VR Sex Suits – Soon Reality?

Are horny experiences with a vr sex suit soon already reality? It’s the year 2025. On a Sunday in May, Silke and Jörn are standing at Düsseldorf Central Station in the evening. After a wonderful weekend, Jörn gets on his train to Munich.

Of course both never wanted to have a long-distance relationship, but their professional situation leaves them no other choice. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, they don’t have to do without erotic cuddling hours on weekdays either. In just a few hours, both will slip into a cybersex suit, put on VR glasses and dive into a paradise of lust together.

As romantic fans of the South Seas, they have chosen a lonely palm beach where they will lie next to each other and listen to the waves. And no one will be offended when they attack each other and have the wildest sex. Since Silke and Jörn get a special kick out of being watched, they can bring more people into their virtual world.

Maybe they will stay on a deck chair today. Maybe Silke wants to get fucked by Jörn and a crunchy islander at the same time. Silke and Jörn will be able to hear, feel and stroke each other, because the cybersex suit transmits even the smallest movements. Other players can either be real people who are invited into the erotic South Sea paradise, otherwise they are virtual, computer-generated figures.

If they actually participate actively in sex, they are of course also realistically perceptible. For a fixed fee it is even possible to have sex with known porn stars: Their voice and anatomy, but above all their movements, are then imitated realistically by an avatar.

And already for the next evening both have registered for a virtual S/M party, at which they will surely have a lot of fun again. However, the organizer has not yet announced in which scenario they will find themselves again. Maybe he is currently programming exciting details for the event? So far he has always been good for surprises. And since no participant has to leave his own four walls, many great people will certainly be there again.

Utopian scenarios that could soon become reality

A lot has already happened since the invention of the computer. For many decades it has been necessary for us humans to adapt to the computer. This has led to the development of completely new input methods that the computer can understand: It all began with punch cards, which today seem to us like a relic from the distant past. The keyboard, however, which was developed early on, is still the most frequently used accessory for a computer today. It will probably remain that way for quite some time, although researchers have long since turned their attention to human anatomy and the corresponding sensory organs.

The computer mouse is operated purely intuitively and a joystick also imitates the natural movements of the hand on the screen. Overall, it is the computer game industry that develops numerous innovations.

  • From the steering wheel for the race simulator to the racket for the almost realistic tennis match on the game console, it was only a short walk.
  • You can even feel the virtual tennis ball bounce off – and that’s how we arrived at the feel, which also opens up completely new possibilities for cybersex.
  • Because if you can sense a virtual ball game, similar sensations are also possible during sex. For video games you can already get gloves that can reproduce pressure and movements very well. In cybersex, of course, the necessary technology is used on other parts of the body.

Sex is a matter of the mind – isn’t it?

There are people who can reach orgasm through pure thought power. Whether they reach a maximum of satisfaction, however, can be doubted. Especially since this mental peak performance is not necessary at all. After all, the basic equipment you have is not just a brain, but a broad anatomy with sexual and sensory organs. The brain is responsible for generating feelings and is therefore also your actual centre of pleasure. The biological miracle of sexual excitement, however, happens above all through the transmission of the stimuli that you perceive with your sensory organs.

Sometimes a particularly erotic voice is enough, sometimes it is the pictures from pornography, but also a smell or a special taste can be enough to get you going. Sex is a feast for the senses, where partners can see, feel, smell, hear and taste each other. And you probably also know masturbation as a sensual experience (in the literal sense of the word): an exciting picture in front of your eyes and the hand between your legs provide an erotic kick.

Modern technology makes it possible to stimulate your senses and stimulate you in a new way, even in the erotic field. Are horny experiences with the Cybersex suit soon already reality?

Cybersex Toys: Welcome to the Future

An ordinary dildo only follows the movements of your hand or body. The first further development was the vibrator, whose integrated motor makes the sextoy vibrate additionally. During sex, however, the surprise effect is especially horny feelings. So the movements of your partner, which you can not calculate in advance. The manufacturers of sex toys make use of modern means of communication. These allow you to control and operate a distant partner, the vibrator or masturbator of the other.

VR glasses, another invention from the computer game industry, are also playing an increasingly important role in cybersex. As a carrier you enter a virtual world, where you don’t go on a demon hunt, but experience erotic adventures. In connection with other sextoys of the newest generation this means incredibly horny feelings. Feelings like you probably never had alone before. The absolute ultimate for these experiences is the cybersex suit, which will probably soon become your favourite toy.

A VR Sex Suit makes completely new experiences possible

Are you comfortable in your skin? I’m sure you’ve heard this question many times before. But in the future it could refer to your second skin, the cybersex suit. This is actually skin tight and reminds you of a neoprene suit as you know it from diving or windsurfing. However, the cybersex suit should not protect you from wetness and cold, but provide erotic stimulation.

This is made possible by numerous integrated sensors and vibrators. The movements of one sex partner are registered and transferred to the suit of the other. The vibrations triggered in the process make the sensation almost comparable to real skin contact. In combination with the corresponding VR glasses you could almost forget that this is cybersex and not a real experience. Of course, the development will not stop with the cybersex suit and the sexual interaction from a distance will become more and more sensual.

This technology makes the cybersex suit so revolutionary: Sensors Vibrators VR glasses Headset Online connection via smartphone or computer

At the moment you will search in vain for the suit in German sex shops. Probably it will soon be a new product that will make the leap from Japan to us. So it is nothing less than a revolution with announcement.

Isn’t a cybersex suit uncomfortable and visually twisting?

Clearly, nudist fans who always want to be naked during sex won’t enjoy the cybersex suit very much. And even people who have an aversion to tight clothing should keep their hands off it. Probably a minority, however. Because in principle a tight outfit is perceived as quite sexy, whether while wearing or observing.

The latest everyday fashion with its skinny jeans is the best example of this. But also in eroticism skintight clothing made of materials like nylon or latex plays a not insignificant role. In this respect, a cybersex suit can provide an exciting wearing experience. This is even true when its technique is not active. There are certainly already numerous designers at work to turn the cybersex suit into a real highlight not only technically but also visually.

Who is a cybersex suit for?

Actually, the question should be rather: For whom is a cybersex suit not suitable? Purists who completely dislike any technical gadgets during sex don’t need to look any closer at the suit. Otherwise, however, there is a multitude of possible target groups, which is why the triumphal march of the cybersex suit is probably already pre-programmed.

Examples are

  • Technology freaks who want to combine two favourite pastimes.
  • Couples who have a long-distance relationship or are very often separated from each other.
  • Singles for whom sex is nevertheless a frequent need.
  • Very shy people who are alone due to a fear of attachment.
  • People with a disability that can be compensated by the cybersex suit.
  • Prostitutes who want to offer more security for themselves and their clients, especially in terms of health.