Lovense Max Review

With the Lovense Masturbator Max the manufacturer tries to appeal to couples who do not want to make any compromises in spite of being far away when playing love games together. The masturbator can be connected via the Internet and the common sex can be simulated via app control.

The masturbator works with an innovative “air pump technology“. Small air bubbles are distributed over the entire masturbator tunnel and enable an exciting massage on three different pressure levels. In addition to the air pump, the penis can also be pampered at three different vibration levels, depending on personal preference. The soft pleasure channel of the masturbator supports Solosex by contracting rhythmically and promises optimal adaptation to the man’s best piece. The integrated rechargeable battery in the skin-like masturbation cuff ensures a long and joyful play.

Lovense Max Is Pretty Awesome

With the multitude of sextoys on the market, it is difficult to keep track. The Lovense Masturbator Max stands out from the mass of masturbators by being a high-tech toy at the same time. The companion for Solosex is a remote-controlled masturbator and can be controlled in combination with an app. The matching app is available for free download in the App Store as well as in the Google Play Store. As a stimulating gimmick, you can then let the remote-controlled masturbator vibrate to the rhythm of your favorite music or choose the right air pump intensity for your solo enjoyment.

  • The smartphone can also be used as a remote control.
  • The partner’s sex adventure can be controlled from the opposite side of the bed via a wireless Bluetooth connection.
  • The tingling pleasure experience is then in the truest sense of the word in strange hands.
  • With the option of remote control and Bluetooth connection, the Lovense Masturbator Max stands out from the Flashlight Masturbator, which is used purely as a solo toy.
  • However, if you still prefer classic handling or the mobile phone is out of reach, the Lovense Masturbator also has two integrated control buttons that let the joyful game start with a short push of a button.

Long distances make pair sex more difficult

In this case, the manufacturer Lovense provides an option that helps. Via the Internet you can synchronize the Max Masturbator with the Nora vibrator and activate it remotely. The remote-controlled masturbator then also moves in the rhythm of the vibrator. The reciprocal transmission of sex leads to maximum pleasure despite great distance. The connection to the Internet also enables you to control your own pleasure sensation from any location via smartphones.

If you want to make the sex experience especially real, you can switch on the video chat with your sex partner on the smartphone. The classic text messenger can also be activated and made experienceable in a completely new way in the overall cybersex package.