Cybersex Innovations – the 5 Biggest Trends

Cybersex has long since ceased to mean simply typing erotic dialogues in a relevant cybersex chat. Of course, this minimalist form of pleasurable cooperation will continue to exist in the future. But already today cybersex innovations are available to you, which lend completely new facets to the virtual fun.

Fast Internet and technical development are not only interesting for industry and the computer game industry, but also enrich sex. So let’s take a closer look at what tools already exist and what their future potential is. You will see that the cybersex innovations listed here often build on each other or can be used simultaneously. Already today cybersex can be almost as good as real love play.

1. VR glasses as cybersex innovations

In principle, VR glasses are the mother of all cybersex innovations. If computer players can dive into virtual realities to go on an alien hunt or race through the city in a sports car, they can also access an erotic cyberspace.

The erotic awakening of VR glasses began in pornography. For years it has been possible to watch porn movies as if one were in the space of the actors. No ordinary 3D glasses can keep up with such a visual experience, especially since the home TV would usually only be suitable to a very limited extent.

The possibilities of VR glasses are manifold

With the necessary additional devices you can become a part of the action in virtual reality, i.e. be actively involved. There are numerous products on the market in very different quality and at correspondingly different prices. So the question of budget and demand arises here again.

If you only want to use VR glasses for erotic moments from time to time, an inexpensive entry-level model might suffice. Maybe you also want to use them (by the way) for “normal” video games on the game console? Then it might be worthwhile to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

Your smartphone can also become VR glasses

Therefore it is simply built into the front of the glasses: Lenses are not needed here anyway, but a high-resolution display. And that’s what most of the newer generation smartphones have at their disposal. Then all you need is the appropriate software and a good connection to the Internet, and nothing stands in the way of your virtual adventures.

One example of such “assembled” VR glasses is the Samsung VR-Gear. In any case, this requires Samsung VR Gear data glasses, which are then used in combination with a

becomes VR glasses.

Porn movies for your VR glasses can be found at “Virtualrealporn” and at the streaming service “PornHub”. In both cases you will have to pay certain costs, but if the result is worth it …?

2. Toys with app control

Ordinary sex toys were yesterday. Of course you don’t have to put your dildo and vibrator collection in the bin, but against some cybersex-innovations or teledildonics these sextoys just can’t keep up. Because meanwhile your Smartphone becomes a genuine accomplice in things desire and passion.

But don’t worry, this isn’t about any bizarre stories about the mobile phone’s vibrating alarm, on the contrary. You should keep the smartphone safely in your hand, because with it you control a sextoy of your partner. In order for this to work remotely, both of you must have a smartphone with a suitable app. Nothing stands in the way of cybersex fun anymore.

Sextoys from the series “We-Vibe” or “Vibratissimo”, for example, are already available for relatively little money, but make completely new adventures possible. Because while one (or woman!) normally knows how the own vibrator behaves with which attitude, remains here a lustful surprise moment. Of course you can talk to each other on the phone or chat during these pleasurable moments, which provides an additional kick.

What will the future bring? In addition to the sex toys already available today such as vibrator or masturbator with app control, other cybersex innovations are sure to come onto the market.

3. Haptic transmission “Sextoy to Sextoy”

Even more intensive and realistic than the remote control of a sextoy via smartphone is the direct transmission of body movements. In other words, your partner’s vibrator can be controlled much more sensitively with real pushes into a masturbator than with a finger on the touch screen. In addition, it is no longer a one-sided affair in which only the woman is physically satisfied.

  1. With sex toys like those from the “Kiiroo Series“, the desire for shared, pleasurable moments has already become reality, despite the spatial distance.
  2. A simultaneous camchat makes this form of erotic interaction even more pleasurable, of course, as you can now see, hear and feel each other at the same time.
  3. Mind you, this is not fiction, but reality already today. And numerous couples, who have a long-distance relationship, praise the necessary technology in the highest tones.

It would be a nice further development if the toys used could be moulded individually. Since this has long been reality, especially with ordinary dildos, it should also be feasible for this niche of cybersex innovations. You can be curious to see what the Kiiroo manufacturer will conjure out of its hat in the near future – or whether a new competitor will take on this task.

By the way, there are already sensors and vibrators that can be attached to other parts of the body in order to feel each other even better during cybersex. Although not everything is yet marketed in the form of concrete sex toys, development is progressing.

4. Interactive sex games in virtual reality

Almost everyone will probably have their own special niche in the pornography that actually turns them on. And that certainly applies to all those who don’t leave good hair on the whole industry. However, pornography slowly manages to get out of the mess corner, as the success of “Shades of Grey” impressively proves. So it’s no wonder that there are also further developments here that adapt to the new times and the technical possibilities.

Because just as various computer games outstrip some action movies in the meantime, the trend can also be seen in pornography. If you used to be condemned to hustle and bustle as a pure spectator at the events shown there, you can now even get actively involved.

You can find a great German example in the 3D Sexvilla. Of course the actors shown there are animated and programmed, but you are still a real part of the scenery.

That also means: You are the scriptwriter, the director, the stage and make-up designer and also an actor in your very own porn. With specially designed sex toys like the “Fleshlight VStroker” the experience becomes even more realistic for you.

Because not only your virtual playmates can satisfy themselves with the Cybersex innovations with sex toys

  • With this masturbator, it feels like you’re actually fucking the girls. So you can influence the movements of your sex partner from cyberspace with your pushes into the masturbator.
  • It’s nice that the website of the 3D sex villa is registered in Austria, which should be a sign of quality and reliability.
  • If you yourself are looking for other offers of this kind, we recommend that you first check: Have other users had positive experiences with the respective provider?

Currently, the technicians and programmers are working hard to ensure that you will be able to meet real people in cyberspace to have sex. First approaches are already available today – and the future will hold a lot of surprising cybersex innovations in store.

5. cybersex suit as: Typically Japanese!

The cybersex suit already developed there gives its wearer a look that lies somewhere between Windsurfer and Robocop. It takes extraordinary preferences to find the cybersex suit sexy on the outside. Its inner life, however, is something special!

With various sensors and vibrators, masturbator and VR-glasses, which are distributed all over the body, this suit is probably the epitome (or the crowning glory?) of cybersex innovations. Two connected wearers of these suits can see, hear and feel each other, so that the sex really feels almost real.

To this day there seems to be no possibility in Europe to buy this suit. But the technique already works today and will of course be further developed in the future. Cybersex suits, which combine a multitude of cybersex innovations, are already considered the must-have of the future.