Kiiroo Onyx & Pearl Review

Teledildonics Kiiroo Onyx & Pearl tested: Perfect for long-distance relationships? It’s couple time! You and your partner have a long-distance relationship, live umpteen KM apart and have a bad sex life? Here’s the solution: Finally we have a sextoy in the test again, which was developed for couples, but can also be used alone.

We are talking about new products from the Dutch company ‘KIIROO’: Namely ONYX, a masturbator or blowjob simulator and PEARL, a vibrator. These sextoys for couples, which were developed in cooperation with the American manufacturer Fleshlight, the company KIIROO has kindly provided us for a test.

The shown partialildonics, consisting of the masturbator ‘ONYX’ and the vibrator ‘PEARL‘, come directly from the company Fleshlight free of charge to me. Both devices did not come with operating instructions. Instead a small card with the corresponding download link: as PDF from the manufacturer’s website. ONYX, the toy for the male part, is a so called ‘Teledildonic-Masturbator’. It has 10 contraction rings inside, to which the stimulation of the 5 vibration rings of the PEARL can be transferred.

Actually, it is quite simple: The two toys are paired with each other via Bluetooth and the Internet. Then the movements your partner makes with the PEARL are transferred to your ONYX. So you can lean back and relax while enjoying the sex simulation. In my opinion, the technology behind these devices is a trend-setting one. In today’s test, I’ll show you how exactly sextoys work for couples, what they can do, and whether they could revolutionize the sextoy industry (especially in long-distance relationships). The first ONYX came in a nice black cardboard box, but unfortunately it was defective: the USB charging socket had slipped in. So KIIROO sent me a new one.

The second ONYX had to be charged for about 3 hours with the included USB cable. To charge, remove the cover, the hose and the red grip clip; thus the USB port is also free. I notice that the insert (the tube) is not 100% seated and a little bit out of the clip. During cleaning and use it can happen that it squeezes out to the front of the opening.

Please do not use the device during charging. If the red light is permanently on in the on mode, the battery is full (how full you don’t know) – if it flashes red, it’s almost empty; then you have exactly 5 minutes before the device turns off. Bluetooth masturbator not waterproof except for the hose; can be cleaned with an antibacterial cloth.

KIIROO ONYX with all accessories

For the charging process, remove any lubricant residues and others and clean the unit with a cloth. Please do not use under running water as it is not waterproof. Only the hose to be removed can and should be cleaned under running water. Please let it dry extensively in the air afterwards, so that no germs can develop. You can clean the device itself with an antibacterial cloth, but not with a cleaning agent that contains alcohol.

Attention: Since the Blowjob Simulator is not waterproof, it must not be used in the shower or bath.

To switch on the masturbator, simply press and hold the red multifunction button for approx. 5 seconds. Bluetooth is activated automatically; the red LED light is now constantly on. Create the user account, register the device online & install the KIIROO software (USB dongle may be necessary).

At, you simply create a user account with your email address and password, then register ONYX with the device number found on the attached card, download and install the associated software. This runs on MAC from OSX 10.8, as well as on Windows from Win 7.

Installation of the Software

For my laptop I first had to download a driver to be able to activate Bluetooth at all. Then I started the installed software, which told me that a firmware update was necessary.

For my laptop I first had to download a driver to be able to activate Bluetooth at all. Then I started the installed software, which told me that a firmware update was necessary. If your PC does NOT offer Bluetooth by default, you need to get a USB Bluetooth dongle. You can get it for example very cheap at the local Media Markt (about 5 €) or at Amazon.

The firmware update opened with me in the Internet Explorer. But there appeared a message in IE that it doesn’t work there and you should use the browser ‘Firefox’. So I executed the whole thing again in Firefox. When starting the firmware update the red light on the device flashed several times. After approx. 15 sec. everything is ready. After that the ONYX had to be restarted.

Ring and hose

Before I forget: In case you ever break the supplied hose… You can simply buy it later. Individually for approx. 10 € or also gladly in the three-pack for something more. In my opinion this option is also necessary, since my hose has already carried a tear of it after a few uses. High-priced Dutch Teledildonics, usable with VR glasses and available in different packages.

KIIROO PEARL and ONYX together

ONYX, a sex article from Dutch production is currently available in Germany for approx. 180 €; e.g. at Amazon. The PEARL described below costs about 120 € and both together as a pairtoy, as presented here currently about 240 €. So it’s quite a lot of money.

By the way, it also seems to be possible to connect the ONYX with virtual reality glasses. Here is an interesting video: In addition, the manufacturer offers several ONYX packages in its shop, which also include access to some sex videos. In these videos the ladies get it themselves with a PEARL vibrator; these movements are then transferred live to your ONYX. The whole thing is also possible with webcam girls who let the PEARL circle all by itself for you.

Unfortunately I have not tested all three mentioned functions and therefore I can’t say anything about them. But at least in the theory ne horny thing. Who has experiences with it, may do this gladly in the comments customer. Practical use of the tight ONYX on its own (3 programs possible), with lots of lubricant and both hands: rather sobering. What is immediately noticeable: When I touched the inlay, my fingers were covered with white dust afterwards. I.e., the thing is sprinkled with powder; this makes the material last longer and cares for it.

Please only use water-based lubricants for this sex toy, as oils or greases could attack the hose. Apply the lubricant directly to the penis, the edge of the ONYX and the tube. Make sure that the tube is seated correctly and then retighten the clip.

Application WITHOUT using the software alone: Switch on (press for 5 sec.) and switch through the 3 possible programs by simply pressing a button.

First stage (immediately after switching on) active: Manual pumping possible by wiping the top touchpad with your finger at the desired speed. By the way: If you are in manual mode, you can not only connect to a PEARL, but also control another Kiiroo Onyx with the software you just installed – for homosexual couples this is a fine thing. So you have both control over your own ONYX and control over another ONYX at the same time. Whoever wipes the touchpad first has power over both devices.

Another press of the multi-function button puts you in “fast pumping” mode. Here you don’t have to do anything else and can sit back and relax. Another press brings you into slow pumping mode. One last press of the button and you are back in the first (manual) mode. A long press turns off the device completely. When using the KIIROO ONYX, always hold it with at least one hand. A freehand use is unfortunately not possible.

The first time you use the KIIROO ONYX, you will notice that it is really tight. So the feeling is more like anal sex. Men with massive equipment will get possible problems with the application. According to FAQ KIIROO is working on developing inserts for different penis sizes. The intensity, when the device is active, I do not find particularly dolle. And this despite additional up and down movement of the toy on my part. (usually not necessary at all).

Note: Both internal webcams (laptop) and external webcams can be used with the software.

Bent and fluff-prone silicone vibrator that can also be used offline. Preparations identical to ONYX.

First impression of the remote controlled vibrator ‘PEARL’: The surface consists of skin-friendly silicone, which is unfortunately quite susceptible to lint, as we already know from Fun Factory products. It is curved at the tip to stimulate the G-spot, just like most vibrators. Just like the ONYX, it can also be used offline on its own or as a supplement to sexual intercourse. By the way, the Onyx comes with a nice, small, black velvet bag for storage.

The preparatory measures here are similar to those of the ONYX. You simply open the flap at the bottom of the device and plug in the USB cable for charging. This is a bit more elegant than the ONYX.


You should also register this device with the enclosed card on the KIIROO website. You will then have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. By the way, it is possible to log in on different PCs with the same account. So you don’t have to create a new one.

The recharging process is identical to that of the masturbator: if the red light flashes quickly, it is almost empty; if it lights up normally, it is full. During the actual charging process, it flashes slowly when everything is OK.

Please use only water-based lubricants for this toy as well. 5 quite strong vibration levels for every taste. Anal use not possible, but easy cleaning, although not 100% waterproof.

You switch on the Pearl by pressing the multifunction button, which has no good pressure point, for approx. 5 seconds (Bluetooth thus active). It can also be used offline. It has 5 vibration levels: low (2/10), medium (4/10), high (6/10), slow (change between ‘slow’ and ‘fast’) and last but not least fast (change between ‘fast’ and ‘fast’). Here you can also click through the different programs with a simple keystroke. The vibrations are quite strong and are perceived even stronger towards the tip of the toy. Especially with program 3 you can feel the vibration at the top very well.

The relatively soft silicone makes an easy insertion of the vibrator possible without problems. Provided there is enough grease. My girlfriend didn’t have any problems.

Attention: Please do not use PEARL anal because it does not have an outrigger that protects the toy from disappearing.

You can clean this partner vibrator quietly under running warm water. Gladly in combination with liquid soap or a special toy cleaner. But please do not put the toy in water (so do not use it in the tub) AND do not use any alcohol-containing detergents for cleaning.

Practical use of both Toys: Problem-free coupling via 6-digit pin code. Communication via webcam, microphone and chat window.

Coupling of the two toys and the actual practical test: Paring of the devices via Bluetooth works smoothly and takes max. 10 seconds for both. When done, PEARL vibrates once briefly and ONYX twitches once. In the software you click on ‘Invite Partner’ to create a 6-digit number which you then send to your partner privately (Whatsapp, phone, e-mail etc.).

Or you click ‘Join Partner’ to enter the number you received from your partner in advance. This pin guarantees a certain security during communication.

First start of the software

As soon as the connection is established, the image of your webcam as well as the sound will be transmitted automatically. You can see your own webcam picture in the lower left corner and the one of your opposite in the middle in large. In the upper right corner you can deactivate your microphone, the sound you are receiving and the webcam image you are transmitting. You can also zoom in and out on the window.

USB paring of the program

You also have the possibility to send your counterpart a text message in a chat window. If he has not opened the chat window, the corresponding icon will light up red to inform him.

  • Pretty stupid: Once the chat window is closed, it is gone and can no longer be opened. Even if the other person writes a new message… no chance.
  • But what’s nice: If you don’t use the buttons for a while, they are automatically hidden, so that you can only admire your counterpart in full splendour.
  • Two sessions with my girlfriend: Rather funny and strange than turning on. Except for some minor teething troubles but fully functional.

How it works

Well, to the actual practical test: Phew… so rather disappointing for my taste. When I tried it twice last week with my girlfriend, who lives just 30 km away, there were almost no problems except for a few technical difficulties at the beginning (recognizing the PEARLS via Bluetooth on her a bit old laptop).

I admit: it was strange. Telephone sex in itself is a strange thing (I’m not used to it either), but to see each other while getting it with a toy, whose movements are also transmitted over the Internet, really puts another one on top. To be honest: We had to laugh a lot more often than we had great “sex over the net” with each other.

The transfer of the movements from PEARL to the Onyx masturbator works for me somewhat limited and with time delay. So, on the whole it works: You can stroke the PEARL with your half-open hand… the ONYX reacts with pulsating movements to your limb. Not quite 100% unerring, but on the whole it works. Unfortunately I do not find this kind of penetration particularly intensive. The VR glasses of the nice gentleman you must simply think away, because this is only optional.

Small tip: In the Youtube video is a discount code for the Kiiroo online shop ‘hidden’. Just keep your eyes open.

As the colleague says, it doesn’t feel like real sex (it’s just a sex simulation), but it doesn’t feel bad either. Just not sooo good. Unfortunately I had to make THIS experience with almost all masturbators except for a few exceptions.

With our second online date everything went a bit smoother and more intense. Madame and I met in my apartment; she had her laptop with her. After we emptied a bottle of “Bumssprudel” together in advance, she ate into the next room with her PC and we started our second session; this time via my internal WLAN and not via the Internet.

From a technical point of view no difference, but still almost as funny as the first time. Especially when you can hear yourself laughing through the door. But it was fun anyway. Advantage with THIS variant: afterwards we could do it directly with each other… in real… like the rabbits…

My conclusion about the practical use: The idea is awesome, the technical implementation of this sextoy for couples (via Bluetooth with the free software) is not bad, but the emotional intensity of the toys, at least that of the masturbator, is not yet as I imagine it. In short: The base is already there, but still with a lot of air upwards.


Teledildonics by KIIROO – Paartoy for long-distance relations with some weak points. Is that the future of the sextoy industry?

ONYX and PEARL are toys that were developed especially for couples in long-distance relationships. As I said, the idea is cool. No more embarrassing telephone sex attempts, no more sad solo masturbation… but finally the possibility to have regular sexual contact with your partner… even if “only” via the Internet (via WLAN or via the mobile network of your mobile phone via tethering). You see and hear your partner AND you can feel his movements.

Well, the idea is good, the implementation is still a bit lacking. The toys react with a time delay and not 100% accurate. If you work on the technical transfer as well as on the toy processing (keyword ‘crack in the hose’) AND especially on the price, these toys could become interesting for the masses.

  • By the way, at the moment only ONYX can receive movements from PEARL and not vice versa; but KIIROO is already working on that. Furthermore – interesting for homosexual couples – there is currently only the possibility to couple ONYX and ONYX, but not PEARL and PEARL. Maybe it will come, too.
  • Currently only ONYX can receive movements from PEARL and not vice versa; but KIIROO is already working on that. Furthermore – interesting for homosexual couples – there is currently only the possibility to couple ONYX and ONYX, but not PEARL and PEARL. Maybe it will come, too.
  • If you believe the manufacturer’s website, the software will soon be available as an app for your smartphone. So perfect for everyone who doesn’t have a PC at home.
  • KIIROO software eats a lot of PC resources. An old and lame PC will probably cause problems when using it. Especially during the Bluetooth search for the device he forced my computer partly to its knees (Bluetooth was not active, though).

So, if you ask me: If you are not mega hot on it and always need the newest toys, I would advise you to wait for the further development and then strike. OR You keep an eye on the prices of the KIIROO devices until we have a more reasonable price/performance ratio. If the prices sink, which I assume, that would also be an option. But now I’m curious about your opinion: What do you think of this new, modern way of masturbation? Would you already invest in such a technique or would you rather wait until it is more mature? Let’s go into the comments with it!