Lovense Lush Review

Finally it’s time. We have our first app-controlled vibrator under test. In my latest test report you will learn everything you need to know about the Lush vibrator from Lovense and how it performs in practice. Lately we’ve written a lot about the sex of the future and how our sex life is getting more and more mechanized.

We’ve also tested virtual reality porn and thanks to the SenseTube I now know what it’s like to control your own virtual reality porn with a masturbator. We have also seen how creepy dystopian it can be in a sex doll workshop.

And now, finally, I can add another section of high-tech sex toys to our collection: The app-controlled vibrators. It’s about time. The Lush of Lovense is our test object today. In the test you’ll learn how this works with app control, what he does with your G-spot and if you can really use him unnoticed in public

Lovense as Teledildonic pioneer

According to Lovense, the first Internet controlled vibrator was launched in 2010 and was the first supplier of Teledildonic toys. Until today, Lovense has continuously developed its equipment and so the Teledildonic pioneer now offers the Rabbit vibrator Nora, the Masturbator Max and the Teledildonic Buttplug Hush in addition to the Lush, which I present to you today.

Admittedly, I have paid little attention to Lovense products so far. I found the competition Kiiro or OhMiBod more interesting. The reason is the website. The English version isn’t that full, the German version even has the Google Translator as a greeting. And as it is, if the website doesn’t shine with quality, you don’t expect too much from the product.

But hey, if you get the vibrator for free, then of course I won’t say no. The sponsor is by the way a pretty chic online erotic shop with a nice, imaginative design, an assortment with top brands and a shop in Zurich.

So one fine day I got mail from Switzerland. The Lush comes home properly packed. In a simple white box, which makes clear what is hidden in it and what you can do with it, especially with pictograms. Otherwise the packaging is written in English – but the pictures are enough to understand how the vibrator works.

Lovense Lush Packaging

If you open the box, you’ll immediately be lit in bright pink. The vibrator is embedded in a soft foam padding, which looks really nice and valuable and makes a good first impression. It might have made sense to add a few recesses to make it easier to remove the vibrator.

Lovense Lush inside

Once I get it out, the first test follows, which I do with every new sex toy, in order to decide in advance whether I will try it out or rather send it back: the smell test.

So, hold the vibrator to your nose, take a deep breath – and – it doesn’t smell like anything. Perfect. Smell test passed.

Thus, the cheapest silicone was not used as the material. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at the product. From the outside it looks really good from the processing point of view. If you take a closer look, you will see a light seam all around, which surely comes from the production, but otherwise it is not noticeable. The silicone feels wonderfully smooth – similar to the silicone on the iWand.

The shape of the Lush is reminiscent of an oversized sperm with a hump. An oval shaped vibrating body with a small shape on one side and a thin tail, in which the antenna might hide. The shape of the vibrating body aims to stimulate the G or A point as precisely as possible.

The first haptic test has therefore been passed – no defects can be detected from the outside. Rather, the Lush seems to be of good quality and also has a chic design.

This offers the app control of the Lovense Lush

  • There is exactly one button on the vibrator itself that is used to activate the device.
  • The smartphone is used for everything else.
  • If this is not available at the moment, you can switch between different pre-programmed vibration programs by repeatedly pressing the button.
  • The app, which is available in the Appstore or Google Playstore, discreetly bears the name Wearables.
    The app is very solid, intuitive and easy to use. Once the Lovense app has connected to the Lush G-spot vibrator, the fun can begin.

There are three ways to control it

1. control with your own smartphone via Bluetooth

To do this, your own smartphone connects to the vibrator via Bluetooth. By typing, the vibrator can be brought to life and the longer you hold your finger on it, the more it vibrates. You can create your own vibration patterns, save them and have them repeated. Or you can use another function to “hold” a vibration intensity so that the finger can be removed from the display.

2. control by means of a second smartphone

Here, too, a smartphone must be connected to the Lush via Bluetooth. However, the app can be used to make friends with other users and connect. The control over the vibrations of the Teledildonic device can then be passed on to such a friend. In this way the vibrator can be controlled from anywhere in the world as long as only a smartphone near the vibrator is connected to it.

3. control by sound activation or music

Particularly interesting is also the control via noise activation or music. With noise activation, the vibrator reacts to the volume of the environment that the mobile phone is picking up. The louder and higher the tones, the stronger the vibration. This promises to be especially fun at parties.

During music activation, a song can simply be selected and played in the app on your mobile phone and the vibrator then synchronizes itself with the beats. The Heavymetal fraction has here clearly decisive advantages

It is also possible to connect to several devices in parallel or to connect each other to the partner’s device – for example, he operates the lush and she the counterpart, the hush. Since we can only call the Lush our own, we could not try the function.

Lovense Lush App Control

Connecting the Lovense Wearable to your smartphone works fine, as I said. Both Android and Apple smartphones can connect to the device. Even the iWatch is compatible with the Lush. The remote control works via Bluetooth, but can also be extended to an unlimited distance via the Internet and a second smartphone. Only from time to time there are short connection interruptions.

We also learned to appreciate the remote control function immediately. As young parents, the fulfilled sex life is such a thing. Because small children have an unerring feeling for it, if the parents want to have sex. And how could it be any different – of course our youngest child had to make a ruckus on the test evening. But hey, no problem. With remote control, holding hands on the crib and simultaneously satisfying the woman with a vibrator becomes child’s play.

Vibration test – so strongly vibrates the Lush

Both the feel and the app technology are convincing all along the line. But what about the vibrations? The small video here from Lovense gives you a good impression about the Wums of the small device.

Practical test – The Lush as a vibrator for G-spot lovers

Let us now move on to the practical part. A vibrator can be of even the best quality and have as much technical bells and whistles as it wants – in the end, it all depends on whether it also does its core business satisfactorily. And that is the orgasm. If you follow the reactions of all the camgirls to the vibrator, the Lush is probably the purest orgasm machine. (Read more about Lovense) But of course it’s not quite clear how much is on the Camgirls show to make the audience happy, and what can be traced back to the vibrations of the Lush alone.

Full of anticipation we therefore took an evening to put the Lush through its paces. Well, and unfortunately, we had to find out that it does not correspond to the personal preference of my wife Valentina. The vibrations are really strong and good, but not enough to bring them into orgiastic heights. At least not just by introducing it and then vibrating it.

However, I do not want to immediately accuse the Lush of dysfunction, since Valentina is quite insensitive to vibrating stimulation at the G-spot. Fingers or a tail work much better.

But, you don’t have to throw the shotgun into the grain or let the vibrator disappear into the recess. After all, the Lush vibrates quite well and perhaps delivers more satisfying results elsewhere. So, the Lush grabbed at the tail um antenna, it can be used nevertheless also quite passably for the Klit. There the vibrations arrive well, even if it is not so easy to position and if you touch it at the body, then the whole hand vibrates with it, which is of course rather disturbing. It’s more practical if a partner is there to help you with it. Yes, and at the Klit the Lush Vibrator does its job satisfactorily.

We found the individual control via app to be really good. Works without any problems and almost without any delay. Valentina really liked the resulting control. The unexpected, when the vibrator suddenly turns up fully under my control and then elicits one or the other reaction or a sharp scream from her. Priceless.

Yes, the Lush is a lot of fun, even if it, at least with us, with introduced use now not necessarily for an unusual excitement or even an orgasm has provided. But it’s not that bad either, because there are several other possibilities.

The Lovense Toy in practice at the erotic party

To a practical test of an App controlled vibrator belongs of course also the field use. How good that the next visit to an erotic party was just around the corner – the perfect location for the lush. There is no need to worry, even in case of more intense reactions.

With the Lush prepared we went to party. The advantage of a party use – the volume of the device plays really no role. Already the trip there was very fun, because of course I couldn’t resist to test it already there. And even though Valentina doesn’t jump to the vibrations so extremely, it still caused her trouble to hide a certain ailment in the train.
In the club, of course, she had the chance to try out the noise mode. So, woman sent to the dance floor, vibrator thrown on. Not surprisingly – with the volume in the club the Lush vibrator runs naturally always on full speed. But unfortunately, I don’t manage to get Valentina seriously out of step. But, that can be changed. Simply reposition the vibrator, not inside at the G-spot, but outside at the Klit. Finally the fun can really start. At the bar, on the dance floor, standing, sitting, simply everywhere, I now had control over them. Both she and I really liked that. Especially when she’s about to order something to drink, but is suddenly distracted by a violent vibration in her panties. This charm of the unexpected and the power that comes from it really has its own special charm…

But I don’t want to go any further into detail, but simply refer to the following video. The used device is not the Lush, but it can look like this, if it is used in public.

Lovense Lush and the Revolutionization of Cam Shows

Teledildonics like the Lush do not only offer interesting possibilities for private domestic use, but also increasingly influence the business with live cam shows. The Lush and other Teledildonics like those of Kiiro or OhMiBod have developed into a real money feature for the Cam-Girls. Most of the camshows, which can now be found on various large portals, function according to a tip system. The viewers can offer a certain number of so-called coins or tokens via chat, so that the cam model can carry out various activities. This is about comparable to the strip dollar that you put under a dancer’s string in a strip club or anywhere else. The Lovense can now be coupled with these tips. Every time someone makes a bid, he starts to vibrate. And the more tokens flow, the stronger and longer the lush vibrates.

In order to find out the popularity of the Lovense Lush in the cambusiness, I – in the name of science and for this article – conducted a comprehensive field study, which cost me only two minutes.

Ten seconds until I landed on the Chaturbate cam page via Google. Ten more seconds to click on the first 5 featured camgirls. And another minute and a half to find out that all actresses had a lush in or on their intimate area. Not a lie. I had expected that maybe one or the other would use the thing. But not that apparently pretty much every one of these women uses one for her show. The filter #Lovense brings even a result of 7 pages a 90 Camshows …

So Lovense is a big business there. But it’s also a win-win for spectators and camgirls. The camgirl can feel some nice vibrations and earns a lot of money, while the viewer has the feeling to have brought the camgirl to orgasm.

Lovense Lush – Summary and Conclusion

The Lush by Lovense is an app controlled vibrator or so-called Teledildonic. Using Bluetooth, it can be connected to the smartphone via an app, from which the vibrator can then be controlled. The owner of the Lush can give the control to another player by means of a connection over the Internet. So the Lush can be operated from everywhere.

  1. There is nothing wrong with the haptics – workmanship, shape and design are good and geared towards stimulating the G-spot.
  2. The app is intuitive, clearly structured and easy to use. No superfluous bells and whistles, just the functions you need. The connection with the Lush also works flawlessly, there are only occasional short disconnections during use.

The vibrations alone did not convince Valentina to use it as an orgasm feeder. But I think it depends strongly on personal preferences – maybe it will help a woman with a more sensitive G-spot to achieve new orgiastic heights. Either way, the vibrator is definitely fun. Temporarily the vibrator can be positioned on the Klit also by means of the slip, where it then nevertheless reliably its service carries out. The vibrator scores naturally with the Appsteuerung and the special attraction of the play in the public and the unexpected. If you want to try a new, exciting sex toy, the Lovense Lush vibrator is highly recommended.

Finally, thanks again to for making this little gem of lust available.