Sex With Robots: What is already possible today

Toys have been part of sex since the beginning of mankind. Presumably, in the beginning, people mainly used fruits or suitably shaped stones before people became creative themselves and produced sex toys according to their own ideas. The next decisive step on the way to robotic sex was a long one hundred years ago before the invention of the vibrator.

Now we are on the threshold of the next revolution. Robot sex will make our (love) life a mess.

But this is a future that has been announced for a long time. Because in principle one can also define robot sex as the satisfaction by a machine. And even the most technically sophisticated robot is not something else.

The vibrator: the first step towards machine satisfaction

One of the very first sex robots has existed for more than a hundred years. The vibrator was the first device ever to allow automatic stimulation. Once the vibrator is switched on, everything else works automatically. Of course everyone is free to push the vibrator back and forth and to get an additional stimulation with the resulting shock movement.

However, the automatic vibration of the device, which has long been available in almost every size, shape and condition, is decisive. Of course, vibrators are still far away from the sophisticated program of a robot, although modern devices have various vibration programs.

The fucking machine: a real advance

For many people, fucking machines are still the epitome of robot sex. The structure of these devices is comparatively simple. In a box there is a motor, which drives a front protruding axis. The original circular movement is turned back and forth by a quite simple gearbox. At the top of the axis a dildo (sometimes also a vibrator) is attached, which makes a penetration through the device possible.

Sex machines can be regulated mostly steplessly, besides, the Dildo put on in front can be exchanged normally. Sex machines are mostly used by women. Meanwhile, however, more and more men also come to taste. Here you have the choice between a dildo for anal penetration or a masturbator that was modeled after a female vagina. By the way, the fucking machine is also frequently used in the BDSM and fetish area. It can be easily integrated into or attached to special furniture.

The so-called Sybian plays a special role among sex machines. On this equipment the woman takes place like on a saddle, from which a vibrator protrudes. This vibrator vibrates, pulsates or rotates, but does not exercise any sauce movements. The secret are the many different attachments and the adjustable programs of this sex machine.

The sex doll: The first impression of robot sex

The cheapest sex dolls from the sex shop have about the charm of a simple air mattress – and they feel exactly the same. No wonder, because both are made of an almost identical material and are ready for use immediately after inflation. It remains to be seen whether sex with such a figure is really fulfilling.

It is a fact that sex dolls set the direction in which the journey goes. Anatomically they are already quite similar to their human counterparts, also their body size is quite realistic.

While female sex dolls can be penetrated orally as well as vaginally and anal, their male counterparts usually have a rather stately penis. This is usually a dildo, more rarely a vibrator. And this is the technique of a simple sex doll already described.

However, there are also higher quality sex dolls, whose material has an almost skin-like structure and which also optically at least reach the level of mannequins. In the even higher price segment sex dolls actually look human.
No wonder that there is already the first sex doll brothel in Barcelona. Mind you, these dolls are only dolls and not robots, but they are specially dressed and prepared according to the customer’s wishes.

Sex-Robot Roxxxy

Some years ago the press reported that “Roxxxy” was the first real sex robot on the market. It is based on a beautiful woman and behaves almost like his living role model during sex. Roxxxy should also have a certain basic intelligence and ability to learn.

All in all a more than astonishing achievement, therefore, that engineers want to have accomplished, for which a proud price of almost ten thousand dollars is due. However, the manufacturers never presented their product to a critical professional audience that could have put Roxxxy through its paces. A single demonstration of the robot turned into a disaster, as Roxxxy only rewound pre-programmed sentences.

Whether she shows a similar behavior in love matters, must remain open for the time being. There are no verified test reports. However, Roxxxy is still marketed by its manufacturer TrueCompanion as the “world’s first sex robot”.

Realistically speaking: How far has technology progressed to date?

In the children’s toy sector, there have long been various dolls and cuddly toys that have a largely lively effect. They can speak, can move around and are even capable of learning.

It seems only plausible that manufacturers of sex toys can also offer similar products. However, the degree of difficulty increases sharply with increasing size and weight.

So not only the question must be clarified, how intelligent sex robots can be sufficiently supplied with electricity (are integrated rechargeable batteries really sufficient or must the robot be connected by cable to an electrical outlet? Movement is also a big challenge. Surely a lying or kneeling robot can be programmed with a movement pattern that is very similar to that of a living woman.

However, to place a human figure on two feet and to walk on it without an accident is a completely different matter. Furthermore, it would be best in the minds of many customers, of course, that his robot-wife could move on beautiful high heels, at least inside the apartment.

But you have to consider how many muscles we humans need for an upright walk and how complicated it is to technically implement this model in a machine. In order for it to keep its balance, the robot would have to be equipped with innumerable motors to replace the human muscles. And they provide a corresponding background noise, which is definitely at the expense of eroticism. Robots will probably only have learned to walk upright on high heels in the very distant future.

Great experiences in cyberspace: the virtual robot makes it possible

So it will probably take quite some time before intelligent sex robots become an integral part of our everyday lives. But already today a virtual window is opening in which almost all wishes come true.

  1. Using special VR glasses, it is possible to dive into the world of virtual eroticism. It goes without saying that programmers can implement the entire spectrum of human sex fantasies here.
  2. So there are very realistic looking bedrooms, flower meadows or BDSM studios, but also completely crazy, futuristic environments. The protagonists can be attractive women or men, but also mangas, zombies or even aliens.
  3. Using special software and compatible sex toys, which are attached to the appropriate parts of the viewer’s body, the viewer becomes a player who can really feel the virtual scenery.

An extremely pleasurable experience, which will probably be the best alternative to robot sex in the future.

Because all technical questions such as motion sequences and power supply are elegantly bypassed: Virtual beings do not need batteries, cables or motors. And the virtual game is guaranteed to be free of noises from electric motors – unless they are deliberately part of the scenery.

But the two most important advantages of sex with virtual robots are:

  • Although cyberspace is huge, it remains transportable. Instead of having to carry a complete robot, VR glasses and the described stimulation accessories are sufficient. All this fits comfortably into a travel bag and can therefore easily be taken on holiday or business trip.
  • A programmed, i.e. not real existing world can also become inaccessible due to a technical defect, which then destroys any anticipation of erotic adventures. However, these errors can usually be corrected quite easily and quickly. A real robot, on the other hand, is much more susceptible to breakdowns and technical difficulties.

The ethical question: Is robot sex allowed?

Long before mankind even came close to technical feasibility, this question triggered controversy. In Greek mythology, Hephaistos, the god of fire and blacksmith, is already very active in the creation of art beings and all kinds of mysterious devices. For himself he creates two golden servants, for Epimetheus the legendary Pandra as wife. And she is known to cause a lot of misfortune.

This proves that humanity is torn between the fascination of artificial creatures and the fear of them. And when it comes to robotic sex, the subject becomes even more explosive.

At the beginning of 2017, a conference on sex robots was held in London, which was banned at the originally planned venue in Malaysia – for ethical reasons, of course. In the British capital, serious technicians discussed sex robots and their problems with philosophers and social scientists.

Must sex robots in the shape of children be banned? How is it to be evaluated if someone destroys his human-like sex robot in an almost bestial way? Are sex robots in brothels problematic competition or relief for sex workers? But also in a positive respect: Can sex robots help disabled or chronically lonely people? In any case, the range of topics is so extensive that further conferences will take place in the future. In any case, a general ban on sex robots is very unlikely – at least in Europe.