw the shotgun into the grain or let the vibrator disappear into the recess. After all, the Lush vibrates quite well and perhaps delivers more satisfying results elsewhere. So, the Lush grabbed at the tail um antenna, it can be used nevertheless also quite passably for the Klit. There the vibrations arrive well, even if it is not so easy to position and if you touch it at the body, then the whole hand vibrates with it, which is of course rather disturbing. It’s more practical if a partner is there to help you with it. Yes, and at the Klit the Lush Vibrator does its job satisfactorily.

We found the individual control via app to be really good. Works without any problems and almost without any delay. Valentina really liked the resulting control. The unexpected, when the vibrator suddenly turns up fully under my control and then elicits one or the other reaction or a sharp scream from her. Priceless.

Yes, the Lush is a lot of fun, even if it, at least with us, with introduced use now not necessarily for an unusual excitement or even an orgasm has provided. But it’s not that bad either, because there are several other possibilities.

The Lovense Toy in practice at the erotic party

To a practical test of an App controlled vibrator belongs of course also the field use. How good that the next visit to an erotic party was just around the corner – the perfect location for the lush. There is no need to worry, even in case of more intense reactions.

With the Lush prepared we went to party. The advantage of a party use – the volume of the device plays really no role. Already the trip there was very fun, because of course I couldn’t resist to test it already there. And even though Valentina doesn’t jump to the vibrations so extremely, it still caused her trouble to hide a certain ailment in the train.
In the club, of course, she had the chance to try out the noise mode. So, woman sent to the dance floor, vibrator thrown on. Not surprisingly – with the volume in the club the Lush vibrator runs naturally always on full speed. But unfortunately, I don’t manage to get Valentina seriously out of step. But, that can be changed. Simply reposition the vibrator, not inside at the G-spot, but outside at the Klit. Finally the fun can really start. At the bar, on the dance floor, standing, sitting, simply everywhere, I now had control over them. Both she and I really liked that. Especially when she’s about to order something to drink, but is suddenly distracted by a violent vibration in her panties. This charm of the unexpected and the power that comes from it really has its own special charm…

But I don’t want to go any further into detail, but simply refer to the following video. The used device is not the Lush, but it can look like this, if it is used in public.

Lovense Lush and the Revolutionization of Cam Shows

Teledildonics like the Lush do not only offer interesting possibilities for private domestic use, but also increasingly influence the business with live cam shows. The Lush and other Teledildonics like those of Kiiro or OhMiBod have developed into a real money feature for the Cam-Girls. Most of the camshows, which can now be found on various large portals, function according to a tip system. The viewers can offer a certain number of so-called coins or tokens via chat, so that the cam model can carry out various activities. This is about comparable to the strip dollar that you put under a dancer’s string in a strip club or anywhere else. The Lovense can now be coupled with these tips. Every time someone makes a bid, he starts to vibrate. And the more tokens flow, the stronger and longer the lush vibrates.

In order to find out the popularity of the Lovense Lush in the cambusiness, I – in the name of science and for this article – conducted a comprehensive field study, which cost me only two minutes.

Ten seconds until I landed on the Chaturbate cam page via Google. Ten more seconds to click on the first 5 featured camgirls. And another minute and a half to find out that all actresses had a lush in or on their intimate area. Not a lie. I had expected that maybe one or the other would use the thing. But not that apparently pretty much every one of these women uses one for her show. The filter #Lovense brings even a result of 7 pages a 90 Camshows …

So Lovense is a big business there. But it’s also a win-win for spectators and camgirls. The camgirl can feel some nice vibrations and earns a lot of money, while the viewer has the feeling to have brought the camgirl to orgasm.

Lovense Lush – Summary and Conclusion

The Lush by Lovense is an app controlled vibrator or so-called Teledildonic. Using Bluetooth, it can be connected to the smartphone via an app, from which the vibrator can then be controlled. The owner of the Lush can give the control to another player by means of a connection over the Internet. So the Lush can be operated from everywhere.

  1. There is nothing wrong with the haptics – workmanship, shape and design are good and geared towards stimulating the G-spot.
  2. The app is intuitive, clearly structured and easy to use. No superfluous bells and whistles, just the functions you need. The connection with the Lush also works flawlessly, there are only occasional short disconnections during use.

The vibrations alone did not convince Valentina to use it as an orgasm feeder. But I think it depends strongly on personal preferences – maybe it will help a woman with a more sensitive G-spot to achieve new orgiastic heights. Either way, the vibrator is definitely fun. Temporarily the vibrator can be positioned on the Klit also by means of the slip, where it then nevertheless reliably its service carries out. The vibrator scores naturally with the Appsteuerung and the special attraction of the play in the public and the unexpected. If you want to try a new, exciting sex toy, the Lovense Lush vibrator is highly recommended.

Finally, thanks again to for making this little gem of lust available.

Kiiroo Onyx & Pearl Review

Teledildonics Kiiroo Onyx & Pearl tested: Perfect for long-distance relationships? It’s couple time! You and your partner have a long-distance relationship, live umpteen KM apart and have a bad sex life? Here’s the solution: Finally we have a sextoy in the test again, which was developed for couples, but can also be used alone.

We are talking about new products from the Dutch company ‘KIIROO’: Namely ONYX, a masturbator or blowjob simulator and PEARL, a vibrator. These sextoys for couples, which were developed in cooperation with the American manufacturer Fleshlight, the company KIIROO has kindly provided us for a test.

The shown partialildonics, consisting of the masturbator ‘ONYX’ and the vibrator ‘PEARL‘, come directly from the company Fleshlight free of charge to me. Both devices did not come with operating instructions. Instead a small card with the corresponding download link: as PDF from the manufacturer’s website. ONYX, the toy for the male part, is a so called ‘Teledildonic-Masturbator’. It has 10 contraction rings inside, to which the stimulation of the 5 vibration rings of the PEARL can be transferred.

Actually, it is quite simple: The two toys are paired with each other via Bluetooth and the Internet. Then the movements your partner makes with the PEARL are transferred to your ONYX. So you can lean back and relax while enjoying the sex simulation. In my opinion, the technology behind these devices is a trend-setting one. In today’s test, I’ll show you how exactly sextoys work for couples, what they can do, and whether they could revolutionize the sextoy industry (especially in long-distance relationships). The first ONYX came in a nice black cardboard box, but unfortunately it was defective: the USB charging socket had slipped in. So KIIROO sent me a new one.

The second ONYX had to be charged for about 3 hours with the included USB cable. To charge, remove the cover, the hose and the red grip clip; thus the USB port is also free. I notice that the insert (the tube) is not 100% seated and a little bit out of the clip. During cleaning and use it can happen that it squeezes out to the front of the opening.

Please do not use the device during charging. If the red light is permanently on in the on mode, the battery is full (how full you don’t know) – if it flashes red, it’s almost empty; then you have exactly 5 minutes before the device turns off. Bluetooth masturbator not waterproof except for the hose; can be cleaned with an antibacterial cloth.

KIIROO ONYX with all accessories

For the charging process, remove any lubricant residues and others and clean the unit with a cloth. Please do not use under running water as it is not waterproof. Only the hose to be removed can and should be cleaned under running water. Please let it dry extensively in the air afterwards, so that no germs can develop. You can clean the device itself with an antibacterial cloth, but not with a cleaning agent that contains alcohol.

Attention: Since the Blowjob Simulator is not waterproof, it must not be used in the shower or bath.

To switch on the masturbator, simply press and hold the red multifunction button for approx. 5 seconds. Bluetooth is activated automatically; the red LED light is now constantly on. Create the user account, register the device online & install the KIIROO software (USB dongle may be necessary).

At, you simply create a user account with your email address and password, then register ONYX with the device number found on the attached card, download and install the associated software. This runs on MAC from OSX 10.8, as well as on Windows from Win 7.

Installation of the Software

For my laptop I first had to download a driver to be able to activate Bluetooth at all. Then I started the installed software, which told me that a firmware update was necessary.

For my laptop I first had to download a driver to be able to activate Bluetooth at all. Then I started the installed software, which told me that a firmware update was necessary. If your PC does NOT offer Bluetooth by default, you need to get a USB Bluetooth dongle. You can get it for example very cheap at the local Media Markt (about 5 €) or at Amazon.

The firmware update opened with me in the Internet Explorer. But there appeared a message in IE that it doesn’t work there and you should use the browser ‘Firefox’. So I executed the whole thing again in Firefox. When starting the firmware update the red light on the device flashed several times. After approx. 15 sec. everything is ready. After that the ONYX had to be restarted.

Ring and hose

Before I forget: In case you ever break the supplied hose… You can simply buy it later. Individually for approx. 10 € or also gladly in the three-pack for something more. In my opinion this option is also necessary, since my hose has already carried a tear of it after a few uses. High-priced Dutch Teledildonics, usable with VR glasses and available in different packages.

KIIROO PEARL and ONYX together

ONYX, a sex article from Dutch production is currently available in Germany for approx. 180 €; e.g. at Amazon. The PEARL described below costs about 120 € and both together as a pairtoy, as presented here currently about 240 €. So it’s quite a lot of money.

By the way, it also seems to be possible to connect the ONYX with virtual reality glasses. Here is an interesting video: In addition, the manufacturer offers several ONYX packages in its shop, which also include access to some sex videos. In these videos the ladies get it themselves with a PEARL vibrator; these movements are then transferred live to your ONYX. The whole thing is also possible with webcam girls who let the PEARL circle all by itself for you.

Unfortunately I have not tested all three mentioned functions and therefore I can’t say anything about them. But at least in the theory ne horny thing. Who has experiences with it, may do this gladly in the comments customer. Practical use of the tight ONYX on its own (3 programs possible), with lots of lubricant and both hands: rather sobering. What is immediately noticeable: When I touched the inlay, my fingers were covered with white dust afterwards. I.e., the thing is sprinkled with powder; this makes the material last longer and cares for it.

Please only use water-based lubricants for this sex toy, as oils or greases could attack the hose. Apply the lubricant directly to the penis, the edge of the ONYX and the tube. Make sure that the tube is seated correctly and then retighten the clip.

Application WITHOUT using the software alone: Switch on (press for 5 sec.) and switch through the 3 possible programs by simply pressing a button.

First stage (immediately after switching on) active: Manual pumping possible by wiping the top touchpad with your finger at the desired speed. By the way: If you are in manual mode, you can not only connect to a PEARL, but also control another Kiiroo Onyx with the software you just installed – for homosexual couples this is a fine thing. So you have both control over your own ONYX and control over another ONYX at the same time. Whoever wipes the touchpad first has power over both devices.

Another press of the multi-function button puts you in “fast pumping” mode. Here you don’t have to do anything else and can sit back and relax. Another press brings you into slow pumping mode. One last press of the button and you are back in the first (manual) mode. A long press turns off the device completely. When using the KIIROO ONYX, always hold it with at least one hand. A freehand use is unfortunately not possible.

The first time you use the KIIROO ONYX, you will notice that it is really tight. So the feeling is more like anal sex. Men with massive equipment will get possible problems with the application. According to FAQ KIIROO is working on developing inserts for different penis sizes. The intensity, when the device is active, I do not find particularly dolle. And this despite additional up and down movement of the toy on my part. (usually not necessary at all).

Note: Both internal webcams (laptop) and external webcams can be used with the software.

Bent and fluff-prone silicone vibrator that can also be used offline. Preparations identical to ONYX.

First impression of the remote controlled vibrator ‘PEARL’: The surface consists of skin-friendly silicone, which is unfortunately quite susceptible to lint, as we already know from Fun Factory products. It is curved at the tip to stimulate the G-spot, just like most vibrators. Just like the ONYX, it can also be used offline on its own or as a supplement to sexual intercourse. By the way, the Onyx comes with a nice, small, black velvet bag for storage.

The preparatory measures here are similar to those of the ONYX. You simply open the flap at the bottom of the device and plug in the USB cable for charging. This is a bit more elegant than the ONYX.


You should also register this device with the enclosed card on the KIIROO website. You will then have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. By the way, it is possible to log in on different PCs with the same account. So you don’t have to create a new one.

The recharging process is identical to that of the masturbator: if the red light flashes quickly, it is almost empty; if it lights up normally, it is full. During the actual charging process, it flashes slowly when everything is OK.

Please use only water-based lubricants for this toy as well. 5 quite strong vibration levels for every taste. Anal use not possible, but easy cleaning, although not 100% waterproof.

You switch on the Pearl by pressing the multifunction button, which has no good pressure point, for approx. 5 seconds (Bluetooth thus active). It can also be used offline. It has 5 vibration levels: low (2/10), medium (4/10), high (6/10), slow (change between ‘slow’ and ‘fast’) and last but not least fast (change between ‘fast’ and ‘fast’). Here you can also click through the different programs with a simple keystroke. The vibrations are quite strong and are perceived even stronger towards the tip of the toy. Especially with program 3 you can feel the vibration at the top very well.

The relatively soft silicone makes an easy insertion of the vibrator possible without problems. Provided there is enough grease. My girlfriend didn’t have any problems.

Attention: Please do not use PEARL anal because it does not have an outrigger that protects the toy from disappearing.

You can clean this partner vibrator quietly under running warm water. Gladly in combination with liquid soap or a special toy cleaner. But please do not put the toy in water (so do not use it in the tub) AND do not use any alcohol-containing detergents for cleaning.

Practical use of both Toys: Problem-free coupling via 6-digit pin code. Communication via webcam, microphone and chat window.

Coupling of the two toys and the actual practical test: Paring of the devices via Bluetooth works smoothly and takes max. 10 seconds for both. When done, PEARL vibrates once briefly and ONYX twitches once. In the software you click on ‘Invite Partner’ to create a 6-digit number which you then send to your partner privately (Whatsapp, phone, e-mail etc.).

Or you click ‘Join Partner’ to enter the number you received from your partner in advance. This pin guarantees a certain security during communication.

First start of the software

As soon as the connection is established, the image of your webcam as well as the sound will be transmitted automatically. You can see your own webcam picture in the lower left corner and the one of your opposite in the middle in large. In the upper right corner you can deactivate your microphone, the sound you are receiving and the webcam image you are transmitting. You can also zoom in and out on the window.

USB paring of the program

You also have the possibility to send your counterpart a text message in a chat window. If he has not opened the chat window, the corresponding icon will light up red to inform him.

  • Pretty stupid: Once the chat window is closed, it is gone and can no longer be opened. Even if the other person writes a new message… no chance.
  • But what’s nice: If you don’t use the buttons for a while, they are automatically hidden, so that you can only admire your counterpart in full splendour.
  • Two sessions with my girlfriend: Rather funny and strange than turning on. Except for some minor teething troubles but fully functional.

How it works

Well, to the actual practical test: Phew… so rather disappointing for my taste. When I tried it twice last week with my girlfriend, who lives just 30 km away, there were almost no problems except for a few technical difficulties at the beginning (recognizing the PEARLS via Bluetooth on her a bit old laptop).

I admit: it was strange. Telephone sex in itself is a strange thing (I’m not used to it either), but to see each other while getting it with a toy, whose movements are also transmitted over the Internet, really puts another one on top. To be honest: We had to laugh a lot more often than we had great “sex over the net” with each other.

The transfer of the movements from PEARL to the Onyx masturbator works for me somewhat limited and with time delay. So, on the whole it works: You can stroke the PEARL with your half-open hand… the ONYX reacts with pulsating movements to your limb. Not quite 100% unerring, but on the whole it works. Unfortunately I do not find this kind of penetration particularly intensive. The VR glasses of the nice gentleman you must simply think away, because this is only optional.

Small tip: In the Youtube video is a discount code for the Kiiroo online shop ‘hidden’. Just keep your eyes open.

As the colleague says, it doesn’t feel like real sex (it’s just a sex simulation), but it doesn’t feel bad either. Just not sooo good. Unfortunately I had to make THIS experience with almost all masturbators except for a few exceptions.

With our second online date everything went a bit smoother and more intense. Madame and I met in my apartment; she had her laptop with her. After we emptied a bottle of “Bumssprudel” together in advance, she ate into the next room with her PC and we started our second session; this time via my internal WLAN and not via the Internet.

From a technical point of view no difference, but still almost as funny as the first time. Especially when you can hear yourself laughing through the door. But it was fun anyway. Advantage with THIS variant: afterwards we could do it directly with each other… in real… like the rabbits…

My conclusion about the practical use: The idea is awesome, the technical implementation of this sextoy for couples (via Bluetooth with the free software) is not bad, but the emotional intensity of the toys, at least that of the masturbator, is not yet as I imagine it. In short: The base is already there, but still with a lot of air upwards.


Teledildonics by KIIROO – Paartoy for long-distance relations with some weak points. Is that the future of the sextoy industry?

ONYX and PEARL are toys that were developed especially for couples in long-distance relationships. As I said, the idea is cool. No more embarrassing telephone sex attempts, no more sad solo masturbation… but finally the possibility to have regular sexual contact with your partner… even if “only” via the Internet (via WLAN or via the mobile network of your mobile phone via tethering). You see and hear your partner AND you can feel his movements.

Well, the idea is good, the implementation is still a bit lacking. The toys react with a time delay and not 100% accurate. If you work on the technical transfer as well as on the toy processing (keyword ‘crack in the hose’) AND especially on the price, these toys could become interesting for the masses.

  • By the way, at the moment only ONYX can receive movements from PEARL and not vice versa; but KIIROO is already working on that. Furthermore – interesting for homosexual couples – there is currently only the possibility to couple ONYX and ONYX, but not PEARL and PEARL. Maybe it will come, too.
  • Currently only ONYX can receive movements from PEARL and not vice versa; but KIIROO is already working on that. Furthermore – interesting for homosexual couples – there is currently only the possibility to couple ONYX and ONYX, but not PEARL and PEARL. Maybe it will come, too.
  • If you believe the manufacturer’s website, the software will soon be available as an app for your smartphone. So perfect for everyone who doesn’t have a PC at home.
  • KIIROO software eats a lot of PC resources. An old and lame PC will probably cause problems when using it. Especially during the Bluetooth search for the device he forced my computer partly to its knees (Bluetooth was not active, though).

So, if you ask me: If you are not mega hot on it and always need the newest toys, I would advise you to wait for the further development and then strike. OR You keep an eye on the prices of the KIIROO devices until we have a more reasonable price/performance ratio. If the prices sink, which I assume, that would also be an option. But now I’m curious about your opinion: What do you think of this new, modern way of masturbation? Would you already invest in such a technique or would you rather wait until it is more mature? Let’s go into the comments with it!

HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Review

With its Vive Wireless Adapter, HTC has now released its own system for the HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro that replaces the annoying cable between computer and Vive. They are not the first, but the simplest system currently available. Admittedly, TPCast is the only competitor.

Scope of delivery / Installation

HTC supplies everything you need for your operation. Beside the receiver, which is attached to the VR headset, only a cable goes down to a power bench which you have to clip to your belt. Then you can remove the annoying cable and replace it with a short one.

Note that HTC offers one set for the HTC Vive and another set for the HTC Vive Pro. Both sets differ in the way the receiver is attached to the headband and the cable that connects the receiver of the Vive Wireless Set to the Vive. So don’t just order the cheapest set if you have a Vive Pro.

The installation on the other side becomes a bit more complicated for one or the other. Here a PCI-Express card has to be installed in your PC. So you can’t use the set with a laptop. The transmitter/receiver is then connected to the PCI-Express card by cable. This should be placed as high as possible in a corner of the playing field.

Here it fails then also with us in the test. The cable of the transmitter is ~ 2 meters but short on the right and we had to rebuild it a bit so that the transmitter fits well and will not tear it down a few seconds later because we stumbled over the cable. A computer on the desk instead of on the floor is certainly an advantage here.

So once we’ve done the open-heart surgery on the computer, we’ve already done the hardest part.

Software Installation

In short, the wireless adapter software from HTC is downloaded, installed, started and cursed. Why the hell doesn’t the software recognize the Vive headset even though the Power Bank is on?

  • Here we jumped over our male pride and asked for the manual.
  • The solution was quite simple because the Vive logo on the adapter is a button. You have to press this button when pairing for the first time.
  • Press the Zack button and the software recognizes the headset and the game can begin.
  • No settings in Steam or anywhere else, it just works. HTC could not have made it much easier for the user.

Power supply and battery life

The wireless adapter on the headset and the headset itself are fired via a Power Bank. This is a normal Power Bank that supports the Quickcharge 3.0 standard. So you can easily buy 1-2 more at Amazon & Co and always have enough power for longer gaming sessions. The included Power Bank is enough for ~2.5 hours playing time. Doesn’t sound like much now, but compared to normal PC games it certainly isn’t, but for VR games you should take a break anyway. Then you can simply change the Power Bank.

Wireless in use

The one questions themselves now must be wireless really? Clear answer it doesn’t have to be, but without cable it’s simply more convenient. We’ve tested quiet games like theBlu but also movement-intensive games like Holopoint. Everywhere you have noticed and loved the new freedom.

Whether you’re standing on one spot and looking forward like Beat Saber or spinning and moving like Vacate the Room. It always worked without any dropouts and you didn’t have to worry about stepping on the cable. Even the calmest player who always doesn’t want to step on the cable will have cursed it a couple of times because it was in the way again or was completely twisted.

Also you don’t need to be afraid that the view between receiver and transmitter is blocked. Even if we had both hands behind our head, the connection still worked. We really had to cover both antennas on the adapter with our hands until it failed.


Unfortunately, here we come to the probably most painful point of our review. The Vive Wireless Adapter costs a proud 345€ whereas the Vive Pro users have to add another 75€ for a Pro Attachment Kit. Thus, we speak of 345€ or 420€ for an accessory that replaces a 45€ cable. With regard to the HTC Vive, this is more than twice the price of the HTC Vive. Whether the luxury for wireless is worth 345€ to one, everyone has to decide for himself.


Since the release of HTC Vive, we’ve had countless hours of fun in the office and have already spent several hours wirelessly in the virtual world with cables. For us it’s clear that we don’t want to go back to a wired HTC Vive, but we’re also aware that wireless VR is not necessary for most games.

Because we put the HTC Vive on and off several times a day and move around the office, the luxury and convenience is worth the money for the Vive Wireless Adapter.

However, those who only rarely use the Vive and then also predominantly use games without much movement, especially when it comes to turning, should rather wait until the technology around the wireless VR experience becomes cheaper.

BKK Cybersex Cup Review

Virtual Reality is currently on everyone’s lips. Whether Oculus Rift for die-hard gamblers with thick purses or the much cheaper Gear VR from Samsung, for Galaxy smartphone owners: it’s THE trend for 2016 and 2017. Even this year’s GamesCon in Cologne was full of it.

This trend can also be found in the erotic industry. But not only Virtual Reality Sex & Virtual Reality Porn is a topic, but also Virtual Reality Mastubators. Which brings us to today’s topic…

Let’s be serious: Who hasn’t been bored by monotonous masturbation with the right hand; on a porn you’ve seen 100 times before? Wouldn’t it be much nicer to actively intervene in the action and determine for yourself what happens on the screen in front of you? Exactly THIS will be the future. And a future within reach.

The well-known online shop kindly provided me with the BKK Cybersex Cup for a masturbator test. At this point many thanks for that. The BKK Cybersex Cup is an Indiegogo project. There the product is financed by fans and potential buyers by money donation; this is called “crowdfunding”. The goal of the manufacturer ‘BKK’ is to donate $50,000, half of which has already been achieved by September 2016. Under the link above you can find all information.

The masturbator presented here also starts in the niche “Virtual Reality”: The sextoy for men produced in China contains a classic masturbator (similar to a fleshlight) that communicates with the corresponding VR glasses and a specially programmed, free game app for your smartphone. To use it, you must have a smartphone with Android (> 4.3) or iOS (> 8.0).

The toy comes in a white, very simple packaging. On the back is well described what exactly you can do with it. You will also find detailed information about the system requirements of the app.

The masturbator itself is about 20 cm long and therefore suitable for the Western European average penis. In contrast to the Cobra Libre 2, a pure acorn vibrator, this masturbator “eats” the limb completely. However, it does not have a motor; the stimulation takes place exclusively manually. The whole package at is currently reduced from 150 € to 133 €, but unfortunately sold out at the moment. But it is available at Amazon.

In addition to the masturbator and the VR goggles, the set also includes a USB charging cable (without mains plug), 2 cleaning cloths (moist & dry) and an English-language, but plausible operating manual. A small sample of lubricant would have been nice, but good… anyway.

The cloths are used to clean the masturbator and of course the VR glasses. But also for cleaning the lenses, which could be stained with fingerprints. A Sextoy Cleaner is not absolutely necessary, but can certainly not harm.

Virtual Reality Porno: BKK Cybersex Cup – The user manual

  • A clear and simple operating manual.
  • Also included are three small black fabric stickers, whose function is not yet clear to me.

The masturbator cover is made of black ABS plastic, as is often the case with Fleshlights. The inner sleeve is made of the soft TPE known from masturbators. This material nestles up well and absorbs your body heat; however, contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions, it smells somewhat artificial. According to BKK it does not contain any harmful plasticizers.

The opening is based on a vagina and the tunnel is ribbed and structured on the inside for more stimulation. Many other mastubators, e.g. Fleshlight’s, are available with anus or mouth inlet. Unfortunately not this one.

BKK Cybersex Cup – the vaginal entrance

The entrance of the mastubator is modelled after a vagina. The insertion mechanism of the VR glasses is adjustable in size so that the most common smartphones, such as iPhone 5, iPhone 6Plus, Galaxy Note or Nexus 4 fit. But the absolute maximum is 6 inches, i.e. about 15 cm wide. The headband of the glasses is also easy to adjust. The workmanship of the glasses leaves something to be desired in comparison to the Samsung Gear VR.

The Inserting Mechanism

The insertion mechanism is easily adjustable in size. The whole principle works something like this: You insert your limb into the pussy and move back and forth. Your movements are transferred to the game app in your smartphone (if possible synchronously). Additionally you can operate the app with the buttons on the masturbator.

The principle is similar to the Couple Toys from KIIROO that we already introduced, which still have some weaknesses and are too expensive. The Cybersex Cup and your smartphone communicate with each other via Bluetooth.

BKK Cybersex Cup top packaging

There is order in the opened packaging. It’s best to have a look at the manufacturer’s video with the wicked intro. Here the principle of this sextoy is explained very vividly.

So if you always had the wish to exercise your (sex) fantasies as realistic as possible, without being looked at crooked or even convicted, you should definitely read on. Maybe this sex toy can fulfill exactly this wish for you.

If you are just curious what Virtual Reality can do today and if you could like it, you should also read on. We have a lot of important information and insights about the new technology ready for you.


  • Complete package incl. masturbator, VR glasses, games app.
  • Internal battery; can be charged via USB.
  • VR-Glasses size adjustable.
  • The mobile phone insert also; therefore suitable for common mobile phones.
  • Synchronous communication of the masturbator with the app.
  • Lenses adjustable in all directions.
  • Actress configurable according to your ideas.
  • Own videos in VR playable (controllable by masturbator).
  • Easy & fast cleaning.
  • Masturbator can also be used alone.


  • App not available in Playstore or Applestore. Slow download.
  • App not available in German.
  • Only 6 positions selectable for one scene.
  • On/off button of the Samsung smartphone often pressed in the inserted state.
  • Game app unfortunately in manga style, which is not very appealing.
  • Sometimes not completely comprehensible graphic representation.

The BKK Cybersex Cup is a nice gimmick, which unfortunately can’t stand up to my high demands. VR glasses that synchronize with a smartphone app and a masturbator are definitely a good idea, but the implementation is still in its infancy. In addition, I have absolutely nothing to do with mangas and find them anything but sexy and antörnend. For the Asian market, on the other hand, this combination may be very exciting. Nothing destotrotz the product was worthwhile, because I like to watch little movies from my mobile phone with the enclosed VR glasses. The masturbator has potential. If it is further developed as the manufacturer promises, it could actually become a bestseller in a few years. Virtual reality is also becoming more and more popular. You turn on the masturbator by pressing the on/off button for about 3 seconds. The Bluetooth connection to the app will then be established automatically.

But first you need to use your smartphone to go to BKK, the Hong Kong-based company’s website. Then select the operating system you have and download the app.

Unfortunately, the app is not available from the Playstore or Apple Retail Store, but only from the manufacturer’s website. The download is also possible via a QR code, which is printed in the user manual. But I didn’t try it. The download itself takes a relatively long time; for me it takes about 10 minutes. Maybe it’s a bit faster with you.

To perform the installation, you have to allow “unknown sources” in your smartphone.

Activate Bluetooth

Bluetooth must be activated to use the app. You’ll also need to give the app permission to enable Bluetooth on your phone at startup if you haven’t done so before. When you start the app for the first time, you’ll also need to confirm that you’re over 18.

By the way: Apps that you have not downloaded from the Playstore do not automatically create an icon on the smartphone desktop. At least that’s how it is with me under Android. You can do this manually.

After you have started the app, you have to insert your smartphone with the display facing forward (towards you) into the VR glasses (while pressing the adjustment mechanism strongly upwards): Then you check whether your smartphone is correctly positioned and whether it is centered. If not, you have to move it a bit until it fits.

The size-adjustable mobile phone insert must be pulled out of the VR glasses. Then please check if the lenses are adjusted correctly so that the image is centered. If not, you can correct this using the plastic sliders on the top of the glasses. You can move the lenses forwards and backwards (for sharpness) and to the left and right (for viewing angle). But no matter how much I adjusted: Through the lenses I could always see a small piece of the edge of the phone on the left and right side. But it didn’t bother me.

Adjustable Lenses

Now to the actual masturbator test. Before you start, you should remove the foils from the lenses, adjust the headband of the glasses to fit you and of course insert your smartphone. All this worked smoothly for me. When using, please make sure that your smartphone is centered in the slot and firmly seated. Remove the transparencies from the lenses before use.

Unfortunately, THIS is not the best solution, because (at least for me) the smartphone – whether with or without case protection – can slip back and forth, so that the picture might be a little distorted or you could see the edges of your phone in the app.

In addition, the size adjustment mechanism of my Samsung S6 sits quite exactly on the on/off button of my Samsung S6, which is of course also unfavorable. With the Gear VR from Samsung, for example, this is much better solved, which is simply because only the Galaxy fits into the device of the VR glasses. The smartphone sits there bombproof.

Size adjustability

The strap of the VR glasses is adjustable in size. Although I already have a quite large head, I had to adjust the headgear even tighter so that the glasses fit well. I have to admit, however, that the comfort and support is not quite as satisfactory as I had imagined. The Gear VR from Samsung fits much better.

Before we can start, switch on the toy by pressing the on or off button at the top for about 3 seconds. The big ‘G’ glows red, so that you know that it is now ready for use. A Bluetooth connection is automatically established.

Generally speaking, the image of the game app is not very sharp and a little distorted. Here you simply have to play around with the lens setting and the mobile phone lock to get an ideal result for you. But that’s not much better with the Gear VR either; especially at the edges the picture is quite blurred.

As you can easily see, these are not “real” protagonists, but comic or manga characters. That’s exactly what I feared. Fears, because I think it’s anything but sexy.

Six positions possible

The main characters in the game app are manga-style. Toy communicates with the app via Bluetooth. Movements are transmitted synchronously. Stimulation through the tunnel intensive, because very narrow.

But now the real highlight: The app reacts to your movements. Means: As soon as you for example insert a finger or other body parts into the masturbator and (rhythmically) move in and out, this is transferred (almost synchronously) to the game. The protagonist comes in almost exactly to the rhythm and the young lady moans in the voice you set beforehand.

For a first impression it is also enough to shake the mastubator vigorously. Has the same result. This process is not 100% accurate and a bit asynchronous (as you already know from the KIIROO Coupletoys). But on the whole it works quite well; for about 133 € not much more is to be expected. The masturbator as such goes into a kind of sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity, but is immediately ‘woken up’ again by simply pressing a button.

The sleeve, i.e. the inner channel, is very narrow for my taste; Fleshlights usually differ a lot there. I suppose that’s simply because the average penis of the Far Eastern man is a few centimeters smaller than that of the Western European. Of course, it has the advantage that the stimulation is all the more intense, which is further intensified by the structuring of the channel. But there is also the disadvantage – if you like to see it that way – that you reach orgasm very quickly.

Vaginal entrance

The entrance of the masturbator is modelled after a vagina. Now I hang the BKK Cybersex Cup on my laptop to recharge for a few hours via the USB port and tonight there will be the first real practice session. I’m curious to see what I can expect.

USB Port

The device has a USB port. During the charging process the large ‘G’ of the mastubator flashes red. When the mastubator is fully charged, the key lights up continuously. Cleaning process very easy and fast. Toy is not waterproof.

Before I forget… The cleaning is easy: Simply wipe the cover of the masturbator with a cloth. Remove the sleeve from the device, rinse it intensively and then turn it over completely and let it dry before using it again. This is very important to avoid bacteria formation.

Masturbator Test – easy cleaning process

  • Cleaning is very easy.
  • Caution: The masturbator is NOT waterproof.

First use in the evening. Doggystyle, rider position and blowjob to orgasm: The Manga figures give everything. It’s evening: After I have “warmed up” a little, I lubricate a good portion of glide on my stiff member and a blob around the “vaginal entrance”.

  • The BKK Cybersex Cup is prepared accordingly. The mobile phone is in the glasses and the app has already started. My manga lady is dressed sexy and our first scene will take place in the subway.
  • I put the VR glasses on my head and blindly press my hard cock into the ultra-tight, slippery masturbator. The seat of the glasses is very comfortable because of its low weight. I slowly get used to it.
  • Immediately my 2 Manga figures in the Doggy position really get going…
  • Conclusion ‘BKK Cybersex Cup’ – More gimmickry than serious VR technology.

Masturbator test: BKK Cybersex Cup – article pictureThe result is sobering: Although the whole thing is fun, the technology is still in its infancy. You can guess where the journey is going, but that’s it. For me, the BKK Cybersex Cup wasn’t worth it.

Let’s not forget that the portrayal of the “sex scenes” is simply very unrealistic. Thanks to Mangas. But what I like to use: The “3D video function” of the app. I then watch my favorite movies as “artificial” virtual reality porn. The nice thing about it: The video can be controlled with the keys G, L and R of the masturbator; i.e. pause, start, fast forward, etc.. DAMIT I get in combination with the masturbator also in record time to orgasm (partly in less than one minute)

Of course, it is ideal if you already have “real” Virtual Reality porn on your smartphone, because the effect is then much more real or better. So you can feel Virtual Reality up close. You are then in the POV-perspective, i.e. the same one you take with an ego-shooter and not just a “simple spectator”.

Virtual Reality Sex

You can also use the mastubator as such on your own, WITHOUT the glasses and the app. It does its job quite neatly.

The very tidy packaging of the Toys. That’s how I proceeded with the Autoblow 2, whose mechanical stimulation didn’t convince me either. So hold on tight: It’s nice to try out, but I probably wouldn’t buy this set for 130 € or 150 € myself. The same is true for all other VR glasses currently available.

BKK would like to release many more updates for the app (new positions, new scenes/locations, new outfits, other sexual orientations like homosexual) and improve the graphics. So it remains to be hoped that something really good will come of it. The basis has already been created.

Nevertheless, the BKK Cybersex Cup is only for confirmed VR fans or technical nerds (not meant negatively) or people who find mangas sexy and attractive. The Chinese market is therefore probably more the target group for BKK than, for example, the European or American market.

VR Glasses

If the app is more mature and offers the possibility to interact interactively with a human counterpart (like KIIROO already partly does), I am the first buyer. Promised! If you are still convinced of the technology, of course I don’t want to keep you from buying. Currently you can buy the Sextoy e.g. at Amazon. One more thing about the quality and workmanship of the product: Both the glasses and the masturbator survived a fall from a height of 1 meter. I didn’t expect that. I am positively surprised.

Autoblow 2 Review

Until the arrival of the specimen I used the time and informed myself about the device on and was already full of anticipation! The Autoblow 2 is being promoted as an innovation that allows you to pamper yourself fully automatically. The very next day the parcel arrived, respect to the shipping department, despite the postal strike such a fast delivery!

The parcel itself is completely free of any advertising, the shipping address does not allow any conclusions about the content. Additionally in the package were 2 samples of the “Come in” from Inverma, a really very good lubricant, only to be recommended! The Autoblow 2 comes in a printed cardboard box without any unnecessary frills, no annoying or difficult to open plastic packaging or so. Inside is the Autoblow 2 with sleeve, the matching power supply (also stowed in a small carton), the positioning aid for the sleeve and a short instruction manual in 6 languages with a few pictures.

Everything neat and tidy

Also unpacked everything looks quite high quality. Although produced there, nothing looks like cheap China scrap, which is unfortunately often enough presented for exorbitant prices. The materials touch and feel very good, everything is well processed, nothing disturbing, no sharp edges or the like. Unpleasant or extremely obtrusive smells could not be noticed either.

The Autoblow 2 a giant apparatus, measured I have 25 centimeters length and 11 centimeters diameter, already impressive dimensions. I weighed almost 900 grams, engine and mechanics take their toll. Because in contrast to Tenga, FleshLight and Co. the Autoblow takes over the active part and the user can be spoiled.

This is done by the rings inside, which move up and down, are provided with beads and exert by spring force proper pressure. The speed of the “up and down” can be varied steplessly via a small wheel on the underside and thus easily adapted to the preference or situation.

The rings simulate a blow-job over the inserted sleeve, in which your best piece is, and also quite well! Of course it doesn’t reach the quality of a real blow job, but it is a very intense experience! However, I have to say that the Autoblow 2 is, at least for me, not suitable for the fast pleasure, so the first time I was quite disappointed. But if you allow yourself more time, saddle up the Autoblow 2 and let it be made easy, it will give you a really good and very satisfying (blow) job.

Since the developers decided to use a power supply, you won’t lose any speed or intensity even after a long time, unlike some battery-powered models. I can’t really talk about the hand free effect, because of the above mentioned dimensions and the weight I recommend the lying position with one hand on the speed control. The sleeve is also strongly convex to the front. This way the inner rings don’t reach the best part far down, but everything is half as bad.

But what really disturbs is the volume

If you let the rings work faster inside, the device gets really loud! Definitely not suitable for flatmates.

Once the Autoblow 2 and the user have reached their goal, everything is extremely simple again: simply remove the sleeve, wash it out and let it dry. In order to bring it back to the right place, the positioning aid mentioned at the beginning is included, which is also totally easy.

All in all I liked the Autoblow2 very much

  • It is 1A processed, extremely easy to use and clean, which is very important!
  • The only real point of criticism from my point of view is the noise development, otherwise I cannot say anything negative about it!
  • The solution with the power supply unit convinced me completely, its cable is almost 3 meters long and is so thin that it never disturbed me!
  • And let’s be honest: Batteries usually fail at the decisive moment!
  • I also love the use of replaceable sleeves!
  • The included had size “B”, according to the manufacturer suitable for circumferences of 10-14cm.

I will order another one in size “A”, for circumferences of 7,5-10cm, I like it rather narrower, but I would like to have a structure inside the sleeve, currently they are completely smooth! If one of the sleeves really blesses the time, not everything is lost, but you can bring the Autoblow2 back to life for a small amount of money! For me, the Autoblow2 is a real alternative to the usual passive solutions, which even without a motor drive can be quite a big investment!