Lovense Nora Review

Teledildonics are the new generation of dildos and sextoys. They are controlled by computers, or more precisely by programs that make it possible for your dildo or artificial vagina to move in a certain rhythm.

If you also wear VR glasses – usually the Oculus Rift is recommended – you can start watching TV. Your partner controls the movements of your sextoy, as well as the movements of your partner’s toy. If you can also see each other in 3D, it’s almost like real – at least that’s what the manufacturers of Teledildonics promise.

Description of Teledildonics

You can see your partner via chat or telephone connection. Motion signals can also be transmitted over any distance. Your partner sends the haptic signals e.g. by rubbing the counterpart of your own sextoy. Accordingly, Teledildonics are mainly intended as a means to enable spatially separated partners to have sex together by means of this remote transmission of touch impulses. Bluedildonics” is now also available: Dildos that are controlled via a Bluetooth connection.

Some manufacturers have adopted the technique of Teledildonics and market the interactive sex toys on a grand scale as the sex toys of the future. It also has a certain fascination to physically connect with someone who is not even in the same room. No wonder that the first Internet communities are already developing around these remote-controlled toys. On the online community platforms you can have virtual sex, let your own toy be controlled by any actor. So the One Night Stand or “cheating” gets a whole new meaning.

Nora Lovense

What does the Nora vibrator from Lovense offer? The Lovense Rabbit Bluetooth vibrator is visually simple and made from high quality materials that are guaranteed to be free of toxins.

This is a good basis. It is also waterproof and therefore easy and quick to clean. That’s another plus. That no batteries are used, but the vibrator is simply rechargeable, should be standard nowadays, but unfortunately it still deserves a special mention, because it is still too often different. According to the manufacturer, one battery charge is enough for 30 hours of “standby”. How long one can use the vibrator Nora with it is however unclear.

The basic characteristics of the vibrator Nora

Now to the basic vibrator features of the Lovense Rabbit. It has a rotating head to stimulate the G-spot. The head can be rotated at three speeds. The shaft itself has different thicknesses to increase the stimulation when pushing and last but not least the Rabbit arm not only has three vibration levels but can also be bent to be where it is needed.

It all seems very well thought out to me. Lovense has limited himself here with the vibration / rotation programs to the necessary, because nobody uses the innumerable other programs, even if they are technically possible. Therefore they have introduced a functionality with the flexible vibration arm, which we really waited for.

The features that make the Lovense Rabbit Bluetooth vibrator fall into the Teledildonics category.

  • Local Control: The vibrator can be controlled over short distances via Bluetooth. Suitable for solo play or when the partner is on site.
  • Long Distance Control: With the app, control is possible from anywhere.
  • In App Messaging & Video Chat: This allows direct feedback on what you do with the vibrator from a distance.
  • Sync to Music: I can’t imagine that this feature is good for more than one laugh, because when the vibrator vibrates to the rhythm of MC Hammer I can hardly imagine that it is good for more than one laugh, on the other hand laughter is healthy and relaxed.
  • Long Distance Sex Interaction: If you invest in the Masturbator Max now, you can plug yourself together as a hetereo couple in a long-distance relationship. This may be worth a try, especially if both are stimulated to the beat of “You can’t touch this”. If it turns out, however, that this is not the bringer, you still have a solid vibrator.